Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day After Trial, Back To Soap World

Well, I shall never let myself get into another trial again in my lifetime, that's for dang sure. After OJ and now this, DONE. I'll read my true crime books and that's it!!

New SID cover: 
Brenda Chooses JAX!! Well, waste of our time, if you ask me!! Anyway that "Is there hope for AMC"? sheeze, don't you believe it. Maybe the Pope can save it, right? 

HEY! ONE LIFE was OUTSIDE today!! GH Fans, hope you saw it so you can see what it looks like. LOL.... ;)  OLTL kicked ass again today!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: BTW,  it's hot here...HOT HOT. Finally!! A bit too hot but I should shut up, right? LOL 

Jax is so the new AJ...GOD FORBID they write someone balanced, especially if they are leaving. It's stupid. Alexis is arguing that Sonny's OK for Josslyn?? Uh...she'd be first one to go into this both guns. I'm just saying that no matter what GUZA has to ruin a character instead of writing a balanced story? WTF. 

I pretended that Jax's hair was on Shawn's head for a minute. LOL that's how bored  I was. I think Jax's hair is styled after his protest over this stupid story.

So, Siobhan will think Liz did the drug thing on purpose--- even though she told her about it? Okay.. Whatever. Matt needs a haircut. Liz is suspended and Siobhan goes sheeze wacky in the hall. LOL 

LOVE Ethan's hair!! I kinda dug he and Abner too!! They were cute together. Abner said "You sound like you're in 3rd grade"!!
Ethan and Johnny--  Johnny ate pasta but didn't offer any to Ethan. AZ was fun and goofy as usual.

Didn't like Alexis' dress much. 

Jasam: Oh the ol' Marriage talk. COURTNEY MENTION! 

WOW, bad day for me to tune back in...BORING booooooooring. BORING!!!!!!!! Geesh.  

This You Tube is so sad.. it's Julie Chen losing it on The Talk  after hearing the vedict yesterday live. WOW.

Fans of "The Office" James SPADER is joining !! I'm thrilled. Loved his cameo, he'll be perfect for the show! EWinsider


  1. So I was totally stoked that they mentioned Courtney!! I have expected them to rewrite history, only the way Guza can, and pretend Jason was never married. HAHAHAHA.

    I hate what they're doing to Jax, and Carly is so damn annoying.

    Yay for Ethan's hair cut!!!

    Jasam made me happy (:

  2. Oh and I almost forgot.

    Alexis defending Sonny to Jax is stupid. Didn't she lie about Kristina's father because of the danger!!!

    So stupid!

  3. Hey all when I try to view comments it says This content cannot be displayed in a frame and then it sames To help protect the security of information you enter into this website the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame. And then when where it says open the content in a new window I can view the comments. Alfred

  4. Alfred, don't go in through THE WUBS net, do in thru Blogger

  5. try working for an attorney is you want to know frustration.....almost 20 years.....

  6. Jax and Alexis: Zzzzzzzz. Same dialog! Altho I did love them saying I love you to each other at the end there. :) I'm not on team Jax anymore. I'm on team Joss!!! And when Alexis was pouring the tea, I thought someone was going to shoot her and miss, and shoot the tea!! Damn it Guza you ruined GH for me!!

    Jason and Sam: Oh no! First it was should we have a baby? Or shouldn't we? No we shouldn't. Yes we should. NOW it's should we get married or not UGH! Sam had to bring up his past marriages. She HAD to bring up Courtney!!! UGH! Courtney turned stupid when she and Jason got together! Her IQ dipped below freezing. No offense Courtney fans.

    Jason and Carly: Carly wants him to stop her from ever marrying again! ROFL!

    Abby and Ethan: Please don't do this plan of yours!!!! Please!!!! Oh look Krissy shows up! BAH!

    Abby, Krissy, and Michael: Abby wants her to stop acting like a 3rd grader!!! ROFL ROFL!

    Jax, Carly, and the moderator: UGH! Team Joss team Joss!!! I will take care of Joss!!!

  7. It was about time Jason and Sam started talking about marriage. Since we are not getting a Jasam baby - we had been waiting for this since 2005 - let's at least have a wedding.

    Karen, it was perfectly understandable that Siobhan wouldn't believe Liz even if she wasthe one who told her. Like that has stopped her from lying so many times before. Liz is famous for saying something and doing or having done the opposite. What are you complaining about anyone? You're all getting what you wanted, Liz and Lucky will soon go back together.

  8. If only I could pretend Courtney was never on. She was a big start to the end of AJ and then ruined Nik for me...

    I am absolutely dumbfounded that these characters that have been loyal to GH are getting fired, AND THEN, they are being ruined. I knew Jax came in as a corporate raider, but he was Brenda's knight and shining armor. He was the voice of reason. The only person that says what we all think about Sonny getting away from anythng.
    I mean, Nik barely got a goodbye, they were going to have Liz leave without getting much, now Jax is getting the old heave ho. How many years have these characters given to GH and they are treated like this. Makes me want to treat GH just like they treat their people...

  9. I don't want Liz and Lucky. I have always wanted Liz and Jason. Well, until now. All characters get the shaft that are paired with Jason...

  10. Can we get a pic of Ethan's new hair? No way am I sitting through an episode just to see that.

  11. I'm sick of these Jasam conversations. Get married already! I don't think they could be any more boring. Every time these two get together too long, Sam loses her whole personality- "what ever you want Jason: what ever you need Jason." Let them get married so they can break them up and Sam can have some spunk back.

  12. Love Ethan's new look. It appears as though NP is 'bulking up' bit from the look of his arms and neck. Probably getting ready to go job hunting! It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

  13. I finally googled to find out why I couldn't access the comments. OY! I live in Orlando and have seen your tweets on the local NBC site during the trial. I've wanted to compare notes so much. Oh well. We must be of a certain age. I'm not going to follow any more trials either. Had jury duty last Thursday and shared an elevator with Lawyer Gaga, and saw Sims crossing the street.

  14. To ANON 5:03: We are not all getting what we want, in fact , we are getting nothing. I can't speak for anyone else here, but what I want is to see Liz given a wonderful story and stop having her portrayed as a victim. You know very well she is not lying to siobhan. I am very tired of the Liz bashing.
    The only person I had wanted her with in the past was Jason, as it should have always been. We will not get that, as Frons favors KM.
    You should be most happy because no one has been standing in the way of your couple for a while now.They killed jake and tore up ties between LIz/jason.They made Liz a pathetic lonely victim. You got what you wanted. You will get your lavish wedding and baby.
    I would be happy to see Liz with a new love in her life. I even would have liked her wiht jax before they destroyed him too.
    Instead GH has left us with absolutely boring storylines. I also think now that this is GW's writing as well as Guza's.

  15. I thought Abby and Ethan are/were stupid. Totally pointless and vapid. I like his new hair, though. And yes, I believe those were muscles we saw yesterday.

  16. the only person I want liz with is jason. sam is his lap dog = too boring.

  17. Sydney!! I'm glad you could get in here!! what's your twitter name??!

  18. and when the hell are people going to STOP FIGHTING ABOUT DAMN JASAM AND LIASON! Bajeebus!!!!!!

  19. No twitter name. Don't know how. (Yeah, I know) I just followed the blog feed on and saw dkmask and thought "HMMMM".

  20. NEVER karen. NEVER! Liason didn't get the same breaks as Jasam and even you as a bipartisan person knows. They were together 3 long years before Sam slept with Ric & maxie slept with Lucky ppushing Liason together that one night to conceive Jake.

    Anon, yes Liz lies. So does Carly. So does Brenda. So did Alexis. So does Sam. In fact, she used to Lie for a living and sleep with married men also for a living. Scammy Sammy. i have come to really like her hwever, just not with Jason. Loved her with GV's Lucky, they were very sexy. Love her with the Davis girls also.

  21. They mentioned Dillon,Ned and Jimmylee holt yesterday if anyone noticed.

  22. Petra, get a life...

  23. JaSam made me happy too! :)

  24. Sorry, Karen, but I thought Ethan and Abby were disgusting. Yuck. JMO

  25. OK..I will admit I was a Liason fan. However, I don't think their characters would work together as a couple now. I think that Liz needs a new story with a new man. I think the characters have outgrown each other. I would also like to see Becky finally get a story of her own where she could shine. I am so tired of Liz always being written as the other woman and the other ladies always hating her. I think a Liz/Jax pairing would have been gold! Grieving for Jake but with Joss. I remember the Liz/Jax scenes after the Courtney fiasco. I think Becky has great chemistry with her costars. Just think if Jax and Liz had been paired...Carly would FLIP!

  26. obviously no one noticed they mentioned jimmylee holt, ned or dillon


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