Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alan "Sighting" and OLTL is AWESOME YET Again!

A "fantasy" come true...looks like Monica may be "seeing" Alan again very soon. ;)--So tweeted Leslie Charleson today!! Now the " " marks again tell us that Alan won't be real, but I don't care!! Just get him back!

 Asher (Dajuan Johnson)   and Mercedes (Chrissie Fit) on set yesterday!

 MY ALBERTA is in California!! That's right!! Wubber Summer is taking her to the Fan Club Weekend! Look for her and if you get a pic, post it on Alberta's FB page!!

OMG, OLTL was AWESOME! It could be a PRIMETIME SHOW...ABC is so stupid to cancel this. SO STUPID.
David "Can we call the head of the FBI ?? Is it still Jodi Foster"?? ahahhahaa David and Vicki could have their own dang webseries!!!

The Old-face New-face is just weird -- New Todd would know that Old Todd is Todd because he's seen a ton of photos. OY! I love it! ! It's so confuuuuuuuusin'!

Echo/Dorian. Hysterical. LOVED the "Duct tape mask" how did she breathe?? That little Sam is such a great actor!! THE SPIDEY stuff on ECHO!! Who was going to try to kill Dorian with "hormone replacements"  but tried a dry cleaning bag instead.

AND OLTL knows what an Amber Alert is!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Oh goodness, after OLTL it's going to be hard to watch because OLTL left on  cliffhangers!!
This is NOT SONNY'S fight about Josslyn. This whole thing is so stupid. At least we know from his tweets, Ingo is back on the set, taping with all sorts of people including Kim McCollough. I guess GW remembers they used to be friends!  
Brend and Jax...Sonny and Carly.  **SIGH*** And Brenda has giant long sleeves on again. I hate that shirt. 
The dialog was JUST HORRIFIC today, especially with Carly/Jax and Sonny/Brenda-- Geesh. Jax is the DANGER...oh, thanks Guza for a parting shot. God FORBID this show is anything but lopsided. I can't wait for Wolf to erase some of this. Guza should have just made Alec Jax's kid and Joss Sonny's from Limo sex at this rate. Whatever. 
Brenda: "you've taken that from me" (a home) she says to Sonny 

Good day for JaSam fans, that's about it.

WHAT THE HELL did Molly have on?! GOOD Laws!! She figures out that Sonny did the stuff to Jax.

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Brown is going to DOOL in A NEW ROLE according to SOD!


  1. One Life is just more fun every day......

  2. Shivon and Lucky: She tried to kill me!!! Blah blah blah!

    Lucky: We are not getting back together!

    Me: Which means Liz and Lucky are going to get back together. :)

    Carly: She is wearing shoulder pads!!!! ROFL! I used to wear them as a teenager! What was I thinking? UGH!

    Joss's custody: So Carly gets full custody of Joss, and Jax has to take a drug test before he sees his daughter?! THAT SUCKS! And one question, why didn't we get to see this happen?!

    Liz, Lucky, Cam, and Aidan: ADORABLE SCENE!!!! I love how they did Emily's idea that the gang did back then! Baby Aidan smiled at Lucky awww! Well the baby is really Johnathan Jackson's son! :) Oh geez Shivon shows up!!! WHY?!!?! You think Liz is trying to kill you Shivon! But yet you want to join them?!!?! Makes no freakin sense!

    Sam, Jason, and Molly: Molly no!!! Love IS real! Stop reading those romance novels! It's messing with your head!

    Sam and Jason: It's great that Sam is sticking up for Jax. So Spinny spent 400 dollars on cupcakes?! ROFL!

    Brenda and Sonny: Brenda changed clothes! :) Brenda's outfit is very distracting. I was waiting for her to have a wardrobe malfuncion. What a sad scene. :(

  3. Who else loved that Sam stood up for Jax? I know I did!! You know, some people find Molly annoying, I think she is beyond adorable in her own little way. BTW Jasam make me happy!!

    I also thought Kemo looked really good today, I guess it was the white shirt (:

    Loved the Liz and Lucky family scene with the kids, twas nice to see and actual family!!

    I'm so annoyed that Jax is being made out to be this horrible druggie, like wtf? I mean really, compared to Carly?

    Tis the end of Brenda and Sonny.

  4. Brenda and Sonny forever!! I still await my happy ending. . . .

  5. I'm back to watching snippets again. Can't stand the writing. I find myself wanting to slap sonny, jason, and carly. Jason is so blinded by his loss of jake that he thinks anything is right to do to jax as long as Carly keeps joss. It's the same nonsense he allowed to be pulled on his own brother A.J. Didn't Jason have a scene at A.J.'s grave regretting taking michael from him . Jason has a selective memory and selective morals. I say Sam can have him and his possessive sidekick Carly because she is always part of the deal.

  6. The problem I have with Jax's arguement of Joss being in danger is lets say Carly stop being around Jason and Sonny. It still wouldn't matter because Micheal and Morgan are Sonny's kids and his enemies know this. So does that mean that Joss can't be around her own brothers either. I know the writers wrote Jax this way because that's the treatment they give almost everyone who is leavng but personally I saw nothing wrong with Carly wanting joint custody. What Sonny did just shows that it's time for the mob to leave Port Charles. As much as I like MB they could easily write him off as giving up the mob and going after Brenda. Plus since it seems like their dead set on marrying JaSam {eyeroll} have Jason give up the mob and let them be PI's together...anything to get them out of the penthouse please! Even though the Lucky charms chick is getting on my nerves I did like the scenes with Lucky/Liz and the kids (I wish Jake was there).


  7. I have to say the one thing I have liked and found surprising in the Lulu/Dante story line is that I was so sure Dante was going to pull out the 'Do you know Sonny Corinthos? He's my father..." I am so glad that the police actually 'won.' this one.

  8. Too bad that they just do not have Jax and Carly get back together...I just do not want to watch a new romance for Carly. She and Jax were great. Can't it all be a dream..please..I would not mind seeing Jax step out from a shower..

  9. I have a thought...bring back little Jake as Cameron's imaginary friend..he could stay on the show for years that way...just saying...he was so cute

  10. Siobhan saying that she knew Lucky had "baggage" before they got married....By "baggage" does that include the kids that Lucky shares with Liz?
    Liz and her talking about the same thing...boring!
    LOVED Sam standing up for Jax instead of completely agreeing with Jason. Sam and Jax did share a past together...
    Molly really annoys me! I think Jason was looking rather bored when Molly was talking too.

    More of Sonny, Jason and Carly building up each others egos...More of Sonny thinking everything is about him.

    I really hope Josslyn grows up to absolutely HATE her mother.

  11. Oh, what a day today was. Todd confronts - TODD! Mini-Spidey comes to Dorian's rescue (I really was ROTFL!) and Viki slaps David and tells him to sit--and 'SIT' and 'SIT'! Today was SO good and the cliff hanger at the end hand me clapping--literally. Applause, applause. CANNOT. WAIT. TIL. TOMORROW!

    They canNOT cancel this gem, cannot let it go off the air. This is too much enjoyment and great entertainment to lose! If the ABC bosses ever watched this show, they would feel like such asses.

    They really could make another whole soap spin-off with David and Viki. And Dorian and Echo.

    They could give McBain his own half-hour show for him to skulk aound and show that quirky little smile (I suspect the actor can't keep his face straight with some of the stuff going on and the lines...)

    They could give each Todd his own show and split up the women and children (just kidding).

    They could do a series about MPS and have Jessica and her alters. They could do a half-hour sit-com about sleazy Ric the porn producer and his troubles getting actors. Well, maybe that would be going too far...

    Or a dramatic half-hour show starring gorgeous Thomas, concert pianist, artist, and spy. How romantic would that be? Lovely ladies, Blaire at the top of the list...shot in exotic places like Monte Carlo, etc.

    .But they need to figure out how to keep THIS show and these writers--PLEASE. They just HAVE to.

  12. I really need or Joss to grow up hating Carly and seducing Carly's husband (probably husband #12 by that time) and having Carly walk in on her husband and her daughter in bed together. It would be poetic justice.

    I'm so sick of Sonny, Carly and Jason always winning and everyone else being thrown under the bus for them. I don't want GH cancelled but I do think the show deserves the terrible ratings it's getting now.

  13. As sick as I am with the road Guza chose to take Jax and Sonny in this story, a part of me kinda feels like Jax is getting what he deserves.
    So tired of his self-righteous, holier than thou bravado that he constantly tries to personify.

    Don't get me wrong, I wish Sonny would have chosen a better way to take down Jax. Perhaps, let the courts know that he paid off the mediator? How poetic would that have been, had Jax used illegal means to get his way and Sonny used the law to thwart him?
    A bit of role reversal.

    But no, instead we were subjected to shear stupidity. AGAIN!!!
    That being said, tired of Sonny and Co. winning all the time.

    Allow me to explain my irritation with Jax, before some jump down my throat for saying all this.

    He constantly points out Sonny and Jason being an ongoing threat, yet will never admit to Jerry being one?? How does that work??
    Brother or not, if you ask me, he's dangerous.

    It would have been such a powerful scene had Sonny been able to point out to Brenda, Jax's hypocracy regarding Jerry.

    Like say, did you know it was Jerry who took the hotel hostage? Did you know, Jerry is responsible for Alan's death? A man you claim to have loved. The father of a man you claim to care about a lot.
    He shot Robin!! Enough said.
    He's tried to kill Jason on numerous occasions. Almost succeeded too!

    He's partly culpable for Michael being shot in the head. That doesn't excuse my part, but it doesn't erase his either.
    Did you know your boy Jax here, knew full well that Michael was the one that killed Claudia while trying to save Carly and Josslyn, but still tried to have me thrown in prison even when I was trying to protect my son. And, you know what it cost us, Michael's freedom and innocence. I played a big role in it, and so did Jax, but he will justify it by saying he was trying to put me away as that was just him protecting his family.

    Was he there to protect Michael in prison?? Where he was raped!!
    It was Jason who sent himself to prison even if it meant he couldn't get out, to protect Michael.
    But he's not safe to be around.

    He got the mediator to say that Michael shouldn't be allowed around Josslyn alone, only when supervised. The brother that saved his sister.

    Jason, who lost his son, asked Elizabeth to donate Jake's kidney to Josslyn so she could live, shouldn't be around her.

    He even used you to paint me in a bad light.
    You constantly point out how Carly doesn't respect you or our marriage, can you say Jax does??
    He's interfered in our relationship since the moment you came back. Constantly pitting you against me.

    So before you play judge and jury with me, maybe you need to look at Jax and all his skeletons closely instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt?? Since I am your husband, shouldn't that be afforded to me??

    Phew. Just needed to get it off my chest.

    Again, I hate this story. It is so stupid. We should all know when Carly is the rational one, it's too contrived. All just for Sonny and Co. to come out on top.

    Off topic...had to say it.
    Cannot stand Jasam.
    So boring!!!

    Read an article with SBu and KeMo, where they are talking about how Jasam was developed slowly and was organic, instead of being rushed.

    Doesn't that remind us of why so many liked Liason and JnR as they were developed that way??
    The former never given the opportunity to share a real full fledged relationship as it was passed up for other pairings.

    Kinda how Jasam this time around is being pushed ahead instead of staying true to character (Jason would never be with someone that harmed his child).

    I dunno about you, but I've seen a real shift in people really disliking Jason, not because of the holy trio, but the writings lack of respect for character roots and just trying to justify it as character growth. I smell BS!! A big load.

  14. For all the love fans have for AMC & OLTL, I've always seen the most convos centered on GH. Maybe that's just my limited sphere!

    Here's an article on Sarah Brown! http://www.soapcentral.com/days/news/2011/0719-brown.php
    DAYS has the same problem as GH - not enough focus on the core families & too many newbies!

  15. It can't actually work, I believe so.

  16. I totally match with everything you've written.


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