Friday, July 15, 2011

Freaky, Frothy, Soapy Friday!

Kelly and Jason. ROCK n' ROLLAH!

Kelly tweeted this and a bunch of other photos last night! LOL.. how fun. Maybe GWolf will give them a fun script!!

 IT's OLTL 43rd bday and fans were outside the studio taking photos!! (photo:Xanderdash)

OLTL today was so fun! Spidey Man!! You can tell Disney bought Marvel Comics. LOL. Sam is so dang cute. I also Loved David and Vicky "David, this is an afternoon of my life I'll never get back"!!
Old Todd in the outfit taking a pic with Blair and Tea! Oh so good!! 
Echo and Dorian. heh...
THE PORN!! lol... too stupid but I don't care 
Now Old Todd has Sam!!

Yeah! Chrissie Fit was on!!  Miss Mercedes!

General Bordello? Good Gravy, I HATE THIS PART OF THE SHOW! The story makes NO sense. Like Lulu wouldn't have just given Lupe money to call if she saw Luke. NO, gotta get the Hooter's outfits going. Javier. OY. Dante was hilarious being "held back" by the goons! LOL

The Pizza Shack was a Port Charles set. Winnie the Pooh plug  LOL Morgan was like "what if we are here 2 weeks"!! TWO WEEKS? Can they get in those shacks? Do they have food? What?

Jax handcuffed to the desk. This is the worst story ever written, imo. Good LORD. INGO did a fantastic job today however. But this is Guza's stupid poison pen. The whole woman locking herself in the bathroom was from the Charlie Sheen fiasco! ahahahaa.

Johnny/Ethan are nice eye candy together. Krissy/Sonny were fun as well. 

Today's Cliffhanger? Uh, Javier french kissing Lulu LOL

I hope Brenda kicks Sonny's ass.  


  1. I would actually really love it if Patrick and Sam had a few scenes together, they have really good chemistry.

    Poor Jax, I mean really? Way to destroy a character. I'm not a huge Brenda fan but I do hope she tears Sonny a new one.

    Molly and Morgan taking Joss was actually a little funny, but if it last to long it'll get boring.

    I.E. the stupid whore house storyline, which finally appears to be coming to an end!!!

  2. Javier kissed Lulu...ew.

  3. Those of us who hate Sonny have waited for years for the greasy little mobster to get what's coming to him even though we know he never will. Losing Brenda doesn't begin to even the score.

  4. I was touched by jax's performance when he was crying and saying ro ronnie that he just wanted to keep joss safe. He really is afraid for joss. Joss is going to turn out to be a vindictive horrible person probably worse than Carly. I tuned in to watch him but found dull Lulu and dante and that ridiculous bordello story on. No wonder GH is last in the ratings.

  5. Congratulations, Mr. Guza. You have now effectively trashed every character on the canvas. I hope you never work again!

  6. Jax: Poor Jax!! This reminds me of how AJ was treated by Sonny and Carly!! I'm on team Jax again!!!! Some awsome acting from Ingo tho! :) Wait Sonny set him up with cocaine and estacy!?!!? NO WAY! There is no way Sonny would do that! He hates drugs!!! He wouldn't sell them or buy them! And he would not set someone up with them!! What the hell Guza!!!! I can't wait until Wolfie's writing shows up!!!

    Krissy and Sonny: Great scene. :) Manhattan really Krissy? :) He knows she is playing him ROFL! 300 dollars?!!?! Really Sonny?! ROFL!

    Brenda, Jason, and Sonny: 7 year old Brenda asks can I stay and listen? Jason says no! I was waiting for her to have a temper tantrum. :)

    Ethan and Krissy: Oh! She is turning the game around on him hahaha!

    Ethan and Johnny: I love their bromance. :)

    Morgan and Molly: Stupid and crazy!!! They want everyone to worry taking Joss like that! And that email for Carly is so dumb! ROFL! I'm glad Carly figured it out! :)

    Javier and Lulu: Come on Lulu knee him in the groin!!! Do you have pepper spray?!!? Turn your SPENCER on!!!! :)

  7. It is such a pity what they did to Jax. Sonny has to win - Again.

    I want to see Sonny lose everything wind up in jail with Jason testifying against him. He is not a "good manor father". I hope Brenda rips him to pieces.

  8. I actually thought that for a supposedly bright kid Molly was acting incredibly stupid. That's something a 6 year old might think up. That child really is not in touch with reality.

    The bordello scenario is so over the top I've just FF'd through all of it.

    I've actually been FFing through Sonny and Brenda for weeks too. When is this idiocy going to end?

  9. Thank you, Guza, for destroying what was once the best triangle on daytime (back when there still was a daytime). You have ruined all three characters beyond repair. Remember, karma is a bitch and you will get yours along with the rest of the brass at ABC daytime.

  10. I think I'll come back to GH in september when cast changes and shake-ups occur. Maybe the writing will improve by then and I'll see something I like. Right now I'm tuning out. Love this blog though.

  11. Settle down Aubrey...your kvetching is annoying.

  12. Beautiful kemo looks about 9 in that pic! Too fun.

    We'll miss the Jax we all fell in love with over what 2 decades ago almost?

    And really last Anon? REALLY? Blogs are for opinions, no need to be an asswipe.

  13. ITA with Aubrey, and whoever attacked her for complaining, that was REALLY mean-spirited, and not in the spirit of this blog. You should apologize!

  14. I am not attacking all "anonymous" posters- many are great. But why is it always an "anonymous" that is so rude?

  15. I never watched Port Charles, but I do remember the Pizza Shack on GH many years ago. Loved how Joss started crying not on cue. Ingo was really great, too, and making the best of a horrendous storyline. Ethan and Johnny - so cute. Whoever thought a child custody battle was must see tv was dead wrong and it is killing the show. Hopefully it will be over this week.

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