Friday, July 22, 2011

Keepin Cool Soapers??

That's me... LOL. It's just brutal. I'm not a real hot weather person-- but I don't mind the heat.  It's the HUMIDITY! yep.. We also haven't had rain in a month. A MONTH!!

THIS AMC thing with "Jane" is weird... I wanted it to be someone from her past. I wanted it to be Silver. Oh well. Erica sounded SO CRAZY today!! ahahhahaaa! "it was a fan, with plastic surgery"!  They aren't believing her. AND JR sees Dixie when he's drunk-- ut oh... heh. 

OLTL: Old Face is saved by a fisherman guy. He had on a bullet proof vest. New Face is freaking out. They even had an outside shot again (with TWIZZLERS!) John's going to meet the OLD FACE!! eeeee!! 

Berta at Lisa LoCicero's event this afternoon!! 
GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG, Dante and Lulu in "Greece"...eating Feta sandwiches I think! LOL They were some GIANT sandwiches! Helena looked FANTABULOUS! Snake skin jacket. Nice... That house looked like the Q's foyer though. Why would LUKE send Dante there? Helena would see right through it. Anyway, it got Dante's shirt off.

Mac Daddy is on !!  He wants to give a case to Dante? Uh, Dante's not even in the USA! Geesh! Anyone even know he's gone??

Anthony comes in with flowers for Abby--they are gorgeous. He wants into ELQ so badly. Is Skye the key? Tracy calls Michael a "Mob Magnet" !!

Robin's stuff is already giving me a headache. I'll try to like it-- I really really will!! 
OK for the FIRST TIME TODAY I saw the potential of Mr. Cook. He was darling!! Why haven't they written for Matt like this before?! GEESH!! What a waste!  

LOL: Nancy Lee Grahn just tweeted this:
BREAKING NEWS: Got my work schedule 4 1st wk in August. Am working MORE than Steve Burton....

Lisa LoCicero says people are going to be very mad at Olivia Soon..hmmm. WONDER why!  There's also a charity event  in the near future. I did see photos of that. I think it's the night of the car accidents.


  1. Can I just say this: I LOVE HELENA!!!!
    I really missed her, hopefully she'll be on more often.

    Okay, so I really like Matt, like alot, and I like him with Maxie, but obviously the writers are setting us up for a spixie reunion. So in the even that that happens, I really hope they throw Matt a really good storyline.

    Maxie telling Lucky that him and Elizabeth were destined to be together was just funny cause wasn't she the one trying to break them up before?

    Anthony and ELQ...not sure how I feel about this just yet.

  2. ELQ: Papa Z wants into ELQ so BADLY HAHAHAHA! Tracy wants him out! :) Tracy accuses Michael! ROFL! Ah good stuff! :) Now that Tracy isn't in scenes with Luke, she is old Tracy again YAY! :)

    The hospital: Matt and Patrick annoyed with Robin ROFL! Oh look Shivon is there and sees Liz who got her job back! Shivon shut up!!!!

    Lucky: NO LUCKY NO!!!! Don't work on this drug case!!! Listen to Mac and Liz! :( Oh no what are you doing? Don't call your old drug guy!!! :(

    Dante and Lulu: They went from the whorehouse to Cassadine Island in greece in a cave?!?!!?! How did that happen? Ah well it was fun anyway. :) Yeah Dante listen to Helena. Take off your shirt. :) Right now. I'm glad Lulu was listening in! That's the Spencer way! :) Uh Dante I told you take off your shirt!!!!!!

    Shivon and Lucky: UGH! Shivon has to tell Lucky that Liz is working at GH!

    Jackal, Maxie, and Matt: Hahaha Matt begs Maxie for help with Robin! ROFL! Jackal just cannot use the laptop hahaha!

  3. loved John McBain and Old Todd cannot wait for Lovett to leave.....and Tomas and his kid to leave

  4. Loved seeing Helena - she is so gorgeous. Matt is adorable and a good actor. Why did they let him languish for so long? Such a waste. Yay - Mac was there! Adn best of all, no Carly or Sonny.

  5. LindaV no Sonny wasn't there today. He popped a blood vessel yesterday when he found out Brenda was with Jax and they left together! ROFL!

  6. Aren't people mad at Olivia already for not coming forward with Sonny's connection to the Jax drugs/assault charges?

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  8. The drug story is pretty out of nowhere. It feels like GH is re-doing that drug story they tried to do during the strike. I think Ian, Matt and Sam were involved in that. This time it seems like an excuse for Liz and Lucky to get closer.

    Ugh, this Robin story is ridiculously sexist so far, especially with this insinuation that Patrick can seduce Robin into doing what he wants. Matt and Patrick need to stop being whiny sissies and act like professionals since I haven't seen Robin do anything that would make her a nightmare. Considering Steve let crazy Lisa get away with murder, I would say Robin is doing a much better job than him.

    for the person who mentioned Olivia not coming forward about seeing the mediator with Sonny, I am annoyed at her. It makes no sense why Olivia feels so loyal to the man who shot her son in the chest, especially considering Jax has always been a good friend to her and gave her a job. What has Sonny done for Olivia to earn this type of friendship and loyalty to him? And Steve was an idiot for thinking that the Hippocratic Oath is justification to not get involved.

    When is this Jackal PI stuff going to end?

  9. Lucky drug story again!! sigh..This is to get Liz and Lucky together, but there is an interview with Garin saying that Liz draws Lucky in and this ends in tragedy. I think siobhan dies or leaves but Lucky will go as well. JJ may be a major character that goes.
    I hope Liz is given a new love to end GH with.

  10. The Lulu/Dante on the run stuff is not working for me. But I love seeing Helena again so I'll suck it up.

    Ewww...I hope Spin and Maxie aren't getting back together again.

    Weird to hear Maxie pimping Liz like this.

    I work in a hospital and I think Robin's actually being a pretty good chief of staff.

    Matt & Patrick were being big sexist babies today.

    I bet Lucky is going to be tempted by drugs again. wish Siobahn's head injury had cured her of that bad accent.

  11. I agree with Mamaspat I can't stand that bugeyed Lovett...the soon he out of there the better. I don't mind Tomas but that obnoxious offspring of his is just too much...he comes off as a arrogant twit.

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  13. Anonymous special needs? What? There is no reason to be so rude!!!!

  14. @Anonymous 8:41. Picking on strangers on the internet for no reason says more about you than Sonya, whose opinion I personally find fun to read. If you don't appreciate what she writes then scroll down every time you see her name. It's quite simple really.

    As for the show: I am not looking forward to Olivia being hated. She's one of my favorites. =( Your pictures of her/Lisa and Alberta are too adorable for words!! ^-^

  15. HEY! Person that can't leave their name because they are a COWARD. Don't come in here and be an ASS.

    Sonya, I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. You know we love your comments!! :)

  16. I am also upset thet Olivia hasn't come forward. But, am just as mad at Alexis and Carly for not being madder at Sonny. Yeah, the father of your kids is really setting a good example and your ignoring it is just as bad!
    No Sonny, Carly, Jason, or Sam yesterday. Woohoo!
    Hate Lucky's longer hair, but that is just a personal opinion there.
    Sibhion is being a little dramatic, but I really can't believe it was that easy for Liz to come back to work. Didn't she just say that she was happy to be off because it gave her more time to spend and give attention to her other two kids and then she jumps at the chance to come back to work?
    I like Robin being chosen as the new COS, but the writers are making her a LITTLE obnoxious.

  17. I wish Liz had soe more girlfriends besides just Robin. I am tired of her always being the one to hate. I would love to see her Maxie becomes friends or even friends with Sam (as I think Liz and Jason have outgrown each other). I think the same about Lucky. I would love to see her in her own love story again and not always the second woman. It would have been great if they had kept Jax and they bonded over Jocelyn and Jake. Or why can't the story focus on her as a single independent mom. Just tired od the character always in the same story. First it was Courtney, then Maxie, then Sam now Siobhan. Do they just change the name in the script?

  18. Liz and jason have been written apart , they haven't outgrown eachother. Guza and Frons had wanted to write Liz out of the show and since then she hasn't been given any kind of good story. They clearly do not like Liz and don't want her to have any positive spotlight except to tie up loose ends and stick her with lucky so as not to interfere with jasam. Sad for Rebecca Herbst to be stuck in this redundant story. That's why I don't blame Genie francis for the comments she made about Laura's character and I'm glad for the opportunity she's received on Y&R.

  19. I understand that they were written apart. My fear is that a Liason reunion would be like Sonny and Brenda this time around...In my opinion after everything that has happened, the two characters have grown apart. Just like Sonny and Brenda. I think Becky deserves a great that focuses on her...I feel that Liz is always chasing the man around. I would like for her to find someone new, who is not currently attached. Just my opinion. I know its not a popular one. I also feel the same way for Sam. I loved her character when she was with GV's Lucky.

  20. I feel the same way. Liz could be great if they just gave her a brand new storyline, it doesn't even have to do with a guy, or it could either she would be better off without Lucky, and I never liked her with Jason to begin with.

    I really like Jasam, I just feel like they make Sam all about Jason. I'm hoping when they bring in her father in the fall it'll be a good strong Sam storyline.

  21. That has always been an issue with the writers. The women are the chasers and the men just get to sit down and watch the girls flock to them...LAME

  22. I totally agree with you , Andrea.

  23. Thank you Adora and Karen! :) Both of you *BEARHUGS* :)

  24. Anon personally I love Sonya and Karen is right that was rude of you.I liked Sam and Jason togethor in the beginning but Jason was wayyyyy out there for awhile.I personally hated when Guza split them up.But I did like her with Lucky too.I know I'm to ya Sonya

  25. I don't think Frons likes Rebecca Herbst, so I can't see her getting any spotlight or love story with a hot guy. Frons never hid the fact that he promotes jasam and I remember him personally doing promos for them on soapnet online. He simply likes KM.
    I think RHeill be written into a corner or off screen by the time GH comes to an end.

  26. this is TOTALLY re-do of the GWolf stories from before

  27. Mamaspat Ole thank you hon! Love back at you! :)

    kdmask said

    this is TOTALLY re-do of the GWolf stories from before
    Do you like the idea Karen? :)


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