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And Tracey!! What a nice day!! Tracy's jacket was pretty too..and I love that she's giving Michael a hard time. 
JAKE SECRET told by Tracy!! 

Bordello House: Is so the Spencer house, they didn't even TRY to cover that
up! LOL  
And Jasam...still blabbin' about getting married. zzzzzzzzzzzz

That's all Gotta GO-GO! 


  1. STUNNED by the two-week-early Monica sighting!! And such a GREAT scene with Tracy! And I was excited BEFORE all this with the ELQ-Tracy-Edward-Michael-Asher secretly working for AZ stuff! WOWZA!

  2. YAY for Monica!!!! It was really good seeing her.

    Okay so I really like that Tracy was giving Michael a hard time. That's like classic Tracy.

    I really love that Asher or whatever his name is,is trying to ruin ELQ but I kind of wish it had nothing to do with the mob. I thought we were getting a story sans the damn mob.

    So Maxie keeps mentioning Matt, to bad we never see him, and when we do its never with her.

    So I'm really excited for the Jasam wedding but I wish they would stop talking about it. I mean really?

    I"m also hoping that this whole wedding thing gives us some Davis family time, that would be nice (:

    P.S. Jackle P.I. and AZ were kind of funny but I've had enough of him.

  3. I knew the Asher thing just put it up...
    I think when LC said she'd air on the 25th, they totally gave her the wrong date to throw us all off! I LOVED IT! Love being surprised!!

  4. Yea for Monica!!! But it's still going to take more than that to get me watching GH again.

  5. Karen I'm still upset that the whore house is the Spencer house! UGH!

    ELQ: OH THE OLD Q'S ARE BACK! YESSSSSSSSSS! :) Tracy snarking! Edward sticking up for Michael. Edward calling Tracy a poisonous snake!!! ROFL! THERE IS MONICA!!! Great Monica and Tracy scene!! Great Monica scene when she talked about seeing Jake one winter without a hat! :( That dude working with Edward, It's like what is up with that guy? And uh Tracy? Code of conduct at ELQ? Didn't you have sex with Scott Baldwin at ELQ?:)

    That guy who works for Edward and Papa Z: Oh of course! I should have known that guy is working for Papa Z!

    Lupe and Lulu: OH! Lupe knows Dante is a cop!!!

    Lulu and Dante: Lulu tells Dante that Lupe knows he is a cop! And of course Javier overhears!!!!

    Jason and Jackel: OH! Faking a case Jason? A bakery as a front for a drug activity? ROFL! LOVE IT!

  6. That's the first thing I noticed about the bordello....Spencer house all the way. Geesh

    Lulu must feel right at home. Surprised Luke likes the place!!

  7. Nice seeing Monica in a dress today when was the last time we saw here like that anyone know AB

  8. Omg Monica and Tracy!!!! I almost died!!! They were so good together today!!! And Tracy choking back the tears with her voice breaking. I could just about smooch Garin Wolf right now!

  9. Wow, good to see Monica and Tracy.
    Can't wait to see more of the ELQ intrigue and fun!
    In the category of enough is enough:
    If Spinelli's condition is due to a mental or physical cause get to it.
    If not, it is an irritating storyline.
    Same with Lulu.Poor Julie B. She must be embarrassed with this storyline. She deserves so much better.
    OLTL same category' enough is enough
    Tape recorder: It has been in so many scenes, it should be in the cast credits. Dragging it out is becoming irritating.
    Old Todd: How many more bushes and corners can he hide behind before being actually seen? Kinda like the Brenda in Rome fiasco.
    Get to it people.

    On a good note, yay for Garin Wolf. And hopefully Ron C. also if he does not decide to stay with online OLTL.

  10. So excited to see LC! And with Tracy, plus a Ned/Dillon mention? Did I dream this? Love me some Qs!

  11. "Tape recorder: It has been in so many scenes, it should be in the cast credits."

    HAHAH! This is too funny. I don't watch OLTL, but the few episodes I've seen (in the last few months) always have a recorder somewhere, or at least being talked about. I am still laughing over this one~ *^^;*

    I haven't seen GH yet today but it sounds like a wonderful episode, aside from the Asher/Anthony connection. I can't wait to watch! ^-^

  12. TAPE RECORDER!! LOL.. ;)

    I wonder if Ron C will stay with OLTL too...probably comes down to money and such. GH would be great on his resume if he can buff it up.

  13. OMG! I am so bored to death of Jasam. First talking in the penthouse (mailnly on the couch) about a baby, now a marriage. Just friggen do it already. I would be happier if they just ran off and did it or talking about the planning or something. Instead of the should we or shouldn't we? They're just ryling up fans INMO.

  14. What a bore Jasam was today. And LC has had some major eye work, wow. Still good to see her. That oen eye I wonder if she can even see out of ; )

    Poor Julie B. I agree she must be embarrassed.

  15. I don't even mind the recycled sets. They should do whatever they need to do to keep costs down and the budget in control. I would rather see that than lose my soap.

  16. I watched monica's scene online! Fantastic! I hope she rips into Jason. Sorry, he deserves it. So many people knew and that information should have come from no one else but Jason.
    I'll never forget the scene when monica sees Liz, jason, cam and jake in the park and says to them that they look like a real family.
    Monica is left with a shell of a family. Sadly, you know she'll support jasam because sam will be pregnant with her grandchild. Sooo frustrating! Only good part on the show today was monica. Everything else was dull and I tuned out.

  17. I hope monica supports Liz. Liz needs support.

  18. Get rid of these boring stories, bordello, jackal PI, jasam wedding, baby daddy Lucky/Liz. Stop dragging it out! It makes me feel writers just don't know what to write. They can't possibly think this is good.
    Wonderful to see monica!!!

  19. Haven't seen the show since Friday because our power was out since noon on Monday and it just came back on at 9pm so I'll have to catch up on youtube!


  20. My eyes teared up when I saw Monica. I was shocked ina good way. Then when she found out about Jake...I cried. Really hard when she told the story about Jake losing his hat. Boo hoo

  21. I just watched. Wow - Tracy and Monica scenes were made of win! Their scenes had some depth and soul. That was NOT Guza's writing. I'm impressed, GW!

  22. A day with Tracy, Monica, Edward, Michael as a Quartermaine, Crazy Anthony and Maxie. NO Sonny, Brenda or Carly. FANTASTIC.

    Now just a little less Sam, Jason, Spinelli and Dante and a little more Helena, Alexis, Robin and Patrick and all will be right with the world :)

  23. Remember folks, Jason isn't even Monica's son

  24. This show, or any show, will never please all of its viewers. It is nice to have balance and variety; a little something for everyone. I am encouraged that this show seems to be moving in that direction. Monica and Tracy were great! GH is chock full of great actors...give them quality writing.

  25. Jason may not be Monica's biological son, but she did raise him as her own.

    Melissa...I really don't mind the recycled sets and I'm all for keeping costs down. For awhile, there was one set that involved any 'other house'. First it belonged to the Eckherts. Last time I saw it, it was Franco's mother's house.

  26. Anonymous no Monica is not Jason's bio mother, but she is his mother. Always and forever. :)

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