Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amber Tamblyn in "Main Street"

WOW, look at this cast!! Colin Firth, Olrando Bloom--only problem is they are British, and they are playing Southern. This Speech Therapist can hear it a mile away!! I can't want to see it because my girlie AmTam is in it though. Trailer: 


  1. Who would have thought that Lucky's playmate would one day be kissed by Will Turner?

  2. I'll watch about anything with Colin Firth! The Brits seem to do southern pretty well, actually, there 's a certain pronounciation connection--just that southern is drawled out. I don't know how Hugh Laurie does it week after week, keeping that American accent going. I love to see him as himself. He is such a funny, charming man and yet they chose him to play this rude American curmugeon--weird. Not that he doesn't do it superbly. Amber wasn't written too well on House, so I hope she fares better here.

  3. I loved Amber on House actually, was I the only one??!


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