Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Montage Of Soapy Delights

Who saw the Erica Kane montage on AMC? Sniff... geesh, I remember ALL that. I do miss Nick. He was so great..and so was Mike Roy. I still have no idea who "Jane" is--- but I did see Dixie is alive. Maybe I should start watching again. 

OLTL:  I hate NORA'S stupid dress/coat. It's for a 90 year old!! 
I love BOTH Todds so MUCH I can't STAND it!! Both for different reasons. *sigh* I wish Trevor could stay somehow!! OR Come to GH as someone. I don't care who. Doorman. LOL  

GH: Today was so terrible..Jax shouldn't exit this way. To have Sonny do this, and Brenda leave now is SUCH A WASTE OF A YEAR, imo.  UGH. 

Lulu getting brutalized in the Brothel? NICE touch...NOT! And now Dante can save her. HELENA mention! And come on, Burning down the place? Really? Guza can't stand it, can he?

Kristina and Ethan are taking Abner and Michael's  spots at Kelly's!! Butts, meet chairs LOL

Even Olivia figured it out.  AND PS, "Playing STICK BALL"???  God, what are they 70 years old?? STICK BALL?! Please, they aren't old GEEZERS1! 

Loved Jax mentioning Carly Drugging AJ!! ahahaa!!

OMG... here's a new casting post... OY TO THE VEY. WHY? WHY? WHY?!! 

[DR. EWEN KEENAN] He's 30, blonde (or dirty blonde) with blue eyes. Handsome and masculine
but accessible. He is an analyst who heals outside of the rules. A man with nothing to prove. A
big, unpredictable kid at heart, broad and expansive one moment, and tender the next

Just what we hello, get back Matt or that poor Terrell guy.  Whatever. It was in the IL so take it with a grain.



  1. They keep mentioning some of the Q's, now if any of them actually came back I would be a happy camper.

    Finally that damn whore house crap is done and yay, Helena mention. Can't wait to her.

    I really like Kristina and Ethan, at first I thought it was a strange pairing but they've grown on me.

    I really hope GW brings Jax back to fix this crap. Its just not right!!!

  2. What happened with Jax and Brenda?

  3. I loved Mike Roy, and jeramy who sadly they didnt show.....

    FYI I played stick ball...:O)

  4. i really loved today show wow vanessa was amazing and i love everything brenda said to sonny and i'm not really a sonny or brenda fan but it was kind of sad to see it end this way

  5. I saw the Erika montage she is a better actress now.I think.I wondered how they were going to kill Jane off.

  6. Sonny and Brenda: Line of the day goes to Brenda!

    Brenda: You used to be about something! Now you are about nothing!!!

    So true!!! Brenda left Sonny. :( The wedding was so quick!!! The whole relationship was way to quick!

    Lulu and Javier: Come on Lulu kick your Spencer gene on!!!! And she did!!! She fought with him hard!! He was gonna rape her. :( He put a knife to her throat! :( Dante saved her!! Damn Dante that was hot! :) Javier brought up Luke being with a woman. Did Lulu say Laura? Javier talks about Helena! Luke is working with Helena?!!?!! :) Lulu wants to burn the whorehouse down!!!! I hope they don't show it!!!! Burning down the Spencer house twice!!!! Makes me so mad!!! Damn you Guza!!

    Carly with the kids: Oh man Carly scolded Molly and Morgan!!! So real!!!! :)

    Carly and Jax: Jax thinks Carly drugged her and brought up her past with drugging AJ! Okay Jax yes she used to do drugging, but she didn't do it this time!!! Amazing isn't it? :)

  7. Susan Lucci could be Lexi Answorths mother they look so much alike. Wouldn't it be a hoot to find out Erica Cane is a Cassadine, haha.
    I too hate Sonny and Brenda but I totally loved their scenes today. My favorite line was Brenda to Sonny: "No I am not running to Jax, I am leaving you." Sonny never beleives anything is his fault, that one line made it clear that he had no one to blame for Brenda leaving but himself. I hope he is the next one to check into Shady Brook for a very, very long time.
    Molly had run away. Where is Alexis? She should of been arguing with Carly about notifying the police or at the police station asking Mac to help or hyperventilating in a paper bag somewhere.
    Monica found out about Jake days ago. Have we seen her since? Everyone was shocked when that scene aired as it was not suppose to till next week sometime...did they just randomly insert it a week early and then drop the storyline for a week?
    Lots of talk about Laura Wright being let go as Carly and the role being recast. Personally LW is by far my favorite Carly. LW's Carly has the strength of SB's Carly and the vulnerability of TB's Carly. LW's Carly seems appropriate for all the character has been through...somewhat matured but still impulsive. I can not picture TB playing the role of Michael's mother, nor can I see SB playing the caring mother roll for the younger children.
    Speaking of SB, some people like to make fun of Abby for her deep voice, big hands, etc. To me SB is much more "manly" than the actress that plays Abby.

  8. Frisco. I agree. I always thought Sarah was very manly.

  9. Frisco, dito. When Sarah Brown is on screen,I can't focus on anything else but her BIG hands. It's like that Seifeld eppisode.

    I liked TB as Carly way back when, but LW is soooooo much better. If they switch her back now, I am definitely not watching anymore.

  10. YOU LEAVE SARAH ALONE!! LOL but I hear ya..:) Her voice isn't NEAR what Abby's is though. Sorry, it's just not.
    You know, Monica found out about Jake so long ago, we'll all forget by the time she talks to anyone about it. ;/

  11. I do like Sarah and knew you would come to her defence :) Perhaps I will have to come up with a nickname for her like your "Abner", haha.

  12. Loved that line too, Sonya. I hate how they rushed S & B. Well,bye bye pod Brenda. What a waste indeed.*sobbing* Sonny and Carly are vile, two of kind. They deserve eachother. I loved Jax bringing up AJ. I don't want Jax to go *clutches leg* This is terrible. arrrgh. Let's make believe these past few years of GH have just been one of the characters horrible nightmares, shall we.

    So the Spencer house gets burned down TWICE. How lovely. Good lawd I'm so glad this cheesy brothel crappola is done. Hot pink, really? Yeah, now it's so hard to tell it's the Spencer house. Having to see Lulu prance around in those ogoly corsets was enough to want to gauge my eyes out. But having that guy almost rape her!? Are you kidding me!? SMDH. Why just why. Way to keep it classy Gooze. Then Dante busts in like the hulk and saves the day. Whatever.

    Garin better be a miracle worker.

    Hey now...I played stick ball when I was a kid and I only just turned Not exclusive to old peeps.;)

  13. Loved the Stone mention, so nice to see a small nod to the history of this show. Loved Brenda telling Sonny off today, thanks, Guza for showing me the Brenda I once knew and loved as she is leaving.

  14. I agree Karen! Leave my Sarah Brown alone! Andrea yeah they sure did rush Brenda and Sonny! UGH! And Sonny was annoying me today! Oh and about the Stone mention, Sonny didn't want to talk about him?!!?! WHAT?!!?! Since when?!!?!!?! What the hell?!!?

  15. Ahh yes Stone mention!! That was nice!! Aubrey, of course they bring back REAL Brenda on her way out. The soap gods hate us that's what it

  16. Andrea, really.. stick ball? LOL. I really thought that was like my grandmother's era (she was 101 awhile back) LOL.
    It just sounded like they grew up in the Bowery. You know with Soadie Pop and marbles.

  17. I guess no one sees Brenda as being hypocritical. It is okay for her to get all over Sonny about Carly(the mother of his child)but it isn't okay for Sonny to compare that with Brenda and Jax(the man she shared spit with-the man who tells her to leave Sonny-the man who got her to tesify against Carly thus ruining her own marriage). I was never a Brenda or Sonny fan. She will be gone(with Jax naturally) tomorrow. Thank you Good Bye and Good Luck.

  18. ENjoyed Dante's comment that Javier will not be raping any girls anymore. Perhaps a bit of SOnny in did he shoot him in the son 23 told me that he thinks Dante is the best character on the if you want to know why he is written the way he is it is to bring in 23 year old guys

  19. Karen , I loved the A.J. being drugged by Carly mention as well. I thought both jax and brenda were fantastic in their scenes. I was cheering when brenda reminded sonny of his promise about no involvement in drugs and reminding him about stone.
    Lulu annoys me and I think she got a wake up call.
    All in all, I watched the show and I have not in months.

  20. Karen, I also thought that stickball was played in NYC in the early 1900s, I was surprised when some younger folks here said that they played the game as children.

  21. 'really.. stick ball? LOL. I really thought that was like my grandmother's era (she was 101 awhile back) LOL.'


  22. Sorry Karen,I also played stickball as a kid and I still have a ways to go before I reach even half of 101! LOL!

  23. The Stone mention was the highlight of the day for me, and my head spun a bit from deja vu thinking of their old breakups when she walked upstairs to pack. I was pained that Sonny didn't want to hear a word about Stone. Stone was the reason I fell in love with the show, as well as the reason I came back, and Sonny is really the only one left on the show to cherish that memory. (Obviously Robin does too, but she's at such a different place in her life. The same can't really be said for Sonny.)

  24. Hey, I played stickball as a teen in the Bronx in the 60's - not quite 101. Thought the Brenda/Sonny scene was well written and well acted, at least by Vanessa. MB seemed rather bland. And I would also like to defend SB - she could certainly step right back in as Carly. I like LW and although I hate the character, she seems nicer somehow. And if you should meet her IRL, she is gorgeous and very feminine. Don't see how TB could be Kate - she doesn't have the elegance and would be hard to swallow as Olivia's Brooklyn cousin Connie. She hasn't had a long term gig since she left GH for a reason.

  25. IR really brought it in his scenes. I wish I could have seen what was edited out...I'll really miss Jax :(

    The acting between VM and MB was excellent. Where the hell has THAT been this past year?!

    Sigh...well, I'm glad I'm going to finally get one of my GH wishes. Jax and Brenda together, at last. I know, I know, they aren't romantic NOW. I hope Wolf throws me a bone and at least HINTS at it before Brender leaves...

  26. I really hate the way the Sonny/Brenda relationship played out this last year. It was WAY too rushed.

    I don't care how much they loved each other in the past, it made no sense to reunite, get married and now seperated within the span of 8 months. (VM's first month was spent in Rome afterall)

    I did like a lot of what she said to him, but something was missing for me between them in those scenes. I also think it would have been fun to see Brenda struggle somewhat with her feelings for Jax this last year too.

    They did used to refer to each other as "soul mates" and tried to marry each other twice. You'd think she'd ask why he stood her up at the alter years before or something. Just frustrated me to no end.

    Plus why can't Sonny get out of the mob??? What better way to write MB off then have him leave the mob and go off with Brenda?? Leave it open for them to return at the end of the series???


  27. Pamela said...

    They did used to refer to each other as "soul mates" and tried to marry each other twice. You'd think she'd ask why he stood her up at the alter years before or something. Just frustrated me to no end.
    Pamela who referred to each other as soul mates? Jax and Brenda? Or Sonny and Brenda?

  28. The Erica montage was SO GREAT! I have really enjoyed all of the flashbacks recently. Have to say, I think it's a bone for the fans, and I'll take it.
    Soooo disappointed by the Brenda return. What the hell happened to GH, and when will it get good again!?

  29. That casting discription sounds exactly like the Jax we first met. Now why do they want to start over? They have-had Ingo and he fits exactly. No need to add a new actor--except of course, by now Ingo costs more. But we already love Ingo and he has tons of fans so that is money in the bank. And where are they going to find another gorgeous blonde type who is also an excellent actor, as Ingo most certainly is?
    Redundant. We already got that character. Keep Ingo. Just separate him from the awful Carly. Simple as that.

    The whore house SL has been absolutely awful and like something out of a really bad novel. As if they have waitresses and Lulu could get a job there, like a regular waitressing job, and not have to turn tricks at all (looking like she does)! As if this manager-owner would care at all what she wanted or was up to--he was rumored to be evil and ruthless, yet he let her work there awhile without using her obvious charms. That isn't how pimps work. Control is one of their main issues. And Dante coming in and not going upstairs, but sitting 'talking' that would happen. Absurd. And now Dante is going to let Lulu be an arsonist without getting out the handcuffs! If the whole thing wasn't so stupidly dumb and tasteless, it could have been a nice summer adventure for Lulu and Dante, but a kiddies' idea of a Florida whore house ain't Beecher's Corners!

  30. This won't actually have success, I think so.


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