Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Digging Out The Old Files...

Yep.. we've seen the stuff and I'm getting a bit more happy. Loved Maxie and Sonny and then Jason. Hell, I love Maxie and anyone. Spinelli is driving me insane but I'll overlook it. At least Sonny's not just standing around looking all angst ridden. We pulled out the old ELQ file--- it looks dusty but has potential. I do like the new guy "Asher"-- because I can't stand to see Abby and Michael mooning alone in scenes together anymore. Michael is going to be the "Wonder BOY" at ELQ with no business training (and missing half of High School! LOL). Can't wait until Tracy shows up. 
That brings me to another topic. Jane Elliot. There was rumors she may be leaving the show but now with the Q's coming up-- and a Dillion recast probable, I think Tracy will be safe. YEAH!! The whole Jake thing will come out too, another file that's been forgotten. Monica will find out and then "Alan" will make an appearance as well. (I hear ghost-like, but still hey, not complaining)!!

Nikolas leaving. Yeah they had him talk to dead Emily. Yeah, he didn't take off with Aiden. Great scene with Lucky. BUT  BOO he didn't say goodbye to Alexis. BIG oversight there. HUGE!! Not saying goodbye to she or the girls was just a great chance missed. He is coming back in August for some new scenes-- we'll see if he remembers his Aunt then.   

Next up is the Josslyn custody fight-- which to me is more of the same. I hope it's over soon. I also hope we don't have another "meat hook" type incident with Jax leaving.  I hear we might have a scandal "Sonny Style" when he finds out Jax paid off the mediator. *sigh* GO SEE the SPOILERS. Guza had to have one last thing to do I guess. Supposedly Ingo will be back too to "close the story". Notice GW is having both Ingo and Tyler come back because their stories were cut off so abruptly by Mr. G. 

This last poll was GREAT. I loved it!! See who you all picked to have dinner with. The top two made the table-- and that was the fun. Which characters would be paired together. GO to The Wubs Net

According to sources,Marcil Giovinazzo's last airdate has been scheduled for Thursday, July 21, when Brenda says goodbye to her soon-to-be ex-Husband Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and all of Port Charles. But don't feel bad for Brenda! She'll depart Port Charles in a fashion similar to how she left back in 2003, but this time with some extra baggage and on a much happier note. Too bad the same can't be said for Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright).EXTRA BAGGAGE is a baby bump I hear.

NEW IDEA: LUCY is Spinelli's mother. Think about it..let it sit there. I was tweeting and got the brilliant idea. She did have Sigmund the duck. She was a librarian at first. Right would be so fun!! Oh, let the new headwriter read the WUBS.  

SCENE o' the WEEK: Goes to...the Nik and Lucky goodbye..especially the part about the missing accent!  

QUESTION: This Sunday is about Old Files. What old file do YOU want to see found and revisited? 

TODAY is closing arguments in Casey Anthony case--and then the jury gets it! woot! 


  1. I panicked when I read the title of the post, thinking, "How did I not realize it was Sunday?" :)

  2. I think you should do a poll of who we would like to see Helena interact with: 1. jason and sam
    2. Anthony
    3. Carly
    4. Sonny

  3. I would love a Diane and Helena scene because they both are sarcastic smart and impeccable dressers. I would love an exchange and then compliments on clothes.

  4. I want Helena to have a one night stand! Maybe someone not in the show yet. Anthony?

  5. I will be so glad that trial is over with.Lets take dibs on how fast the jury comes back.......I say 1 day ....yep maybe less than a day ....I can only hope....I bet the mother of that boy who shot the bird was going oh my heavens no no he's not my son never met him lol

  6. How about a poll about which character should crossover from another show? Blair, John McBain for Sam, Jessie and Angie, Tad, Jake, etc...AMC spends more time in the hospital than GH does! LOL Angie can be chief of staff and Jessie can work with Mac and put away the mob. :-)

  7. I really enjoyed GH the past week,not perfection but it is getting better....
    I agree about ELQ Stuff its so great to see Edward,and i love Michael there w/the new guy But its not enough I want Tracy to be involve I also want Jason to be back w/the family!!! this week Jason talked a lot about his regrets w/his family its good start point of that. Michael is not enough!

    I was sad to see the last scene of Nick,TC was FANATIC its stupid he didn't say goodbye to Alexis....

    Maxie was just Maxie but her scenes this week were GREAT!!! they finally use KS more!!
    KS has chemistry w/everyone Maxie scenes w/Sonny were priceless...
    But I enjoyed the most w/Jason KS&Steve have wonderful chemistry every scene w/them, they make you smile.. and the best thing was that Jason was so confused he started to ramble like he later LOL.

    Lulu&Dante Story needs to end it doesn't do any good to Dante&Lulu character...

    Spinelli SL also need to end very soon,right now Its giving GH that much needed comic relief w/Maxie Sonny Sam&Jason reaction to him,But there is a limit on how much people can enjoy him&laugh...

    Love Helena back,GHs real evil...

    Its good start to GW writing that even w/Bob writing you start to feel a change,I can't wait when we see the changes in full

  8. Great Poll suggestions! I actually did do a poll on twitter long ago about a character coming over to GH, that's a good one !!

    If you hit the "publish" button you can't take it back, only delete it. :/ I wasn't paying attention! doh!

  9. Well, I guess I'm not the only one up early on a Sunday morning. I've already read the NY Times (online), baked a cornbread, am getting ready to work out, and then am working from 11-5 (sorry, I know that this is off-topic, I'm just so surprised to find others up and about).

    I hope that TC and IR come back, it seems like they might. If Brenda leaves because she is PG, and Sonny leaves soon after to follow, then I can have my happily-ever-after and continue to watch the show with the rest of the characters, as the show definitely is improving.

    For old files, I just say BRING BACK ALL THE OLD CHARACTERS, start with ones supposedly still there, e.g., Bobbie, Monica, Audrey, etc., then layer out to people still supposedly alive, then to people never spoken about and seemingly forgotten, like Lucy, then bring back the dead ones.

  10. Audrey should have been on all along. It's a shame
    Ant Joan, I've been up since 6:30 for DOG WALKING duties!! Now the trial is on

  11. I would love to see some damage repair done to Felicia with KW coming back. She could get involved with the PI business with SPINELLI and cause tension with Maxie because Felicia and him get along so well. Plus maybe a little live triangle with Mac/Felicia/Alexis

  12. Two comments:

    1. Have Helena try to hire Ethan as a boy toy for the night. She will already know who he is, but I believe Ethan has never met her. Would be an interesting scene especially if Luke or Lucky walked in on the middle of it. The flirting would be priceless. (I am going under the assumption they havent met in person. I skip a lot of episodes now)

    2. I think they should always :close out" a character who leaves. For instance, have a retirement party for Audrey and dedicate part of the hospital to the "Steve and Audrey Hardy memorial Wing" Shel Kepler passed away in real life. Where did Nurse Vining go? (the character) Even when Laura comes back (rare) there is no mention of her step sister. Give her and the character some closure. I realize some characters go away and have potential comebacks or recasts, but some really do need some kind of mention or closure.

    PS. Love the Felicia mention!

  13. may we address what a JERK Jax is and always has been, he came to town, a corporate raider who put people out of work and ruined their lives, in pursuit of the very married Lois Cerillo. He was not interested in Brenda till he found out she was involved with Sonny. He abandoned Chloe to be killed, what he did to Skye is beyond belief, then he turned on Brenda and left her at the alter, because he got his underwear in a bunch over a mistunderstanding about Sonny. His obscession with Sonny is nuts,think Courtney, he had to marry Sonny's sister, he had to marry Sonny's ex wife, he caused most of the grief for Michael by bringing in Claire....and now he wants to take Joss away from her mother....if Brenda really leaves with him then 'she is dead to me' A meat hook is too good for him!
    I feel much better now! :O)

  14. karen, even more importantly Nik didn't say goodbye to Lulu, his own sister. Or mention Spencer saying bye to Mike for that matter or Aiden & Cam since he has spent so much time with them (Aiden is still his cousin if not bro from another Mo).

    used to be a Jasam fan, until Jake was killed and everything got boring between them.

    Hope, go kindly go blow it out your ear ; ) I love my Jax. He was wonderful back in the day. We saw glimmers of that man with carly & her family. the typical gorgeous, egotistical corporate raider in the 90's sweeping Brenda off her feet. Should we mention what Sonny has done to EVERY woman he has dated? Or should I said gotten killed?

  15. Jax was wonderful! He's being written out of the show and being made to be aweful as mob is always right. Sonny has done worse to women he's been with from just about pimping women out, cheating, shooting them and driving them to insanity. What Jax is doing is nothing compared to what sonny will do to jax to make him lose joss. If GH wasn't ending, Joss would wind up being one of the most screwed up women on the show, no doubt.

  16. jax & Sonny are apples and oranges. We are all family here, I guess we have to agree to disagree!! :O)

  17. Nik is devastated and hurt, so he's running away. That leaves no time to say good-bye to anyone. Besides , self centered delusional Lulu is busy working the brothel to be around for her brothers. She feels her brothers abandoned their father and wants to live in denial thinking she can fix Luke. Lulu has always been, for me , one of the most annoying characters on the show.

  18. I am surprised no one mentioned what an amusing fit Lucy would be as Spinelli's mother. I could totally see that. He looks similar enough and the fact that they are both quirky as hell would make a lot of sense. I'd love to see him properly tied in to show history.

    @david, Helena and Ethan actually did meet in 2009. She was the one who set Luke off on a rampage to find out if Ethan was his son; the second she saw how they acted together she made a comment that they were obviously related. Prior to that she nearly slit Ethan's throat for trying to steal her wallet.

    @Hope, I actually appreciated your description of Jax. I know a lot of people liked him but something about him always ticked me off. I missed a lot of years of the show, including the Courtney debacle, but I can honestly say I don't think I missed anything that would have tinted my glasses rose colored enough to change my opinion of him. Your rant was a fun reminder why~ ^^;

  19. Joss will wind up ruined. In fact , I would write that joss gets into sonny's business especially since carly will continue to hang closely with the mob.

  20. This show has only one side and that is all things carly, sonny, and jason. The only hope for improved ratings is if thee new writer doesn't allow this to continue and has the courage to let these characters pay bad consequences and not allow them to come out on top.

  21. @Adora - thanks for the recap. I watched this show religiously since 1977 and then in the past few years, it really has been spotty at best due to the writing and I missed a lot and just caught up online, etc. I missed that stroyline, and thank you for catching me up.

  22. I'd buy into almost anything to have Lynn Herring back as Lucy but I'd rather have her back just on her own and not tied to Spinelli, to be honest. Having her be Spinelli's mother would tarnish all the Serena stuff. But I'm all for her returning to PC trying to wormm her way back into Edward's charms ti get at ELQ. And not as a vampire.

  23. Let's not forget Lesley, Lulu's grandmother. Of course, having her back on would remind everyone of Laura and they don't ever want to have to mention Laura, not even as Nik or Lucky's or Lulu's mom. It's as if she had nothing to do with raising them! Those 3 don't seem to miss Laura nearly as much as we do.

    I really enjoyed Lesley in the old days and Denise Alexander's portrayal of her. She was one of my favorite characters. Be nice to see her again.

  24. I really love the idea of Lucy being Spinilli's mother. In addition, can we have Crystal Chappel (Carly, DOOL) come to GH as Elizabeth Webber's mother. I would love that.

  25. I would like to see Ethan's true paternity revealed: Scorpio!


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