Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chip Docks: The Man Behind the GH Magic


Chip Docks has been staging scenes, arranging props and sets for General Hospital for 12 years. Most of you know my LOVE for all thing prop on GH-- and even have the photos with Alberta to 
prove it. From Bob the Badger to the Bubble Lamps to Olivia's giant pine cones, I LOVE looking at the sets on the show. This June Docks and his crew won an Emmy for their work on the show. Now I have a name to send a Wubulous Thank You card to!! How fun is that his name is DOCKS!! LOL  Read the full interview on The Valley Sun.

As easy as the finished episodes make the whole process seem, Docks’ job involves real craftiness for designing scenes that look intricate but cost as little as possible. There are 125 existing sets for “General Hospital” — from homes and offices to local haunts and operating rooms — including the main hospital, the only set that remains permanently intact inside the Prospect Studios building in the Los Feliz area.

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