Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kelly Sullivan to Play Kate Howard

Timing sucks as there is a big Megan Ward event at the FCW--and I'm not even sure she knew she was "recast"...

SID is reporting that Kelly Sullivan will be playing the Crimson editor. The mag also reports on the new doc that's coming and..Gina Soleita, the 19-year-old only daughter of a New York crime boss. Both are contract roles scheduled to start taping in September. (That must be the Bensonhurst connection)


  1. Well...poop. She doesn't look old enough to have gone to high school with Sonny... AND she looks like the original Dr. Lisa.


  2. Who? Okaaaaay... lol

  3. I'm willing to give the actress a chance. It's not her fault.

    Megan ward should be the one returning to this shit show. Still waiting to hear from her about the situation.

    At the very least, I hope this woman wasn't cast to repair her and Sonny! I hope Kate and Coleman will still be the thing!

    Wasn't Tracy married to a mobster with that name? HA! This would be cool for her character.

  4. I agree that she doesn't look old enough for Sonny and she totally looks like Dr Cray Cray lmao

  5. "Gina Soleita, the 19-year-old only daughter of a New York crime boss"

    Uh oh, this girl has to be for Michael in one way or another, doesn't she?? *looks worried*

  6. I don't even like the character of Kate Howard but why recast her. Megan Ward is the only actress I want to see in the part.

  7. @Bumchickabowbow: I am in my mid 40s and i attend college classes...i have had many classmates tell me i look like i'm 20. Just because a person "Doesn't look old enough to have gone to high school 25 or 30 years ago" does not mean its fact. By the way...she was born in 1978.

  8. I'd like to know more about Kelly Sullivan


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