Thursday, July 28, 2011

General Hospital Thursday: One Life To Live TOPS Itself!!

Oh yes, that's Alberta and MAC DADDY!! She's having a LOT of photos surface after the FCW!! She has her own page on Facebook with "Fan Club Album" photos from that weekend. Click to check it out!

ALL MY CHILDREN: Annie, Marion and JANET! OMG...hysterical!! LOVED it.  It was just priceless. Too bad the show had to announce it's ending to get these awesome scenes!! 

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Ok, I only saw the last 15 minutes but it was BRILLIANT. I have to send head writer Ron C some damn roses. The CREDITS were hysterical. Mel Gibson as Clint...and Mia Korf as BLAIR! ahahaa (she played Blair #1!!!) Oh..lordy AND I'm not spilling what happened at the very end because it's jut too fun, you have to see for yourself!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Abner and Michael in Bob the Badger's office!! BOB had quite the closeup today!! Michael was being a little weenie.

Cassadine angst, day 3. Ok, we get it. Where's Spencer? Hopefully not in the Greek isles. I do think Nikolas needs to get over this-- he's like 30 something. Luke's "Hand" With Helena--with the diamonds from Javier. Okay... we get it, he's not there but his HAND is. heh. 
Nikolas was crabby pants.  Helena must be working with AZ. Nik sure gave her the "Fredo" kiss right there.

Maxie and SPinelli: All I could think of was the smell in that sewer! LOL

Tracey at Jake's...interesting. Just in time for AZ to show up! They are going to be interesting!! Loved he made her a good Manhattan.

Sam/Jason/Alexis..Loved that Alexis was all upset over the "ring"!! She even got her paper bag out. Sam to Jason "Welcome to having a mother in law"!! :)

Nathan Parsons was on "State of Georgia" last night..take a gander at the stills from the show on Smug Mug! He looks fabulous.


  1. I love the Sam/Jason/Alexis stuff. I loved the ring freak out and Sam peaking out when Jason and
    Alexis were talking was super cute.

    This is three time that Maxie and Spinelli or Jackal P.I. get stuck in the sewer.

    I thought Nikolas was really good today. TC acting was on point, he does dark and brooding well, but we all knew that already.

    Abby and Michael were borrringgg.

    I love how entertaining Tracy and AZ are. Like they come on screen and I just want to laugh.

    Loving the new writer (:

  2. my new favorite soap couple;
    John & Old Todd!!!! ;O)

  3. Karen Fridays aren't Friday's without Nelson. Miss his column.


  4. I am so disappointed. For some reason I can't watch today's OLTL episode at the ABC website! It will let me watch the commercials, but not the show! And, I want to see it after reading your blog! Aaargh!!!!

  5. Did not watch today. It sounds like I did not miss much.

  6. Trixie go to and type in OLTL with todays date and look for person with handle IluvBrody 123 they have the current episode there in 3 parts. Alfred.

  7. Best part of the show was Nik. Love him dark. I am sick of people worrying about Lucky's needs. I love what he said to Lulu about nearly getting Dante killed and thinking about what everyone else is doing. Great!

  8. Tracy/Coleman/Anthony was fun. Alexis/Sam/Jason was fun. Alexis saying if Sam wants to dress up like a hooker was priceless.

    Nikolas being pissed off was some amazing acting from TC - funny how that happens when he has something to work with.

    I know it's only been a few days with our new writer... but so far it's promising!

  9. I agree with Hope...John and Old Todd are my favorite couple too! Amazing what 2 talented men can do with a great script. Personality, fabulous lines, and not bad on the eyes either...this is what keeps soap lovers loving soaps! MORE PLEASE!

  10. I totally 'ship team JOT (John/Old Todd) Roger Howarth has just slipped back into character like he never left. Fine acting indeed!

  11. Hope Im loving John and Old Todd too.Can't wait till the reveal....Dorian and David are too funny.....

  12. OLTL was priceless! It really helps to know the show's history--and what was that enormous poster behind people there in the lobby? David breaking out of chains with these huge airbrushed muscles! Like Incredible Hulk!
    And Dorian trashing the movie's female star on camera--now that's going to help sell the show! From one moment to the next I was enjoying this show SO much I hugged my dog (but my laughing kinda scared him).


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