Friday, July 29, 2011

One Life To Live: You So Rock My World!!

I had to make a post about this show today. This whole week has been astounding but today? TOOK the cake!! Even the direction of Christian to Shawn to the Film premiere was brilliant.

The porn..T he Vicker Man-- The Two Faces!! Water "Breaking"!!! 

Mrs Patel "If you need pointers talk to that boy from the movie seems to know what he's doing"!! 

Man in Black:  "We can't have you dying with that face on"!!

Rex and the gun!!


MONDAY is going to be ASTOUNDING!!

Just put this show on Lifetime  TV already... maybe after "Roseanne's Nuts"-- this show is priceless. 
If you've never watched OLTL before or just want to catch up, try to see some on SoapNet this weekend, it's that good. Really. 

I need to get a copy of that Vicker Man Movie poster!! 


  1. I'm so sad. I haven't watched since they fired my beloved TSJ. Can't get over it. They destroyed the best recast in soap history. :*(

  2. Carrie, you HAVE to watch! I know you love TSJ, but he was going to be off the air (with the whole show) soon anyway, and I promise you, you will regret not having watched this whole thing play out. This show is unbelievably fantastic! If it's going down, it is going down swinging! Such idiots at ABC...

  3. I rarely post (I'm a long time lurker) but 2x's today I have to say how amazing OLTL was. I'm devastated it's going away, especially now that it's writing is so funny and smart!

  4. HOLY #(*&($*%&*@#, Karen & mosbp2003!

    This episode was AWESOME! It was like sweeps or something! I remember being this excited about GH back in the day (during the Labine era).

    Can't wait for Monday's show!

  5. When I realized it was almost over today, I yelped 'NO! Not yet! How can I wait 'til Monday?!'

    Can it have been more delicious? I love Vimal and his troubles (I'm afraid I find Rama annoying), and his parents and their reaction to all the wild events...priceless. And I loved oldTodd and the mace he took off the cop. I'd forgotten how slyly funny Roger was.
    I just hope TSJ won't be gone too the whole story and his part in it. Mostly, like Blair, I have a thing for Thomas, but the whole story is surprise after surprise and lots of action and such FUN! I still think it doesn't work unless NuTodd is convinced HE really is Todd. I was remembering his bitterness when he learned Dani was his and Tea hadn't told him--no, he HAS to believe...

  6. This show has been beyond fabulous for months, and today's episode probably was the best OLTL show I've seen in the almost 3 years I've been watching.

    Ted King + Michael Easton + Roger Howarth = Acting Perfection.

    (I think TSJ is great too, but the other 3 are my faves.)

  7. your right the show was fantastic today even AMC was great.I love John and old Todd togethor..

  8. I haven't watched in years, but I am so glad I came back!

    I was at Comic-Con on Sunday, at the Castle panel (Nathan Fillion rocks). Anyway, a woman shouted out, "You were the best Joey!" He immediately responded, "I know, right?" He really was the best Joey.

  9. I agree that today's show was fantastic. Karen I agree with you that the whole week has been great. I still can't believe ABC is taking it off the air. OLTL has always been my favorite soap. I have watched from day one, and still very sad when I think about the last airdate.


  11. I been catching OLTL about once a week now on y'alls recommendations (used to watch it more back in the 80's while waiting for GH to come on). You guys are right on - it's fun and mostly fast moving and the cliffhanger on Friday was ace!
    Also, I have enjoyed youtubing the AMC mental hospital scenes this week. Erica, Janet from another Planet, Marion, etc. in in art and yoga classes in there has been pretty dang funny

  12. I start watching oltl when vanessa left gh and this show is great!!!! I used to loved roger as todd and blair and todd was my favorite couple but i stop watching when roger left so bye gh and hello oltl that is until vanessa is back

  13. @ Carrie.....TSJ wasn't fired he wanted to leave the show , once the show was canceled he decide he wanted to finish it out

    But by that time RH was back and story was written


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