Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Digital Diagnosis

I feel like the old geezer that was huddled around the family radio complaining about the 'new fangled box with the pictures on it" flickering in the corner. Only I'm not a geezer, I have a lot of "new fangled contraptions" upon which to play the new cybersoaps --I'm just left with a whole lotta questions.

There has been quite a bit of talk about the mystery of the digital switch.  Most of us are excited, some don't know what to make of it and some are out probably figuring out how they can watch on their smartphones during class. (I know who you there are teachers that watch while they lecture too). I'm going to play both sides. I have questions but am tempering them with a bit of giddy excitement. we go.

1. What will they look like? Will I turn my computer on at 1pm every day and basically boot up to watch a live stream of the show that used to be on my TV?? Will it be an hour with commercials and all? Or will they be shorter and we have to watch a commercial at the beginning? Or will there be a crawl at the bottom?? What!?

2. Are they free? Cause right now, most live streams like Hulu Plus and Netflix (soon to get it's own show) are all pay-for. Will we pay Park Place to watch? Would you pay? How much would you pay? Maybe they'll just have product placements all over. OR they'll get rolling THEN make us pay. LOL I'm so trusting, aren't I??

3. What will the actors do? Come on over? Will the cast be trimmed?? Who will be the first BIG name to sign up?? Will they trim even more of the people?

4. Could we have a live twitter feed on the side like some streams do?? Then I can watch and tweet just like I do now--but right on the same screen!! 

Ok, there are way more questions than this, I realize that. I also realize there's a question of all fans watching online.  My Mom, a faithful AMCer since it stated, told me she's not "going to bother" watching online. She likes to turn it on, go about her business and just have the TV in the corner. There are a lot more where she comes from. We know us  fanatics will tune in-- how many of us are there? Are we a BIG fraction of that small audience left or won't we make a dent? Then again, maybe it will bring in a newer audience of onliners that haven't watched old-school soapies before.

There will be ways to stream to your television btw. If you have an internet ready TV,  it's easy, if not Rokus are pretty cheap--but you need wifi. We'll get through it together!!

FINALLY, here's my PLEA!! None of that matters-- none. What does matter? A GOOD STORY.  That's right, it's the writing--it always comes down to the writing. If the stories are there, we'll watch. Ergo, you can get all the actors to stay, do all the right production moves but unless the WRITERS step it up? It won't matter.
How do we know this? GH was DEAD LAST in ratings last week according to SON. Although the writing is improving, you all know we are seeing the last gasp of our former fearless 'leader'. Just think, GH ...dead last in total viewers was the only soap to not be pushed out by ABC. Dang great decision making right there, isn't it??

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Jax handcuffed in the PCPD pleading with the girlie to tell the truth. He did a GREAT job-- one of his best. I will miss him...I always thought Jax/Sonny were good ying/yangs before Guza messed that all up. 

Last but not least, with AMC and OLTL released from the clutches of Mickey-Censorship, can we please get some freak on our shows??? Thanks. 

ANGELFIRE is down right now, so check later for the poll results and new stuff on Wubs Net! 



  1. Guys, I'm trying out the "Read More" Feature on the blog so the posts are shorter on the front page. What say THE WUBBERS? do you like it?

  2. Personally I kind of prefer the old format since, on days when you have more than one post, it's kind of nice to be able to scroll through and read everything without clicking back to get to the main page again, but quite honestly I am happy with your site in any format! ^-^

    As for the new shows... I've read so many people who won't even consider watching it that I am a bit shocked. I am of the internet generation though, which helps a lot I'm sure. Assuming they don't charge a lot I look forward to setting things up so we'll barely notice that we're watching it "on the internet" instead of broadcast TV. I get the impression it will be much more "on demand," which I am excited about as well, though it will be interesting to see what time the shows goes up each day.

    On that note, will they even remain on every day?? Has that been confirmed yet?

  3. No GH Sunday Surgery this sucks.

  4. I think if you write something really long or very graphics intensive then the read more function is one to use as you can turn it on and off depending on the post. Your Sunday Surgery wasn't that long so leaving it the normal way is cool with me.

  5. Man if they do that I will never get any work done!! I will be to busy watching soaps on my work computer BECAUSE I CAN'T DVR!!!!Will they be archived I wonder??

  6. I like the new format. As a graphic designer, I know this is a process and you will have to go with hits and misses and see what works and doesnt, etc. So keep throwing dart at the dartboard and one will eventually hit the bullseye!

    As for digital: I was intrigued when I read on another site (forget which one) that the shows will go through a "reimagineering". I think THAT is what intrigues me the most. What would GH be like if they went through a reimagineering? Could they bring Alan and Georgie back as if they never died? What exactly will this entail if this is indeed going to happen? I'm more curious with this than I am with viewing.

    But he, that's just me.

  7. PS. I only used GH as an example because I dont watch the other two. This wasnt directly about GH, but about the others. Just to clarify

  8. NO sunday Surgery? This WAS sunday surgery!!

  9. The main thing I wonder about with OLTL going online, is can we record? I never turn the TV on during the day--am busy, need to do other things, and I enjoy having something to watch in the evening now that there is so much 'reality' crap on that it is hard to find ANYthing worth watching.

    I can always watch TCM, but my two soaps fill my evening entertainment time just fine and I am very thankful for my DVR. So will I still be able to save OLTL for later? Or does it have to be watched when it is scheduled? I'll probably have to give up soaps, then, much as I love them.

    Maybe I'll just have to settle for reading all evening, at least until scripted drama comes back in favor.

  10. Me too! I love your site in any format also....

  11. It maybe be Sunday Surgery but not about the usual General Hospital one lol

  12. oh, you mean JUST about the show?? Don't worry, next week I'll bitch it up!

  13. Well, I will wait and see about this new online soaps idea. My two questions, is the cost and possible repeat of the shows for those who can't watch during the day.

    I am interested on how this will turn out. Take care, QueenPeng

  14. I think it will be similar to abc's site, where you can log in and watch at any time convenient for you. There's no chance it'll be like tv in the "you must watch now" sense. The internet just doesn't work like that. The question is how long episodes will be available. A week, like abc? More, less?


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