Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Support Staff

This is going to be a gushing blog about the Wubbers out there. You guys are so great--you read my drivel day after day and when I'm not able to update you all step in to help!!! Plus the fact we have minimal fighting on the blog-- I love it!! You're the best. I hope you follow me on twitter too @wubsnet because it gives us a chance to talk during the shows.

This week is a blur to me and I still have to watch Thurs/Friday shows. I hear there is much more Quartermaine talk AND an AJ mention! (remember my Billy Warlock rumor!!??) We know Stuart Damon is on tap to come on in some shape/form for a bit. That, coupled with Michael and ELQ is going to make me so happy!! They haven't used ELQ in AGES!! Leslie C tweeted she was back July 27th. Helena is back June 30th. Oh *sigh* happy me. Hopefully my blogs will be so much less bitchy, eh?

We found out Vanessa is Pregnant, which kind of explains her leaving GH when she is. Congrats to her on that. "Brenda and Alec" are going to be caught in a gun fight soon, so we know Guza's writing is still in there. I heard about July 25th-ish will be the total "Wolf" switch over. Maurice dropped at one of his shows that they are indeed recasting Kate which really is sending Megan Ward fans into a tail-spin. She has a huge fanbase and it's just a head-scratcher why this is happening.

My fave moment this week was anything LISA because Brianna Brown went out with a great psycho-bang. I think Lisa's still in a coma unless I missed something at the end of the week. Meaning, she can always pop up again like Janet and Annie from AMC.

Go and see who won the most handsome poll (no surprise!!) and later, vote for you you'd like to have as your dinner companion. There will be TWO winners, first and second place to see who people would like to partake a little nosh with. 

THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone!!! xxxoo



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  2. I really enjoyed this week in GH!!!
    not the best but way better than what it was the last few months...
    I enjoyed lisa hostage SL,still bad writing, Dante not leaving a cop w/Lisa or mac wanting to give jason a medal LOL But it was fun only because of Brianna Brown great performance...

    I enjoyed the SPinelli scenes because it was light w/Maxie Jason&Sam..
    and I enjoyed Sonny&Alexis scenes..

    The thing that I enjoyed the most was the ELQ scenes we missed Edward so Much,and after seeing him 2 days it was fun!!!
    Edward w/Ethan was hilarious Ethan tried to scheme him but Edward was on to him..
    I really am happy Michael is leaving the mob story to be in ELQ Michael the mobster didn't work at all!!!
    I loved the history part of the story w/the Q's..

    But for me the best part was Jason,he always talked how bad the Q's were,he always saw them as evil and here we are ,Jason didn't talked about them in angry matter but he defend them..
    He convince Sonny that ELQ is the best for Michael and he referred Edward not as Edward but as grandfather TWICE!!!

    I hope w/Monica comes back we will see more Q;s family not just Michael but also Jason,after she calm down from being angry w/him about Jake lol

    I really think GH is looking bright...

  3. WOW, grandfather!! wow!! awesome!

  4. I thought it was so funny how they took Lisa down in the hallway, but the next time you saw her, she was on the floor in a different room being cuffed! C'mon, continuity!

    I enjoyed the Sonny and Alexis scenes (hilarious!) and the Ethan and Kristina scenes. I'm also glad Michael is not going to join the mob. It just doesn't seem like the right fit, and he needs to take his place with the Quartermaine corporation.

  5. This week was worth watching for Sexis alone... love them! I hope Wolf uses them like this more. That is the Sonny I want to see.

  6. Anon: I noticed Lisa in hall and then in the room too...and they DID cuff her, but a minute later she got up with NO CUFFS ON...yeah continuity, hahahaha...

  7. About the spoiler- Lulu and dante brothel s/l, does anyone remember that years ago jason and Sam were in the exact same situation? sam was helping jason and pretended to be a prostitute, he was the customer, then he saved her - I think they were looking for Michael and Kristina who had been kidnapped - those were quite funny scenes LOL

  8. It brings great joy to my heart that Liz and Alexis are the top two choices for dinner companions lol... it took BH's firing/rehiring for me to see just how popular she and her character is. I thought I was the minority.

  9. I love your Blog! Its the best!

  10. One of my clients told me that when Lisa grabbed Robin and held the syringe up to her neck, she raised one hand, and it had a handcuff on it. She said she thinks that whoever took Lisa down thought that she was cuffed, but, as they were called away due to Spinelli's injury, they didn't secure the cuffs onto the other wrist, although they likely thought that they did.

    This made a lot of sense to me, although it still doesn't explain why Lisa was left totally alone . . .

  11. I love your blog too, have for years and years and years. this is a friendly fun place to come.

  12. Great pictures of Jason aka Steve Burton! :) I like the 1st and 2nd picture but not the 3rd.

  13. If there had been some dialog to explain why Lisa was left uncuffed, just a little something, then it would have made sense. In good writing, the audience doesn't have to fill in the blanks themselves, lolol...can't wait for Wolf to take over, praying for a positive change.

  14. Just an observation, but why are both Kristina and Ethan left off this weeks poll question? If I am not mistaken, Ethan was also not included in last weeks "best looking Guy" poll from last week (could be wrong but I don't think so). Also, I follow you on twitter and note that you hardly ever mention either of these characters when making comments about the daily show even if they are being featured?

  15. FROM NC.. I'm sorry, I didn't think of Ethan, you are right!! I did it this morning and tried to get as many in as I could think of. I have included Kristina before-- and wanted to put Molly in.

    I WILL TRY to remember ETHAN...SORRY !!

  16. I love Ethan and Kristina, too, but I can understand how Karen couldn't remember EVERYBODY! LOL

    I know I've really been enjoying them. ♥

  17. AntJoan, thanks for the handcuff explanation, that makes sense. I'm still flummoxed about how she was taken down in one room, but cuffed in another room after the commercial break! LOL

  18. Karen, I haven't watched GH since Jake's death, but I still come to this blog, for your OLTL comments and to keep up with all the great people who post comments. Thank you for all you do for this site!

  19. Karen, this is a wonderful blog :) ! I am hearing from Soap opera network that ABC has turned down offers to sell these shows to other networks. I can't believe the selfishness. I wish thesee shows could be picked up and thrive under new owners/networks.


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