Friday, June 3, 2011

Soap Cancellations: Even Entertainment Weekly GETS it!!

Here's a great little article from Entertainment Weekly about the canning of ABC Soaps. They are a bit in shock that One Life to Live, the ONLY soap gaining viewers is getting the ax!!

excerpt: Remarkably, One Live to Live remained flat this season versus last (1.1) while its numbers went up slightly (from 2.5 million to 2.6 million). And it was the only soap not to dip in the key demo. Every show was down, including The Young and the Restless (1.6 versus last year’s 1.9), General Hospital (1.4 versus 1.5), Bold and the Beautiful (1.0 versus 1.1) and Days of Our Lives (1.2 versus 1.4). Each women 18-49 ratings point equals 659,000 viewers.

Oh, tell it like it is!! They also don't mention that production comes in under budget. Grew despite being the "middle child" and neglected by the network. I'm just happy it got some mainstream press. 

ROXY is in the HOUSE!

Old Face Todd is out and will soon meet New Face--Face to Face. heh... We're waiting on Matthew's prognosis and Clint's still on the verge of flatlining. AND Natalie should listen to the paternity tape today (I hope). Patrick Thornhart was mentioned,  Ted King is looking yummy and Tess is still crazy as hell.
Fun Friday in Llanview!!



  1. I love Ted King in this role so much better than I loved him as Alkazar! Not really liking this version of OFT so much- hope it gets better. I know they have to bring Jess back eventually, but I am going to really miss Tess when she's gone! This Joey is really starting to annoy me. I think they should bring back Nathan Fillion for the end!

  2. I bet OLTL pulls all the stops out for the end.And I believe Clint will get Matthews heart.And Destiny will be preggers with Matthews baby.TADA I could be a writer lol

  3. Yeah Mamasplat I have been thinking that if Matthew dies, then I want Destiny to get pregnant!! So a piece of Matthew lives on! And that Nora and Bo can have a grandchild! :) We both can be a writer! :)

  4. I hope RH gets to "unzombie" for the Todd-off. I kept waiting for him to moan, "Braiiins..."

    OLTL rocks my socks!

  5. bumchickabowbow hahaha Todd moaning braiiiiiins! ROFL! Glad he escaped!! :)

  6. Hey Sonya lets tell ABC to hire us and still kick Guza just for heck of it lol

  7. ABC is getting rid of all soaps including GH. At this point, I don't think ratings matter to them. They just want out and into reality tv.
    Ravenvbeauty is hinting at another big shake-up behind the scenes. I think it's jill pharren phelps that may be going.

  8. I can't watch the jasam wedding. I refuse. I think their continuing Guza's stories. Liz may test with johnny. Why not Jax and Liz?

  9. I still can't believe One Life to Live and All My Children got canceled. I'm a dedicated Days of Our Lives fan, which is also going through major changes. New writers, no more Crystal Chappell...just glad it's still on the air!

  10. OLTL could be a kick ass prime time show on once a week. It's better than most of the prime stuff that is out there!

    Mamaspot I love the idea of a Destiny/Matthew baby, I don't like that they are killing Matthew off... but that would help!

    What makes me so sad about GH being cancelled is that they have such a great group of actors. These people have had horrible stories to work with and yet the bring it day in and day out. I hope they all find jobs with the remaining soaps (for as long as they are around) or can break into prime time.

  11. It cannot have effect as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I suppose.


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