Monday, July 18, 2011

Ingo Goes Uber-COOL

Ingo had a giant photo shoot for one of the soap mags yesterday and Jeff Katz was nice enough to put up some of his personal faves for us to take a gander at. Go to Camera+ to see them all. WOW, I want a calendar!! Or for him to be on Mad Men as an Aussie Ad Boy.


  1. I love Ingo. too bad GH does not know what to do with him. would rather have him then to bring back other characters(skye, alcazar,kate and ric) but I do love ric hearst. its the writing not the characters.

  2. Haha, that's a great picture. The cigar totally detaches me from the feeling of Jax, but I love it all the same~ Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, my...the guy is a hot mess. I love Ingo and hate what this show has done to Jax. It sucks. Why couldn't they have somehow hooked him up with Liz? They would have made a cute couple. I'm a Liason FF but for God's sake...I'll be dead before that ever happens. I love Becky and wish they would get her a new love interest. She is the most popular female on GH. And's just the same old same old. I hope and pray things will start to improve when the new writer(s) take over. Right now there is nothing that is even watchable. Not.One.Damned.Thing. What a freaking waste. *sigh* And I miss little Jake.
    JMHO. :-)

  4. The photo shoot was for SID :)


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