Monday, July 25, 2011

Soap Monday: NINE Years of GUZA--GONE?!

It's WOLF-DAY!! Guza's out of the building!!  I'm hoping for the best.
It's just another round of stuff getting me down. I mean, YOU KNOW I'm a Franco-Fanatic-- and I always get giddy over his weird stints but this just makes me feel like everything's going backwards. Unless he's exposing Abner or buying up ELQ, I'm not sure I want the Jason-love.  *sigh* and I SO KNOW GUZA'S going to be IN THERE SOMEWHERE,  I knpw it. I JUST KNOW it. Non-credited writing or something. He can't stay away from this LOL

AMC: Oooooooo, you think David has Leo, Bobby Martin, Jenny, Luna, Stavros, Geogie, Jake all in his "project"- it would be hysterical if he crossed-soaps to have saved all those people heh.

OLTL: Manning and McBain!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Someone called them McManning. I didn't realize that John never met Old Face Todd!! DUH! I thought he had. OY! No wonder John was as cool as a cucumber. "You're very attractive" Old Face says to John LOL 
Maybe they are like Body Snatchers at that "compound"
WHY ISN'T MARTY around? She would have FREAKED out!!
Don't like the Baz kid. 
Maybe they'll show that porno when OLTL goes online heh. "Pepperoni Porno" !!

"See how well endowed I am" says Helena!! What was Lulu thinking sending him in there?! LOL Like Helena doesn't KNOW EVERYTHING!! 
Helena says Luke drank over Lucky being a policeman and Lulu dating one.Siobhan is so being the NuLisa.. she's out of control. Her big jealousy seems  to be coming outta no where though. Or as she would say "Outsa no wheres dough" HEH  
Erin did GREAT work with Becky today though--nice scenes!! She can act, that's for sure.
They said Robin was COS for 2 weeks, how can this be? LOL She just got the job! I did like Matt/Patrick's fun with each other though. 

 See a TON of photos from Vanessa's FCW event on the Sonny and Brenda Forum!!

NOTE: Anyone that was at Vanessa's event at the FCW know who donated the baby blanket to her?? Let me know!
Anyone going to Port Charles gig in Rochester Sept 1st?? 

*Just saw a rumor that a newbie 20-something rookie cop "Hispanic" might be coming to GH. Looks  like it might have legs--casting call is out.


  1. So I read somewhere that the Sam's father storyline is actually happening in the fall I'm really stoked for that(:

    I get a little giddy every time I see Helena on screen. I thought Lulu was suppose to be a flippin' Spencer? Well she's not acting like one.

    Lucky and drugs....been there done that. And NOOOO to the whole Liz wanting Lucky back. I know were not going to get it, but I really want her to have this awesome storyline. Then again if this gets rid of Siobhan then it might just be a necessary evil. I really liked her at first, but now she's just getting a little to crazy for my taste.

    There was a Laura mention, I almost forgot that she was kidnapped and kept hostage on the Cassadine compound.

    I love Matt!!! I think the COS storyline is weak, but if it gets me more Matt then I'll take it!

    Do you guys remember when GH was actually about the hospital?
    Good times, good times...

  2. Helena had some great one liners. At the end of the show she said Lulu was either really brave or really stupid. Now there is a question that could certainly turn into a heated debate. I am voting for stupid...but stupid out of a desperate need for daddy acceptance.
    Then again, are there any "smart" characters on GH anymore? Sean, Anna, Ned, Simone, Georgie smart? First I thought of Alexis but then I remembered her past with Sonny, Ric and Jerry. After much thought my list of smarties is short and perhaps surprising:
    - Helena
    - Monica
    - Tracy
    - Robin
    - Maxie
    - Ethan

  3. According to the credits today's show was written by Robert Guza Jr. which, to me, explains a whole lot of things regarding the storyline. I'll be waiting to see if some of the awfulness turns on a dime.

  4. Erin is an amzing actress!

    yay for Sam's father storyline!!! Can't wait!!

  5. Shirley, GH is noted for being late in changing it's we have to believe that today is Wolf's opening and hope they'll catch up before the show goes off the air, lolol...look how long it took them to get the opening changed, hahahaha.

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  7. Couldn't care less about Sam or who her father is. I don't think I will find that story interesting unless her father is someone previously on the show that would shock us.

  8. I love Helena but I hate that she's wasted on Lulu and Dante. I still say a better storyline for them would have been if instead of Luke hitting and killing Jake he could have hit the car that Lulu was driving which caused her to be paralized. Then they could have had the same fall out with Luke and his drinking while Lulu and Dante struggle to deal with her being in a wheel chair. Of course down the rode she would have been able to walk again but that would have been a better storyline in my opinion plus little Jake would still be alive!

  9. Helena needs to be involved with ELQ and taking it over. Or romancing Eddie to get their power!

  10. It's actually my understanding that the show being fully under Garin's control had been pushed back until tomorrow. I don't think the credits were wrong, I think today was Guza's last.

  11. I expected Guza would blow something up on his last day. Or kill a Quartermaine. Or destroy a legacy set.

  12. So true, Frisco, so true!! Giza ruined Jax. I am surprised he didn't trow a few Quatermaine's under the bus, then blow up the!

  13. I am soooo confused. I thought Corbin Bernsen was on GH a few years ago as Sam's father. Am I wrong?

  14. Never mind... he was Carly's father. My bad. :)

  15. I want to see Elizabeth with someone new...not the same characters that are floating around GH. If you watch Y&R there is a character named Sharon who by chance of her actions leaves GC and finds herself in New Mexico where she finds a vet named Sam who looks after her and gives her life some peace and quiet...there is no big drama (other than she is running away from the law..but he doesn't know that)they work together and care what happens to one another. I want something like that for more Lucky, Jason or whoever...get someone in there that would make this couple treat each other with the respect that most relationships should be...and don't break them up...make them the one couple that actually has a solid relationship with neither one wandering at the drop of the hat

  16. Wow, there is a great deal of effective material above!


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