Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soap Opera Digest Has Casting News

 On Soap Opera Digest:

GENERAL HOSPITAL is looking for a female in her 30s. She is described as "striking and beautiful, earthy but ethereal. She is an enigma: capable of moments of genuine tenderness, and instant rages. Strong, eccentric, eclectic, irreverent and unpredictable, depending on her mood." The role is contract.

Because we need more "Spunky Gals in their 30's" On GH.. NOT
This may be when Johnny goes to Bensonhurst..not sure yet. That whole part could be scraped. I'm hearing 2 different things.  Maybe this chick is for Sonny. WHO knows. 
Take those spoilers with salt/tequila.

Raven is saying both Ric and Alkazar may be coming back to GH...if you had to pick, which one would you go for?? I'm torn. Both are likely only coming for a short-term stint, btw. (I honestly thought RH would never come back..hmmmm)   I just hope if all these people do make it back on canvas they get WRITTEN for. We've had enough of 'bad comebacks' that's for DANG sure!! 


OLTL: Sam was a riot!! LOL.... '"Party with McPain? Never " !!! He's like one of the best kid actors on the show....;) LOVED his Spidey Sneakers. John bribes him with Santa!
LOL This Porno story is horrific though. Nate pulls out GUM big time for the FIRST time, right after Nora found a gum wrapper! HAHAAHAaaaa
Ted King: Just come back to GH already...not dealing with the Thomas character. Waste, imo. You are worth way more.
OH! Old Face is going to be Spidey at the party!! woot!  
GENERAL HOSPITAL: We saw a BATHROOM !! Jax was IN THE BATHROOM!! Wow. Like Ingo in shades o' Plum!!

Molly overheard the whole Josslyn thing when Carly talked to Alexis, I guess that's where she gets the bright idea to take off with her. Carly said JAX WAS RIGHT!! what? 

Molly and Morgan are going to take Joss. Morgan needs a voice change fast.  Mercedes Mention.

The Bordello is SO Old School-Guza. Geesh... women with garters...menacing men. You name it.

Olivia and Sonny? WHAT?! Even if it was to save "Carly's kids", good to remember they know each other.
"You are a kind and pathetic person" said Sonny to her. Well, it's actually "empathetic" I heard Pathetic!  I kinda think they are cute together...remember when they made chili? Then again, Lisa LoCicero is hot with anyone.
AND there's Jax and Olivia... Olivia is wearing Alexis' blue boob dress!! 

Kristina and Ethan: Uh, we all know Krissy wasn't talking about "riding horses"!! heh They are going to push these two and they are going to end up being the 'summer adventure' couple.

OMG someone on twitter said Morgan looks like "Max and Carly's love child" ahahahaha! he DOES! LMAO!!


NEW SPOILERS today!! GO! Hit an ad for me!! :twirling:

Leslie Charleson tweeted this today:
I'm overwhelmed by all your comments. Your support means so much to me. It's good to be back!


You know I'm not a JaSam fan per-se..(I like Burton with anyone basically) but I am a sucker for a wedding!!


  1. Really...Brenda cries at the drop of a dame doesn't she? I see that went the Charlie Sheen route with the woman trapped in the bathroom! I don't think it was meant to be funny but I was cracking up! lol


  2. Sorry "dime" and "they went" See I can't type because I'm still laughing! lol


  3. I am happy Ted King is back if he shakes things up with the annointed corinthos clan. Ric coming back is great if it is Ric Hearst. Raven didn't say necessarily that ric hearst is back but just that Ric is back. There may be many recasts including Q's, who knows. I wonder who the big recasts will be?
    The jax story burns me. I really couldn't care about custody anymore just get it done. Get the brothel story done too.
    I really wished monica was back again.
    As for the wedding, I'm sure people may tune in because it is a wedding but I plan on staying away from it for the days it's on. I have never been a fan of jasam couple and I find it ridiculous that they have given them this platform after all that passed between them. Very transparent who are the favoured actors on this show.
    I am hoping for a good stories with the q's and recasts and new love for Liz in future.

  4. I want Ted for Skye. Alexis can have Mac.

  5. Yes, we've mentioned before that NuMorgan looks like Max. He sure does!!

  6. and there was a Ric mention today...
    Does Alcazar coming back mean more moB? If so, I don't want him back...

  7. Okay, so I love that they mentioned Ric today, it's good that no one forgot Molly has a dad out there.

    Since when are Carly and Alexis such good friends, really?

    That chick drugged Jax and I laughed the entire time!!!

    So, I'm really excited for the Jasam wedding just because it'll have so many people involved. I mean if you think about it there will be the Q's and the Davis girls, Maxi, Sonny and Carly, Morgan and Michael, and a ton of other people.

    Whens the last time they were all in a room together having a good time. I just wish they wouldn't drag out the damn engagement for so long.

  8. The moderator and Sonny: Woah he threatens her again! :) She is so scared of him! Scary Sonny is BACK YAY! :)

    The moderator and Jax: HOLY COW!!!! She drugs him! :) It's been a long time since someone was drugged!!! And then she tears her clothes to look like he attacked her!! My jaw dropped! WOW!!! That was the scene of the day!!! :) That was a great scene!

    Carly and Alexis: Great scene! Another mother to mother scene! Molly is eavesdropping!

    Brenda and Sonny: Woah Sonny has an apartment downtown?! ROFL! She is on her knees while Sonny is sitting! I have an idea of what they should do and it's not talking. :)

    Olivia and Sonny: The only good part that even interested in me with them today, is him telling her he is going to bite her finger! ROFL! That made me laugh.

    Morgan and Molly: Oh oh there are up to no good!!!!

    Javier and Lupe: HE KILLED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Javier and Lulu: Oh oh he confronted her about who she is!!

    Ethan and Krissy: It was a boring scene until he tells her he wanted to go to Las Vagas! ROFL! And he explains everything he wants them to do! She runs out of Kelly's so fast! ROFL! Now that is a better idea than pretending that he and Abby are having an affair! :)

  9. I would love for both Ric and Alcazar to come back to GH. I just don't know if I trust the new writers. They are getting off to a rocky start with me by have Jason and Sam get married. My fast forward button will get a big workout on those days. I hate this couple with a fiery passion. I hate them together. Can you tell that I don't like JaSam?

  10. Sonya, I totally missed the JAX STUFF!! LOL. I was WALKING THE DOG!! damn

  11. Can't say I'm "excited" for the Jasam wedding, but I will tune in. It had better be good after talking about it so much. And for the love of the big man, give Maxie something else to do other than meddling..

    As for Ric or Alcazar, I vote RIC! More history there with Molly growing up and all. nPlus he hates Jason, and I'm all for reminding Jason that Sam slept with Ric.

  12. Oh Karen you gotta watch the Jax stuff!!!! :) You can watch it on youtube. :) The moderator runs to the bathroom screaming! ROFL! And then she gets on the phone to call 911 for HELP!!!! :) She lets the person on the phone hear Jax yelling!

  13. Anonymous @ 5:14

    You may think the new writers are off to a bumpy start because of the Jasam wedding and thats your opinion but not everyone see's it that way. I think the Jasam wedding is a great idea, its just the process of getting there that's a bit annoying.

  14. IA dudeitsstar im so looking forward to JaSam wedding a wedding between A Q, we have monica back ,and Davis girls cassadine.. so many character can be involve w/it
    it can be good SL even if you are not fan of this couple but the show because Jason&Sam spread all over the canvas
    I always love big events even when I was not on S&B board I wanted to see the wedding..

    today was so bad not Jax fan But I hated how they did it.. Im happy GW brought Ingo back to fix this nonsense...

  15. Ethan and Kristina were not boring. They were cute and sexy. I have the feeling she is going to end up calling his bluff.

    The Jax and Sonny stuff was so disgusting, I can't even talk about it. LOL

  16. from the spoilers it looks like GH will still focus on jasonny and company. hate jasam hopefully a bomb goes off at the wedding.

  17. Anonymous normally Ethan and Krissy are not boring but today they were a little bit. Well, until Ethan starting tricking her. ROFL!

  18. Huh. I didn't think Ethina and Kristina were boring today, either. They were sparkly. He's clearly not tricking her, either. She sees right through him and his lies. They're playing games with each other, and I'm enjoying it.

  19. Oh, my Jax. Poor Jax. I can't believe they're throwing you under the bus like this!

  20. Hate, hate, hate what they have done to Jax. Ridiculous.

  21. I want RiH back and Ric is for Liz :)

  22. Sonya, I think the woman is a mediator, not a moderator.

  23. I don't like jasam and won't watch wedding on tv. I'm sure that the wedding will showcase many other characters in order to draw viewers ( probably bring in Q's and maybe even surprise guest Ric) because tptb know that people are tired of the imbalance of just showing jason/sonny/carly. I'm a liason fan and we've been run over enough, no need to rub salt in our wounds. Congratulations, jasam fans.

  24. Ted King is on OLTL...and I think he's doing well. His character is a mystery man--concert pianist, artist, and what? Spy? Agent? Fugitive? This is one HOT guy. I like him with Blaire and was really hoping they would write him in a way that would please viewers and allow us to root for him and Blaire. GH never allowed us to 'like' him because he was a ruthless criminal and his character was never well defined--we didn't get to really know him.

    As soon as Ric was revealed to be another of Sonny's long-lost relatives, I lost interest in him. I like the actor, but really, they set out to ruin him from day 1. First he was a psychotic nut-case, trying to kill his brother because 'mom loved him best'. Then he kept Carly locked in a 'safe' room...and tried to smother Liz. No, he started so badly that by the time TPTB decided he was leading man material for Alexis, I wanted her to run for her life!

    GH did these actors no favors. Ted needs to stay with OLTL--in whatever form it takes. And isn't Ric on B&B now?

  25. I could have sworn Jasam were engaged before. I'll probably tune in, just because it's a wedding... depending on my barf-meter. As long as they don't make Liz be one of Sam's cheery bridesmaids, let alone guest, I should be fine. Boy would THAT be a slap in the face lol.

  26. Jasam wedding, blech. More believeable if they eloped, Jason HATES those types of occasions and Sam doesn't come off as a girl needing it either

  27. I agree with Anon. Jason barely wants to wear anything but a leather jacket (mmmm there's a yummy thought)And Sam too. Then again any time to show some skin I'm sure she'll be up for it to sign up!

  28. If RH returns to GH, I will be doing a serious Happy Dance, complete with bells, feathers and castanets!

    Let him repair his relationship with Alexis and Molly and romance the crap out of Elizabeth.

  29. AntJoan said...

    Sonya, I think the woman is a mediator, not a moderator.
    Oops!!! I ment mediator!! DOH! Thanks. :)

  30. Tabatha Jasam were engaged before. :) In fact, Sam just brought it up yesterday! :)

  31. I would love to see Ethan fall in love with Kristina. My problem however is the current actress is cute as a button, but looks 12 years old. I love the actress that plays Maxi. She is a riot. I would love to see her have a new guy who is powerful as Sonny. I would also love to see Frisco come to town to see his daughter. I have missed Georgie so much. I wish the writers could bring the same Georgie back.


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