Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Genie Francis On Her New Role!


  1. too bad GH did not have anything for genie. best actress in daytime. gh loss.

  2. I think it's wonderful Genie nabbed a role on Y&R. I just hope she thinks a bit before dissing her 36 years as Laura on GH. Yes, she was a Pollyana but she was GOOD!

  3. Actually Laura was pretty feisty at times! I never thought of her as the perpetual victim. She had a GREAT love story, went on adventures where she certainly held her own, and the fact she seemed like a regular girl-next-door having all these fantastic adventures was part of the appeal of the whole thing! (We could relate to Laura, if not the SLs. lol)
    True, tragic things sometimes happened to her, but that's soap opera.
    Karen, you should show us that picture of the scene where Genie, dressed in a gorgeous hot pink gown, is toting a mean looking rifle in the Cassadine complex, as Luke is locked in the chamber trying to figure out the I P code. I always thought that was a hoot; she and Scorpio pacing outside that door with those heavy-duty rifles while Luke saves the day. Loved it!
    Lots of times it was Laura who saved the day, who could fall in with any disguise or any inspired con Luke came up with, and now and then came up with herself. It was more in the Guza days that she became the victim...as he seemed to do with all heroines.

  4. I have to say, my respect for Genie just went down a tiny notch having watched this little clip.
    I understand she's happy to have moved on from the "overly tragic victim" known as Laura Spencer; but she could at least show a little bit of appreciation for the role that made her famous, instead of just dismissing it like some sort of pesky bug.

  5. I don't think Genie was dismissing the role of Laura. She has appeared on many shows saying she is greatful for the role. I have to agree with Genie that Laura was a victim for years. The final insult was Guza hiring her back, advertising her magnificent return by playing on the fame of Luke and Laura only to have her sit in an institution catatonic. It was a slap in Genie's face and all the fans of Luke and Laura. I personally was EXTREMELY tired of watching Laura or any other woman be the victim. I want to see strong women and there aren't any. Liz has replaced Laura as the pathetic victim who can't work through grief to do her job. Many people have devastating losses ( including myself ) and manage to work in a hospital quite well. They could have shown growth and strength with Liz's character but chose not to. Instead Liz must be shown running to a man ( Lucky, jason, Nik )0 for support. Sam is pathetic and goes along with jason on most things ( except for recent jax thing ), Carly is an annoying shrew who relies on Jason and Sonny to solve her problems. Please allow women to not be the rape victim, or hanger on. I miss Anna Devane's character because she was a kick your a** agent / police officer, smart woman, monica who was a tough but fair chief of staff. Sorry guys , but genie is right.
    If you read the description of GH from ABC ( written by Guza ) , it makes the women out to be women for sonny's chosing . It's aweful .
    I watch Genie on Y&R and I am amused and thrilled at her and many women on that show ( including older age women ) who are strong.

  6. Absolutely love Genie and think she is right. I'm happy that she has a chance to play a villain with more range. i'm also tired of the portrayal of women on GH. The spencers are always in an institution ; Laura, Lulu, Liz, Carly. Ridiculous.

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