Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Men In Black and A HEAT WAVE....

You know Tommy Lee Jones was gonna show up on OLTL Today! ahahhaa. It's so fun and I tell you what, the writing is such that's the show is not a cheesy mess. It's just GOOD! I still don't know what's going on with "the Todd's"... It think New Face is implanted with the brainwaves of Old Face. 

OMG, Dorian was so fun-- and David!! ahahaha. I think the whole cast is having a blast. I know I am. 

ON TO General HOSPITAL:  To all of you going to the FCW, have a blast, don't THINK OF ME ALL ALONE HERE!! :wah: I was supposed to go-- but, sigh, didn't happen. Long story that involves England, and Napa Valley and college tuition LOL 

Brenda/Jax/Sonny/Carly..blah blah At least I won't have to hear CarJax crap FOR MUCH LONGER! They've fought about the same ol' sheeze for YEARS! I also love how Carly wanted Sonny FAR FAR away from Morgan and Michael. Now, Sonny's JUST FINE!! 
Loved when Jax yelled "you learned NOTHING after Michael got SHOT IN THE HEAD"!!  
Carly to Brenda: I'll give you a window of time....go back to him or I'll take him" ahahaa !! 
Vanessa, I love ya but don't keep coming back and forth, ok? Stay gone or Stay.

Siobhan  is all of a sudden all jealous of Liz??? Get that bandage off her head. Thank you. 
LOVED THE RING scene with Maxie!! Kate/Wills mention. I just like that stuff.  *sigh* 
Alexis and Sam!! Good Stuff too.

And to all the S&Bers out there, at least Brenda didn't leave drooling in a wheelchair--that's from us L&L fans. Guza's a bitch. I'm sorry!!


  1. I'm really sad that this is how there choosing to go with Jax's character.

    Carly trying to help out Sonny and Brenda is just so out of character for her, what was that?

    Maxie and Jason were hilarious!!! She made the ring fall off the roof, that was great.

    I really like the Jasam stuff in the beginning.

    Loved Sam going to Alexis to talk. It was a nice change.

    I can see the fight between Liz and Siobhan coming. Sooner or later it shall happen.

  2. I wish Kristina was there too!!

  3. Sam Manning looks so much like NuTodd its funny!
    I thought the way he went after Echo was hysterical, and wasnt David sweet when he found Dorian!!

  4. Missouri Is sweltering right now and they are load shedding at my work, which means they bump the temp. up to conserve energy...

    I haven't watched GH yet, but I will definitely watch just to hear Jax giving it to Carly about learning nothing. He says exactly what I think!!

  5. I concur Karen, Guza is a bitch!!

    Cannot stand what he's done to this show. It's not even a shell of it's former self, it's just a mere speck.

    Like I said yesterday, so tired of Jax and his self righteous attitude.

    I hate what they've done to his character and all, but come on man, you cannot defend Jerry all the while lambast Sonny and Jason about being dangerous!!

    I still remember his arguement to Carly, that Jerry won't harm Josslyn cuz he's blood. And, Sonny and Jason will cuz they aren't?

    If you say it's dangerous to be around them, then the same goes for Jerry.

    Though I liked him comment to Carly today, lets not forget Jerry's role in Michael's shooting.

  6. I know Jerry is just as dangerous as Sonny and Jason's rival's, but I can honestly say that Jerry wouldn't hurt Josslyn. Sonny and Jason's rivals would to get back at them.

  7. I agree with you Andrea, Jerry wouldn't harm Josslyn, but neither would Sonny nor Jason.

    I'm pointing out that Jerry brings the danger factor into question just as much as Sonny and Jason do sans enemy retaliation.
    Meaning, if you argue that they are a target, and that makes all those around them a target, the same can be said of Jerry.

    That being said, you pointed out that Sonny and Jason's enemies may go after Josslyn in retaliation, but shouldn't that same logic apply to Jerry's enemies??

    Case in point, Jerry's ex-lover who tortured and raped Jax all cuz he was Jerry's brother and she wanted revenge!!

  8. The argument about Jerry makes no sense to me, because isn't Jerry dead as far as anyone in PC knows? He got shot on the dock, and unless I missed it, there is no indication he has contacted Jax or his mom. I have never understood why Jax never said that when Jerry's name is brought up. "My brother is dead". I know this is a soap and WE all assume he is out there and could return, but has there been any indication Jerry was not killed by the Balkan? If Jerry is dead, there is no point for anyone to hurt Josslyn to get to him.

    Also, since Joss is living in the same town as Sonny and Jason, there is more chance their enemies could hurt her. Not neccesarily because she is a target, but because she is near Sonny or Jason when an attack takes place. Remember, Michael was not the target the day he got shot, Sonny was. Michael got hit by the richochet. And that has not been the only time someone standing nearby has been in danger when there was an attack on Sonny or Jason. Remember Brenda being shot at in the shower at Sonny's? Or Nikolas being shot in the throat while standing outside Luke's club when Jason one of the targets? There is collateral damage, and being a child does not mean it would not happen to Josslyn.

  9. Anon, whether Jerry's dead or not, who knows??

    Nothing is for certain.

    I dunno if I'm not being clear or not, so allow me to clarify my point.

    Not once did I say Jason and Sonny were safe to be around. Jax is right, they are a constant threat...maybe not them directly towards Josslyn, but their enemies as they are targets.

    Having said that, my point was not about who was more dangerous, Jerry or Jason/Sonny? If you want to say who is more an imminent threat, then yes it is Jason/Sonny as you pointed out they live in PC.
    My arguement was Jax's hypocracy regarding Jerry/Jason/Sonny when he constantly chastizes Carly for allowing Jason/Sonny contact with their daughter all the while deeming it is okay that Jerry can have contact. Or reaming Carly out (mind you, she deserves it most of the time) for running to Jason/Sonny whenever they call, meanwhile he does the same thing when Jerry beckons.

    So really, he has no leg to stand on when it comes to those issues.
    He says Jerry's his family.
    But Carly can and has pointed out that Sonny/Jason are her family too.
    Sonny and Carly share 2 boys. They will always be a part of each others lives.

    Jason is her best friend. Not to mention Michael's uncle/surrogate father. Morgan's godfather.
    They will have contact.

    This time you played dirty and you got burnt.
    For once, I would have liked Sonny to have gone to the Judge with evidence that Jax bribed the mediator.

    I'm sorry, I find it reprehensable that he allowed the mediator to say that Michael was too unstable and a danger to his sister Josslyn and should only be allowed around her when supervised.
    The boy saved her from being kidnapped. He was sent to prison, which you played a role in.

    He's always wanted his and Carly's relationship to be on his terms. Have her cut out Jason/Sonny from her life. And, he whines when it doesn't happen.
    I'm not excusing Carly's behaviour, I can't stand her character. But facts are facts.

    The real thing is, Jax has always wanted to take everythhing away from Sonny. Whether it was Brenda, Carly, his kids, his freedom, everything!!

    Hope that was more clear of the point I was making.

  10. Shivon and Liz: What the hell is your problem Shivon!?!?! This is Liz's house! You have no right to be rude to her in her own house!!! Get the hell out!

    Jax and Carly: This is so sad!!! Poor Jax! :( More great acting from Ingo! Jax asked Carly a very good question! Did you learn your lesson Carly?!!?

    Brenda and Sonny: AHHHHH! Brenda made me cry!!! :( Another sad scene!!! :(

    Brenda and Carly: If you don't take him back I will have him? ROFL! Oh Carly! ROFL! Come on Brenda you are going to let Carly get away with talking to you like that?! Where is your backbone? Why are you just sitting on the chair doing nothing?! And you let Carly just walk into your hotel room? Damn!

    Jason and Sam: Too funny!!! She walks into a door after Jason kisses her! ROFL! Yeah I don't blame you. :)

    Jason and Maxie: Love the scene!!! That blue shirt that Jason wore, was hot on him! YUM! :) Maxie oh no the ring just flew out of your finger!!! ROFL! The look on Jason's face! It looked like he was ready to kill her! ROFL!

    Karen Guza is a bitch?! ROFL!

  11. Watchintele, we have to agree to see things different I guess. Jax did go running to save Jerry in the past, but even before this latest "death" he has washed his hands of him. Carly doesn't ever learn, even though she agrees privately.

    As far as PC knows, Jerry is dead. It was even a story on the TV news when Jax was watching. Unless there is proof otherwise, Jerry should not be an issue.

    As far as having things only on his terms, not in this marriage. Carly has had everything on her terms from day one, and he gave into her over and over. Remember her insistence that HER best friend Jason should be Joss' godfather and equal insistence that Alexis, his BF, absolutely could NOT be Joss' godmother? And Carly's glee when he agreed? Carly has had things her way from the start with Jax, and now that he is finally saying enough, she is shocked and upset. I think the writers have let Carly run all over Jax the whole marriage, and it has been sad to see. It also has been clear from the start that the top men in her life are Jason, then Sonny THEN her husband Jax. She has never put him first, which is why it has always hurt Jax. Would anyone want to be #3 in their spouse's life? He accepted they were in her life as much as he could but she continually put him last,and he rightfully objected. At some point she needed to realize Jax was her husband, not Jason or Sonny. As long as he was agreeable to her walking all over him and letting her have her way, he was fine. But when he finally stands up for his point of view, she is shocked to be challenged.

    Sonny and Carly are alot alike in this point of view. Sonny has told Brenda he doesn't want her interfering in his business or family and doesn't seem to care it makes her feel like she isn't that important to him. He may say she is, but cutting her out of two major parts of his life hurts. They aren't equals. She is there for when he wants her, but not for his life.

    And from my point of view, as you see Jax wanting to take everything from Sonny, Sonny is the same about Jax. He wants to take everything from Jax too. Did you hear his comment that his sleeping with Carly while she was married to Jax didn't count because HE wasn't married at the time? Wasn't it wrong since SHE was? The hatred is not one-sided, it goes both ways. Even now Sonny is more upset because he thinks Brenda is leaving because she is siding with Jax, than realizing she is upset with his actions. Both have always been jealous of the other. It is not one sided on Jax's side. That's been the rivalry from the start.

  12. "...drooling in a wheelchair."

    Can I get an Amen!!

  13. My 2 cents; The writers haven't really made Jerry that much of a 'real time' threat like they have Sonny/Jason. I think the simple fact that Carly, herself tried to keep Morgan from Sonny and let Jax ADOPT him is proof enough.
    BUT, all water under the bridge. Guza wants Jax Bad Sonny Good. It's the old AJ and then Ric story. Same ol' Same ol'

  14. Wouldn't Carly be third owner not the hotel and not half owner? She sold a third to Nikolas the last divorce to make Jax mad I thought...

  15. I'm just glad Brenda is gone. I was extremely. Tired if her ranting every episode. If I heard her say 'that girl' or 'that woman's when talking about Carly. I was going to hang myself.

  16. Just leave "Siobhan" alone. You can't even spell her name. First the accent, then the name, now the bandage. Come on! You're all getting what you wanted, a L&L2 reunion, can't you just be happy?

  17. I agree with you Karen. It all comes down to these writers want Sonny as the hero of the story.

    It is good Brenda is not leaving over a cliff or in a straitjacket this time. But if there is a believable reason for a character to leave, I have no problem with even "major" characters being gone, whether for the short or long term. It's more interesting for me to have a mix of characters on my screen. Part of the problem with the writing on GH has been the focus on a chosen few. There is a limit to how many different things you can write for a character who is always at the forefront. There are bound to be rehashings or absurd stories after awhile. Even just a few weeks off in a year can freshen things up. I would love to see every actor on the show have some time off, whether a few weeks or a few months. Characters going away and coming back adds variety. And when someone we haven't seen for awhile is back, it's fun and adds some excitement.

    Take Brenda's exit. If the marriage to Sonny had not been rushed along, she could easily have been written off wanting to spend time with her new son. It didn't have to be this major breakup drama. Or she could re-start her modeling career since she had left it for a few months. Modeling is a perfect reason for her to come and go. Have Sonny miss her and visit the shoots every so often, giving his character a few off screen breaks too. Off screen, Jason and Sam check out the Corinthos' business on the island. Luke and Tracy take a tour of Europe to work on their marriage and return happy. Jax and Carly check out hotel properties around the US, to expand their business. Plausible reasons for once.

    One of the reasons Ric's return could work is though he left for LA, he's kept contact with Molly. So it's believable he would return to PC to be in her life more. Same with Skye, she left for her own reasons, but wants to return to her family. Even Robin's time away made sense, since people do go away to college and to build their career. Coming and going isn't the problem, it's the way it's done. Other shows seem to know how to accomplish it, why not GH? Don't write the characters into corners (or kill them off) and it could be a good thing.

  18. As always Sonny "is a good man" and everyone who thinks that Sonny just might be a bad influence or dangerous to those around him are insane and need to be vilified.

    Did Guza think that this really works? I mean does anyone think that Jax is evil and is bad for Joss? Does anyone not feel they ruined and killed AJ solely for the sake of propping up Sonny?

    We see thru the writing and it makes me hate the character of Sonny more everyday. - This is not a "love to Hate" thing. I truly dispise seeing him ( and Carly) on my screen. It makes me turn off my TV, because I know how every storyline ends. Sonny and Carly win. Why bother watching?

  19. How does one "alleged" incident deny Jax any custody of his daughter, yet numerous "alleged" incidents never denied Sonny custody? Nothing has been proven yet against Jax , but the judge sure acted as if it was a conviction.

  20. I just choked on my drink..thank you for the at least she did not leave in a wheel chair drooling...ha ha ha...

    Tired of Jax and his self righteous attitude.
    I 2nd that....Guza how dare you make me glad that Jax is leaving..Ingo is better than this...

    Oh..Watchintele...why why why did you have to remind me of the Jax rape poor eye balls..I had forgotten all about that fiassco...That story was worse than this one...

    Anonymous..made me laugh with I'm just glad Brenda is gone. I was extremely. Tired if her ranting every episode. If I heard her say 'that girl' or 'that woman's when talking about Carly. I was going to hang myself....
    sometimes when I am feeling tipsy..I will pull a Brenda and pull my sleeves down over my hands and make over the top sighs and whines about "That girl or that Woman.." just because I think it is hilarious ...All you have to do is watch You tube Brenda scenes from the 90's to see how badly Guza ruined the character...

  21. The whole thing with judges and their idiocy (as well as cops) really makes the show look dumb. Wolf needs to make Sonny the evil bastard he is. Do not forget we saw in 2007, and on camera, Sonny definitively order Jason to murder 9 criminal rivals in the Metrocourt.

    Clearly he deals drugs- as evidenced by his 'shipments'- what are they, counterfeit designer shoes? Also, how else wd he have the drugs to set up Jax?

    Wolf needs to show Sonny as a liar, starting w the lies he tells about Deke. Recall that Det Taggart always said Deke was a good man and cop who worked w at risk kids like himself. Is it not likely Sonny just hated his stepfather, made up an excuse, and has played victim all these years to excuse his evil?

  22. I haven`t watched all week OLTL life got in the way but will catch up this weekend.Tommy Lee Jones got his start on OLTL,

  23. Cosmoetica- to try to make it that Deke was actually a good guy and did not abuse Sonny and his mother is one of the worst ideas I have ever heard- and on this show, there have been a lot of bad ideas...

  24. @ Carrie. i do remember Brenda from back in the day.. and yes defiantly the long sleeves. i did the same w my sleeves look when i played goth girl. Guza ruined soo many characters over the years. i feel badly for the actors who ply them. loved the scene w jax and carly. so sad. i loved them together when they started the storyline.

  25. Hey, PERSON WITH NO NAME I spell Siobhan correctly. ;/ bite me.

  26. I think Ingo has been really outstanding, as has Vanessa. Too bad they (and Tyler C.) get really meaty material on the way out. I actually like the way Brenda talks about Carly as "that girl" - seems realistic and Carly is such a bitch. As is Siobhan.

  27. I can take Brenda saying 'that girl' or 'that woman' much better than I can take the constant "you know" or "right?" after every few words. Sonny is guilty of that as well. Drives me nuts.

  28. I bet you pronounce Siobhan correctly too, Karen!!


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