Thursday, July 14, 2011

Script Released by ABC for GH Casting

Read Full Script on Raven--

The Woman In White

I am taking the following directly from the scripts notes section (this is ABC's description, not mine):

The scene opens at the Haunted Starr with Ethan and the woman in white. She is an enigma. Beautiful in an ethereal way. She might have stepped out of a forest in middle earth (for all anyone knows, she did). The woman in white has nothing to offer by way of memories, seemingly appearing out nowhere in a psychiatrist's office nearly a year ago, asking for help. There is no record of her. She has long blonde hair that always seems beyond her control, while her emotions remain tightly intact. Men are always so taken with her. She is coy and brazen. Intelligent and intuitive with a smoky voice, fluid movements. A placid but intense unsettling gaze in her blue eyes that can flash with mercurial anger or simply drift away. She's a challenge to anyone who meets her, and a threat to anyone that probes too close. Ethan is drawn to her like a moth to the flame.

By the way-- who remembers "Angel"???? !! ahahahhaa.  or Galadriel.


  1. I hope it's not Courtney...

  2. I'm glad ethan is drawn to her! Give him someone more mature and challenging to interact with. Ethan and Kristina are so mismatched, and for the last time, they are NOTHING like Luke and Laura and they never could be that supercouple.

  3. lady in white is courtney

  4. PLEASE NO It's bad enough that Tamara Braun is coming back NOT Courtney too

  5. LOL I don't think she's really "for" Ethan. They use some characters in auditions and they end up coming on canvas for someone else completely. Ethan and Kristina are great together and they are their own great thing, no need to compare them to Luke and Laura. The agenda of some people is so funny.

  6. Could it be the woman whose birth certificate Helena stole? Helena now using her to come after Luke's other son, Ethan? Could be a nice way to pick up that loose end.

  7. I'm thinking retooled, post-mortem-Cassadine-revived (a la Kat Bell), plastic-surgeried, brain-washed Emily Bowen Quartermaine. Maybe her "return" will be tied with Nik's temp return in the Fall? Although, Courtney could serve a similar purpose (because of Spencer)...

    I read the script on Raven's FB and could hardly stand it...gag.


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