Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Face, New Face...

Now I know Ron C reads THE WUBS!! Come on, I've said that forever. LOL!! It was great to hear Vicki say it today. I wish they'd do a total John Woo "Face-Off" episode, complete with Mirrors!! OLTL is still fun. Jack got knocked out by Old Face Todd and Fritos went Flyin!! woot! 

"DON"T you dare cry David" Says Vicki...
"She'd be lost without me... and she pays for stuff says David


Lulu looks like Zoulu from Ghostbusters.  Good God. This storyline...I still don't get how they could write that Lulu is trying to find Luke at some Brothel he's not even AT anymore. Geeze. Her costumes are so stupid.

Gumshoe Spinelli: He's a "Cock-A-Roach"... Why wouldn't they have Diane around since this is all about her dang book?? Cause it would make sense?? If we have to suffer thru this crap at least get it tied into something.

ELQ: Like Michael knows what the "Index" reports are--- hahhaha.  He needs business school, how about that!!? Asher, I'm sure thinks the same thing. Edward's been on more now than the past 5 years!! 

Tracy is jogging!! And AZ comes up to her on the docks!! LOVE IT! People call them Trazy :) I hope he does invest in ELQ!

Note: Siobhan still has on a GIANT bandage -- around her WHOLE HEAD. AHAAHAA
. First of all, if it was that big, they would have cut her hair and secondly, it's just stupid. She was in all her brogue glory today...GEESH!

My damn CABLE went blank on ABC, NBC and CBS at 3:24 today!! Can you believe it? The ONE day I can finally sit on my butt and do a whole recap!!! GOD! ;/ not happy. It came back-- at 3:33. that's why this blog is edited.

Twitter: Erin (Siobhan)  said she had 30 pages of dialogue to memorize for today!!

L&L2:  I still say this is going that a way, especially since Spencer-Hater Guza is going.


  1. Did anyone notice Megan Ward in the Nestle Pure Life commercial (about 35+ minutes into the show)? She looks amazing...my butt is seriously chapped that she isn't being brought back to play Kate!

  2. I so agree about Megan Ward, it's our loss for sure. So bored with GH

  3. That stupid brothel storyline is a waste of my vision time...almost dropped the remote when Spinelli is still in that moronic character mode and Sam and Jason are as boring as they were way back when...Michael and Abby ...what can I say..fast forward. The only thing I enjoyed was AZ and Tracey and I could tolerate Lucky and that Irish impersonator. I sure hope things improve in the next couple of weeks because this Sonny crapfest with Carly and Jax and the other tagalongs is wearing thin

  4. Bleah... I'm so sorry Liz and Lucky will be back together... also because I love Erin/Siobhan...

  5. I don't want Lucky and Liz back together. I want Liz to get a really good storyline that has nothing to do with her past "loves".

    Ughhhh, enough of the stupid brothel crap, like really?

    YAY for Tracy and AZ!!! Loved it!

    I hate what they've done to Sam, I really love her with Jason, but I wish they didn't make her whole life about him. I would love it if she got a storyline separate from Jason, that would be good.

  6. Anon, you may be the only one that likes Shivaugh (I am now spelling her name how it sounds, gave up on how to really spell it).

  7. I don't want Liz/Lucky back together either, dudeitsstar.

    Dudes I've wanted to see her with:

    Jax, Johnny, hell, even Dante. I'd like a couple shuffle, like yesterday...

  8. bumchickabowbow Yeah, I would mind seeing her with Johnny or someone completely new. I just don't like the idea of her with anyone she already been with.

    Her and Lucky were first loves, its done now.

    I hated her with Jason, that could just be the jasam fan in me speaking though.

    When she was with Nikolas they were attempting to ruin her character.

    So yeah, either Johnny or someone new.

    Unless they want to bring Zander back from the dead, now that would be interesting (:

  9. Liz and Shivon: Damn!!! Shivon is SOOOO jealous!!! She has got to go!!!

    Shivon and Lucky: WOAH! They were at his house, and she made sense!!! Yes grief counseling IS a good idea! Especially since Lucky blew up at her! Man Lucky is hot with his hair today! Especially that little piece of his bangs that were hanging over his forehead! YUM! :)

    Maxie and Sam: What?!?! ROFL! Maxie wants Sam and Jason to get married so Spinny can come back?! ROFL!

    Maxie and Jackel: ROFL!

    Papa Z and Tracy: ROFL! Great scene!! He has the hots for her! Or is turned on by her ROFL! They should be in more scenes! They should be a couple! :) Maybe married. :) This wouldn't be the first time Tracy married a mobster. :) They could be called Anthocy. :)

    Dante and Lulu: Lulu's boss knows where she lives and visits her! Oh don't worry Dante! Lulu can take care of herself! She is a Spencer! :) Oh a jerk wants to get Lulu in his bed! Dante grabs that guy! Oh Dante that was HOTT!!! :) Dante is the bouncer now. :)

    Sam and Jason: Same conversation. Do you want to get married? Should we get married? Blah blah blah. Oh but then Jason was going to purpose to her but damn Maxie just had to interupt!! (sp)

    Jason and Jackal: ROFL! Nice try Jason! But no cigar! Spinny is not back just cus you said that Sam and you are going to get married. :)

    Jackal and Papa Z: BAHAHAHA! Jackal points a gun at him! ROFL!

  10. 2 days without power, still no cable (ok taking a breath here) anyone know where I can get a clip of Jessie smacking Natalie?

  11. @Sonya: Liz is so unbearable, SHE has got to go! Don't worry anyway, you and all Liz fans will win as usual, she and Lucky are going back together, whereas siobhan, who really deserves him, will be left with nothing.

  12. Wow, you still don't know how to spell her name? What's wrong with you? Come on, work harder, you can do it! And even you Karen , enough with the accent, we get it, you don't like her accent. SO WHAT? I don't like Ethan's accent either... She's still a good actress and a very interesting character, imo.

    I'm sorry, but I happen to know a lot of people who love Siobhan and her with Lucky. In fact, they even opened a forum some time ago only dedicated to them.
    Don't blame me if you are the one who doesn't know what she)he is talking about.

  13. @Anon Ummmmmmmmmm... what exactly has Liz fans won? Ever? lol

    Our girl was fired, her son got killed off, Liason and its fanbase trampled over, forced w/ sordid L&L2, no story other than the wretched and lazy WTDs, she's been scolded by all of PC, written increasingly w/o a backbone to defend herself, character assassination, etc... need I go on?

    Blame the writers for L&L2millionth. Most Liz fans aren't begging for Lucky back... at all.

  14. I'm not sure anyone can honestly say (with keeping a straight face anyway), that the red LASS'S accent is easy to understand OR that her name is an easy one. She's just, well, forgetable.

    Anyone that says Liz fans get what they want is on drugs. Have you been watching the past few years?

  15. Oh dear God, give Sam a life. Kelly plays bad girl really well, but plays nice girl really really boring. (Even on PC, until Livvie was a vampire, she was excruciating to watch).

    Sam just attaches herself to Jason's side and does nothing. Get her off that couch! I cannot stand any scene with her in it Thank God for the FF button.

    Please give the poor woman something to do on screen. She used to have some spunk.

  16. hey, person with no name. This is my blog. Siobhan drives me insane...the accent is way to OTT. Never said I didn't LIKE the idea of her character. Not my fault the writers write crap for her.

  17. Coral, I agree with you 100%. Liz fans have gotten the bleep end of the stick. Liz is a doormat, and everyone walks on her. I don't want her with consolation prize Lucky.That relationship is so dull and long past gone. Liason fans have been eroded and salt will rubbed in there wounds for the rest of the shows duration, so it appears, after jasam gets their wedding and baby. Monica may raise hell when she finds out about jake being her grandson but she will probably be written to fall in line and support jasam's wedding.Liz will probably be written to be happy for jason's engagement and wedding, even though it's a slap in her face ( as he was supposed to marry Liz when michael got shot ). She is stuck in WTD stories time and time again, pathetic.
    No, where Liz is concerned, I am quite unhappy with the material BH gets to portray. Terrible.

  18. I sooo agree with all who say Liz gets the s**t thrown at her! I love BH and she diserved way more screen time with Jason when they so stupidly killed Jake off! Even though she was fired at the time they should had made up for it!! As for Sam I totally agree with Andrea, BORING with Jason! She is an exciting actress when she is off the couch! Remember the hostage crisis or the fire in the hospital. she takes action, shes with jason and I fall asleep or FF! OH and I also think that people forgot that Sam came to town as a con artist!! SHe slept with Jax, she slept with Sonny...got pregnant, lost it so now she's sleeping with Jason,I guess he's not enough so she sleeps with her mothers husband Rick and THEEENNN sleeps with Lucky to get back at Jason for sleeping with Liz whom he's known and cared for for years!
    I also hear that Tamar Braun is going to replace Megan Ward! I'm thinking it's because her and maurice had great chemisty but she doesn't fit the "kate" roll!

  19. AMEN KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree about Kemo as well, beautiful girl, plays bad girl so so well but this domesticated happy Sam is dull.

    As for Liz & Lucky, I disagree with most, I am a fan. It will be nice to see one happy (major)family other than Scrubs. Sad that's all we have.

  20. I fully match with whatever thing you have written.


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