Friday, July 1, 2011

Rise and Grind Soapers!!

Morning! Just thought I'd cover some things while I'm sitting here and have time. Thanks for all the comments about yesterday's show. I did love the "Accent" discussion that Nik/Lucky had. You know they did that!! I am going to talk more about his exit tin Sunday Surgery--watch for it! 

More spoilers are up. I think Asher is going to be very jealous of Michael, who seems to know business thru osmosis and charms Edward. What Asher doesn't realize is that Edward would think the sun rises and sets on Michael even if he just sat like a toad at his desk all day. I'm waiting for Tracy to get in there and freak out when she sees Jr. in her seat!! hee hee. 
While you are on the site, vote for your dinner choice!!

There are a lot of rumors out there about comings/goings. Raven is insisting Tams Braun is back-- whether or not she's "Carly"?? Not sure. You know I said I heard Maurice is gone... and the TG rumor is gaining steam. With Helena back, maybe she finally kills him off. Or he kills her and then disappears. Point is: Recasts, comings/goings--all points to the end of GH. We can hope/pray/watch and wish those ratings up but I'm not sure it's going to be saved even WITH a miracle. I want to be Pollyanna but you know it's not in my nature. Yes, I'm waiting for Garin Wolf's stuff to hit more and more and am excited for the Q's. I hear Alan comes back as a ghost again-- not a real person. I'll take what I can get! Maybe it's when Monica hears the Jake news. 

Are you enjoying the Spin stuff? Jury is out here. I like the IDEA..but it seems just randomly inserted. Probably going to do a sequel to the book. 

See you later today I hope!! It's a gorge day... hope it's nice where you are! Happy Canada Day to Canadian Wubbers!! Say hi to Kate and William for me!! 


  1. never liked spinelli with his usual babbling and really loathe him now. get him off my screen!!!! still can't believe they let clifton scott go for this crap!!!

  2. loved TC and JJ they were fantastic. maybe they should be writing the show. I agree about spinelli he is a cartoon character. nothing of any importance comes out of his mouth. and they should've kept clifton scott over him.

  3. The idea of killing off Luke--NO WAY!! That would be a huge mistake, an offense to all the fans who loved L&L and spent years following their stories, and most of all to Geary (though I wouldn't put it past him to okay it). This is an iconic, historical soap character, not some unimportant secondary player. He should be allowed to go off the show in a good way, something satisfying to all who have cared about him all these many years. The character of Luke is major soap history and not to be ended in such a final, upsetting way. ( And in no way should Helena be involved. )

    As for Spinelli, Clifton was long gone by the time Spin showed up--it wasn't a choice. I think Clifton has grown as an actor since leaving and I look for him to do more and greater things. And Spinelli? Yes, he can be annoying, but he brought some levity to the show which it badly needed, and because my son had a friend simular to Spin in his youth, I guess I tolerate him pretty well. This new aspect of him can get thin pretty quick, so they need to limit it.

    Spin always longed to be what he was not--a big tough hero type that he imagines everyone would look up to. He is about to discover that no one who loved shy Spinelli likes him as the tough hero type and that many really did admire and care about computer-bound Spin. So maybe that will settle him back and make him satisfied with who he is. I enjoy his babble to some degree and loved the way he got on Sonny's nerves. I agree he shouldn't be a major character with major air time, but he is fun and works well with Jason.

    I think the work Tyler did this last week was some of his best--and I've never been much taken with Nik. It finally seemed as if he cared.

  4. Even if TG leaves or is written out, I agree that killing him off would be stupid and unsatisfying. I don't see it happening.

    Even in Sonny's case I think that. Sonny faking his death to get out of the mob and running away with Brenda could work though. The thought of another round with Carly or some other newbie stinks.

    Also if Tamara Braun comes back, I think it will be as Kate(poor Megan Ward) not Carly. I liked Tamara, but Megan Ward was great as Kate. In fact, for me aside from Brenda she was the only woman I ever liked Sonny with.

    I think Laura Wright is just fine, but you never know.

    I guess Shaun is a goner...?

    Asher...I could tell he was reading off the cue cards...he needs work.

    As for Tyler, I think he lost interest a long time ago until recently. I can't blame him either because they wrote nothing but crap for him since Emily died. But he was always one of my favorites and I will miss him.

    Also, I hate, hate, hate the way their portraying Jax. Jax is supposed to be the hero not the villian. If I were Ingo, I'd be pissed!

    Anyone else think AJ is coming back? They've been talking about him nonstop, but will it be Billy Warlock or some recast? I watched all the AJ's but loved Billy Warlock the best and have missed him!

  5. nik used to be written as if he cared w/ every word he spoke. Loved the Em mentions this week although she may have puked to knowNik & Liz slept together, as the rest of is did. No goodbye with Nik & Alexis, or Nik & lulu? not even a phone call?

    I have to agree, used to think spin (and even Spixie) were cute but god help me I can no longer tolerate them or spin at all. I have converted to a M&M fan.

  6. I'm sorry, killing off a character is an offense to the fans?

    Who writes this hyperbolic shit?


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