Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Natalia Livingston in Bedford County!

Natty is turning her family owned property into a vacation rental and hopeful filming location in Bedford County PA.

Natalia Livingston, who has played starring roles on “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives,” along with her family, has had renovated and is opening Blossom Hill Farm, located near Alum Bank.

“We have a great vision for it. There are lot of different areas of possible use,” said Livingston who resides in Los Angeles. “I was the whole family, we started thinking this would be an ideal location for films.”

Members of the Livingston family and members of the business community are scheduled to gather at the Orchard Road site this morning to officially open Blossom Hill Farm.

The concept has great potential, said Kellie Goodman Shaffer, executive director of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce.

For more info: Tribune-Democrat.com 


  1. Nice home ! Good for natalia! She is an actress that I truly miss! I wish good things for her!

  2. It won't actually have success, I consider this way.


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