Thursday, June 30, 2011


Casey Anthony on the stand! WOW...the defense is just doing so badly LOL. I didn't think she'd testify but thought they'd put on SOME kind of explanation of the molestation and the drowning. Maybe I'll get my life back next week!!

NEW SPOILERS are up!! Not a lot though. Everything is up in the air. Theories abound about dream sequences, recasts and possible time lapses.
You got me swingin' at the moment, all I know is the Q's are a go, and Helena will be on!!

GREAT ending Nik/Lucky scene... TC said on Twitter he and JJ "tweaked' the script a bit. HELENA!


  1. I loved how Lucky asked about Nickolas not having an accent! I bet you that's the part that they tweaked.


  2. I was thinking the same thing. Loved that accent and I'm sure they ad libbed that.

    I also had a great laugh at Maxie's line about Jason being able to find all the guns he wanted but he couldn't locate one cat! That girl is a hoot!!

  3. I don't understand why they waited until the day Nic left to bring back Helena.

  4. Great show today!!!

    Nik and Lucky: I am so in love with their scene today!!! When Lucky said I release you, I started to cry!!! What a great scene! Nik admits that when Spencer was born, he gave him to his help because he was afraid he would mess up raising him. :( He made Spencer alone and empty just like how HE felt when he was a kid. :( At the end when Lucky brought up the accent, I laughed out loud. I was in tears because of the scene and I laughed because of the accent comment! Well Garin wolf did say he wants us to laugh and cry. :) But Johnathan Jackson and Tyler Christopher wrote that scene. :) It was BRILLIANT! :)

    Nik and Spencer: Bye. :( Oh look it's Helena!!! I smiled. :)

    Helena and Lucky: He shows up Liz's house and there is Helena on the couch with AIDAN!!!! DELICIOUS!!! :)

    Jason and Maxie: Maxie needs his help badly for Spinny! She wants Jason to put a cat up on a tree! ROFL ROFL! I really want to see that! :)

    Jackal and Maxie: He kisses her! I swear this is all psychosomatic!!!

    Sonny and Brenda: Yeah Sonny!! CHOOSE!!! You're wife or Carly! :)

  5. HELLLLLLLZ! Connie works so well with babies, doesn't she?

  6. JJ & Tyler, again nailed it. So sick of Jason & Sam but like to see Maxie in the mix. The Spin thing is just stupid.

    Wish Liz would stop saying it's her fault when helena is the one who switched the results.

    Can't stand seeing Abby & Michael either.

    Hope it's Maurice that's leaving in Nov per your rumor Karen!

    carly STFU!

    Anyone watch the voice last night? Anyone else floored that Dia beat out Beverly & Vicci to be in the final 2? I could barely ever hear her voice so I was shocked she received so many votes. Glad the other dude won though. I was on Vicki's side ; )

  7. "Jackal and Maxie: He kisses her! I swear this is all psychosomatic!!!"

    I haven't seen today's episode but reading this offers the only explanation that could make me accept what they've done with this story. I've always had a hard time accepting this personality shift since there was never any head trauma, it just doesn't make sense to me. If it was somehow all a near death "dream" then my opinion on this story could quickly do a 180, which I didn't think was possible until I read the word psychosomatic. I hope you are on to something! *^^;*

  8. "I don't do this very often. I don't think I ever have. But you are my brother and you are going to listen to me, do you understand? Do you understand me? When you are lying on your deathbed and you're about to take your last breath, what do you think you're going to think about? Huh? Some big case that you cracked that nobody else could solve, some nice vacation you took with all of your friends? Not even that intervention you had with Luke that apparently didn't do any good. You're not going to think of ANY of that stuff! You're going to think of one thing, and one thing only. And that is, just before you pass and you hold your hand out, the only thing that you are going to care about is whose hand is on the other end, brother. If you can answer that riddle, then you've figured it all out."

    *tears stream out, clutches pillow*

    This. This speech right here made me go into the ugly cry. INCREDIBLE scenes today!! You know who's hand he'll be thinking of holding. The face he'll see. It's who it's always been. His Elizabeth. Loved how Lucky acknowledged how he was much more angry and hurt over losing Elizabeth then of the affair itself.

    That accent thing made me crack up!xD JJ and Tyler wrote these scenes!! gah! So good.Kudos! I love how Helena was just chillaxing on the couch with Aiden. lol. Aiden is so squishy <3

    I really hope Tyler comes back. For good. I loved seeing Nikolas dark, broody and passionate. This is where he shines.

  9. As for Casey Anthony I have to say I think george Anothony did something to her sexually. I didn;t see any strong denial from the wife or himself to suggest otherwise. Think if your child accused you of that what your reaction would be if you were innocent? I don't however, think the story of the pool is true. i think casey couldn't handle the attention her precious daughter received from everyone, esp her folks.

    Loved yesterday & today's scenes on GH. Have to agree sick of Jasam. Please lord have another conversation.

  10. Dream squence..time jumping? Maybe Wolf is a fan of Dallas...Will Carly open the shower and find AJ?!

  11. loving lucky n liz. can't say i'm sorry to see nik go. every since he got in between zem & helped ruined zander(my fave!), i couldn't stand him or his holier than thou behavior.

    as for casey anthony, i don't buy the sexual molestation. if your father molested you--would you allow your daughter to be around him? if a man will molest his own daughter, he would likely molest his grandchild too.

  12. I may be the only one on the planet to think so, but I would really love for Sonny and Carly to get back together...

    LOVED Nik and Lucky... I'm so sad Tyler is leaving... so much potential, so much talent, so much history wasted....

  13. Tyler did a wonderful job today, good scene. However, the continued make Liz a pathetic person who can't manage to do her job is ridiculous and boring. I'm sorry, but they must really have it in for RH to continue this story of having her need to be rescued after screwing up. Many people have devastating losses and still manage to do a good job. Bad writing. I would have written Liz to evolve and have her realize her inner strength. I would have her realize how she could use her tragedy to help others at work. Have Liz go through a growth period and then have her meet someone new and wonderful ( happened in my life ). This portrayal is outdated. Lucky said the right thing to Nik , that if Liz was truly in love with him then the affair with Nik would never have happened. Liz was not in love but felt obligated to love him. This is why I don't want Liz and Lucky together, but I'm sure the writer will say that they come to have a renewed love and put them back together ( contrived ).

  14. I, for one, will not be happy to see Liz and Lucky reunite. Guza did this to get rid of liason ties and fans to pave the way for jasam and Frons' fave KM. When LL2 didn't translate into more viewers early on, they decided to break up LL2, destroy liz,and get rid of rebecca ( the writing was on the wall ). They found Lucky a new love and fired RH. Uproar, turmoil, RH re-hired, but still she is poorly treated. Fans are appeased with LL2 upcoming redo. Jasamers get baby and wedding and then possible future breakup by the time GH closes its doors finally. Liason fans left with old memories of what should have been .

  15. Spinelli thing is like an old tired joke. Move on GH and give spinelli a real life or take him off the show.

  16. I am not happy either that Liz and Lucky will reunite!

  17. Lucky/Nik scene was gold...those guys brought it today and the writing/and improv was dead on. IF GH can keep that standard up, they'll be in the game for awhile longer.

  18. I loved JJ and TC and yes, I caught the accent thing!! I'm glad TC is coming back in August to finish whatever off.

    I SO WISH HE had said GOODBYE TO ALEXIS. you know I'm mentioning that in sunday surgery! LOL

  19. Nik and Lucky were heartbreaking. The actors really outdid themselves again. Tyler will be missed. loved the accent bit.

  20. Adora yeah psychosomatic is the only thing that makes sense. I can't think of anything else that would make sense.


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