Friday, July 8, 2011


hahahhaha!! :) Nice Lunch. Whew! Then I come home to the Skye news. Wonder if Edward is dying OR If it's the Ingo come-back that Wolf talked about. OR maybe she's back for good!

OMG OLTL is the BEST.  It's like a dang movie, I swear. I love it.  WOW... David and Dorian were so fun. And Gigi... with the Rex/Shane angst. Sniff. LOVED Roxy and "Freudenshockzna" LOL. Echo and she were great. Roxy said "Spewin' the Fat" I think Asa's ghost left Clint and went to Rex!! He's getting mean like Clint. Geesh. Todd is losing it.
I want Dorian to get Pregnant with David's kid and be the world's oldest Mama..or at least the US! LOL and come on Dorian would NEVER believe that David sheeze while living in Llanview!! 
"Turn around and talk about this like the adults other people expect us to be" says David to Dorian (who has a gun on him).
You know Roxy is going to 'trash' up that mansion! wwheeeeeeee! 

LOVE Tea and Blair! 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Siobhan is knittin' ...Lucky was on with Cam and his own kid "Titus" who plays "Aiden". Great scene
Brenda and Sonny off to court! Interesting how their demise will come down to Carly and Jax. Ironically Pithy.  Blah, Blah...Blahhhh.
Kristina did call Sonny "sexist" which was fun. 
Steve giving Robin Chief of Staff over Patrick was hilarious. heh.

Matt's haircut is so terrible.ugh 

Raven is saying Tams is the New Kate...not the "NuOld Carly" Facebook. Which should piss off both the Kate fans and the fans that loved Tams as Carly! LOL 

BTW, word is JaSam wedding in August. 

**** I tweeted Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) about taking her machine gun with her on "The View" and got this back:

WubsNet they have a metal detector so no go--my words are bullets tho-pen mightier than sword



  1. Karen and anyone is it me or does Roxy look like she is always high most of the time????

  2. Robin, Patrick, and Steve: Steve isn't the chief of staff anymore!!! That's too bad!! The board wants Robin to be temporary chief of staff! And the look on Patrick's face! I was thinking they won't be at the same footing work wise for awhile. so his masculinity is going to be threatened. And look I was right!! By the way he is acting! Hmm angst! Love it! :)

    Shivon: What the hell?! She is going to sue the hospital cus Liz is trying to kill her?!!? What is this REALLY about Shivon?! Are you jealous of Liz and Lucky? Afraid they are going to get back together? Lucky even tried to talk to her but she won't listen!

    Lucky, Aidan, and Cam: They went camping and they didn't show it?!!! DAMN YOU GUZA! Great scene with them on the couch!!!! :) Lucky brought up Cam's bio dad Zander!! Lucky didn't say his actual name, but he was still mentioned! YAY! Cam still looks like his bio dad. :) Great casting.

    Sonny and Krissy: Great scene! And when they were holding hands, I started to cry! Damn it I'm such a sap! :)

    Jax and Carly: I really did like/love them together. :( I don't see them ever getting back together. :(

  3. I feel so sorry for Siobhan.. I love her character!
    SO happy we're at least getting a JaSam wedding... no child for us but at least a wedding.. we've been waiting for that since 2004... it was about time :)

  4. No thanks on the Jasam wedding. One I'll have to FF'd thru. Maybe little Jake will be alive to ruin their child plans. I would be thrilled on all accounts! I so agree about Carjax, really liked them & everything they brought out good in one another. But I do liek that brenda will leave Sonny over what Sonny pulls. I was always a brender fan ; )
    I do have to say Brenda's return is a waste of time. And if Tamara is back I'll take her any way I'll get her. She was Carly to me. Loved her emotion (All of them are great but for some reason she was so good and almost raw). I do hate that she will be kate, cause here we go again another woman for Sonny. Not many of us even like him any more, same with Jason, so no matter who their paired with we're just disgusted.

  5. nice to finally have a scene with JJ & the boys. About time. What happened to Uncle nik Daddy? Well, he screwed mommy too and we thought he was Aiden's daddy, but we found out your great Aunt Helena (through half brother Nik) messed with the test results and screwed us all!

    I yearn to see JJ & Becky's tenderness. I know it's coming. Bye. Bye. red!!!!

  6. Oh yes, but she's looked like that since the '70's...believe me LOL!!!

  7. Isnt AJ dead? I keep hearing how people want him back. Will they raise him from the dead?

    If they are doing that, maybe they should do that will Alan too.


    Wasnt Monica once Chief of Staff? Before Alan was? If she was, why didnt they just ask her to step back into the role temporarily?

  8. Karen who looked like that since the 70's? :) And looked like what?

  9. Roxy is an alcoholic...she plays it well. That's why she looks and sounds the way she does...not the actress, mind you...just Roxy

  10. just watched Fridays episode.Loved seeing Lucky with his boys doing normal things. I already hated Siobhan, but now I dislike her even more saying that Liz was using Jake to get attention....Ruining her wedding day, crying about Jake. It was his Birthday!! That is what you get for getting married on your husbands dead son's birthday!!!! How are you supposed to celebrate the day now?
    After Carly being shown as a bad mother, I am very happy that she got hers...but she will get Joss in the end, so why even care? Sonny and/or Jason will always be there for her and do whatever it takes for her to get whatever she!
    LOVED Patrick and Robin's banter. Please, new head writer, more Hospital scenes!!!


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