Friday, July 29, 2011

Wubulous Friday!!

Alexis, like most GH fans, can't believe the cast integration happening this week.

AMC is awesome with everyone coming out of the woodwork--loving Oak Haven!! OLTL Is of course getting so good I can't stand it!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

Wubby Hubby took the day off so I am as well. (just to show him he doesn't ALWAYS come in second to the web lol) ... I might be home at 3, might not. Post away anyway. I am DVRing all the shows for later. 

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Go take a gander. Keep an eye out for cupcakes, bloody noses and Car Crashes!


  1. Alexis's scene with the panic attack was sooo funny!!

  2. OLTL is a DO NOT MISS today!!!! So freaking good and I agree it could easily be a night time show.

  3. I am able to watch today and One Life is so freaking awesome!!! The ending is so edge-of-your-seat spectacular!!!

    And, I'm watching GH for the first time in over three months. I am so pleasantly surprised to see the cast interaction! Patrick and Carly in a real scene together with their kids!Lucky and Siobhan acting like a real married couple! But, I still don't like the constant tongue-lashings towards Liz. Don't TPTB realize that the fans love Becky Herbst? Especially after the unprescedented outrage over her recent "firing." If they stop treating Liz like garbage, then I may come back full-time.

  4. The orderly lady is she the one that is in that commercial where the three guys are in an office and they all have the phones up to there mouths rocking like rockers and u see a lady come and make copies she turns around and sees them acting dumb.

  5. Karen, OLTL is a MUST see! I think I'm might watch it again!

    As for GH, I was folding laundry and actually left it on- I got as far as Carly sneering at Robin and had to shut it off. Sorry- that constant sneer is one of the reasons I left the show (a small reason, yes, but one of the reasons) and I honesty saw no reason to continue watching today...

  6. Okay, so GH is over for today and while it doesn't come close to the epic-ness of OLTL, there is alot of positive stuff:

    Tracy and Anthony are great together. I would love to see them get married and have Johnny move into the Q mansion as Tracy's step-son. Edward would have his twenty-third heart attack over that! (Luke who???)

    I didn't mind the Carly/Robin sniping, because Robin got in some pretty good (and accurate) jabs at Carly. Also, in the end, I liked that Liz was the one to inform Carly about the Sam/Jason engagement.

    I would hope that Siobhan would buck the trend and not turn into another run-of-the-mill jilted psycho, but instead realize that she deserves better than Lucky (a drug-addict still in love with someone else). I would love to see her bow out gracefully with some self-respect but with her (cue the psycho-music) nose-bleed, it appears we're doomed to watch Lisa 2.0.

    The child actress who plays Emma is so freaking cute!!!!!!

  7. I loved Tracy and AZ it was great.

    As was the Patrick and Carly breakfast with kids stuff. It's something that would actually happen.

    Robin and Carly sniping at each other was nice as well and they mentioned the whole Sonny Robin Carly Jason love whatever that was. Hahaha!

    Trixi I would have loved for Siobhan to not go all psycho on us but I believe that is too much to hope for.

    Carly's face when Liz told her about the Jasam engagement was fantastic (:

  8. OLTL best cliffhanger EVER!

  9. As per the spoilers why are they having Sam give Monica the picture of Jake and not Liz or Jason? (I'm not trying to start a Liason/Jasam war of words I just don't understand this!)


  10. LaTanya I'm a Jasam fan and I totally agree with you. Jake was Elizabeth and Jason's son not Sams. So it would make since for Elizabeth to give Monica the picture of Jake not Sam.

  11. Holy cow OLTL is so good....I can hardly wait until Monday...I get the same feeling with Y&R. Hopefully one day GH will give me the same has been so long I probably won't recognize it when it arrives

  12. Why does Carly still get to be snarky with Liz? You'd think she would be a little grateful considering the circumstances.

  13. They are going to have sam give the pic of jake because she smart enough to know that she wants to have a good relationship with her future mother -in-law, monica. She knows monica is hurting and she is going to attempt to ease her pain. If garin continues as guza did, and tries to prop up jasam, he will continue to write sam as building a relationship with monica, especially because the rumor is a jasam baby is on the way. Monica will get her relationship with jasam and her new grandchild. Smart move on her part since having monica as an enemy won't be good for jasam's relationship. Transparent.
    Liz should be the one, but they seem to want to continue to have distance between liz and jason and any ties to him.

  14. Sam image has been re-vamped to promote jasam and gain support for sam. They will have sam appear to be kind and caring by having her give monica jake's pic and having a talk with her future mother in-law.
    Glad Liz told Carly :) . Carly will explode and give sam all kinds of trouble because she is so possessive of jason. Heard jason tells her that he is putting sam first. I wonder if the mob will come before sam as it slways does with every woman he's involved with.

  15. HOLY CRAP!! ONE LIFE TO LIVE was spectacular!! ahahahahaha. LOVE it, it needs to be on Lifetime Television!!
    "Buster Ridge"!!

    OMG. OH My ... LOVE IT

  16. David to Dorian "I'll protect your opening" woot!

  17. Siobhan was AMAZING, as usual! And her scenes with lucky broke my heart....

  18. I confess I've been FFing through most of the show lately. I'm over Robin acting like a power hungry tyrant, sick of Lucky and Siobhan bickering and fighting, had enough of Liz and Siobhan going at it,and since I'm not a Jasam fan I haven't gone there at all. I confess to stopping it when Epiphany came back on, and when I saw Monica this week.

    I think the only thing that might really spark my interest again is if jason wakes up from his coma and thinks he's Jason Quartermain again. Now that would be a treat!

    P.S. I like the new Emma much better. the last one was too bouncy and unpredictable and looked like a short 6 year old.

  19. Question: Where was that graffiti-covered building that Sonny supposed to be? That wasn't the Brownstone, was it?

  20. Anonymous, maybe Carly will explode
    when she hears about the engagement because she remembers that Sam was the one who had thugs pull a gun on Liz and the kids at the park, or stood by while Jake got kidnapped by a psycho, and said nothing. The writers may have forgotten the history but not all the fans have. I gag every time I see Sam and Jason together. No way would he be with a woman who did this.


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