Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday...Fire! Bullets! Hostages!

OMG, looking at the Spoilers, you can tell that GUZA is in charge still. Just the Lucky spoiler alone makes that clear.

OLTL: It took me a minute today to figure out which Todd fathered which kids. Trevor's Todd fathered Sam only. Roger's Todd fathered everyone else. Good Gravy! LOL and ROXY FOUND THE TAPE!! :twirling: 
Ok, I had to pick Jack up and people on Twitter told me about the end of OLTL..OH. MY GOD, does that show rock or what!!!!!!

GH: Sonny talking about "wacking" LOL.... 
Robin talking to Jax was a bit bizarre, they are totally making Jax the "AJ" of the whole damn show. Telling Olivia to basically  spy on everyone. god. He'll be on a meat hook soon.


LISA escaped Shadybrook..hahahhaa. Oh, GH you are priceless. 

Tracy and Carly. Carly saying that Jax knew who she was when he married her-- and Tracy knew who Luke was when she married HIM.  Interesting. Carly and Shawn are so fake. HATEE

I still don't buy Steve/Olivia at all... Johnny and Olivia happened naturally I think.

NOTE: I don't watch DOOL but big things seem to be happening there. Read Daytime Confidential's take on the whole thing! 

CASEY ANTHONY: is just THE BIGGEST FATTEST LIAR EVER.........OMG. Wow. And she's #toast. wow.


  1. i have to say that i haven't been keeping up with the Casey Anthony trial--actually i hadn't even heard about it until you started writing about it (i guess i was in a vacuum or something. I was just reading an article online because you got me curious, and i am wondering what is wrong with that woman. Is she just a pathological liar? There is no way that she didn't kill her daughter.

    OLTL was great today. I cannot believe that Patrick Thornhart is alive. I wasn't watching back when he was on, but in the last few years its been kind of hard not to hear things. Poor Marty. Poor Cole.

  2. Yeah Karen I read about the days thing. :) Yeah sorry Ken Corday, but I'm not going to watch days. I'm going to watch Y&R when AMC is over. They have some former AMC people on it AND Genie Frances! :)

    About OLTL

    Patrick IS ALIVE YAY!!!! Nyangel22 I saw Patrick back then! Love him!!! Love him with Marty!!!! :)

    On to GH.

    Maxie and Lulu: Maxie is worried about Lulu! :) Oh a Frisco and Felicia mention YAY!!!!!!

    Maxie and Matt: Sounds like the actress has a cold. But more Frisco and Felicia mention YAY YAY YAY!

    Brenda and Sonny: Oh Brenda your son is not going to have that dead lady in his head! :) He didn't know she is dead and you admitted that! I bet he is going to remember that scream of yours! THAT will be in his head! You scared the hell out of him!

    Sonny and Dante: The line of the day goes to Dante!!

    Dante: You have a corps in your chair.

    ROFL! Yeah Dante he does! ROFL!

    Jax and Robin: Robin won't say anything bad about Carly on the stand?!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!!?!! That's odd. :)

    Jax and Olivia: Now he goes to her to help him on the stand. Zzzzzzzzz. I'm bored with this storyline now.

    Jax and Carly: I'm so bored. Zzzzzzzzz. He has proof that Shawn is bad.

    Matt and Liz: Matt knows that Liz screwed up the paperwork doesn't he?

    Epiphany: YAY SHE IS BACK!

  3. Well, OLTL was pre-empted here due to the aftermath of the tornadoes in the western and central part of the state, and lets face it, people's lives are more imporant than OLTL...BUT, I have the dvr set for soapnet tonight and now I know the ending! Shouldn't have checked this site yet! LOL!

  4. I am still a huge Days fan, and I am sorry to hear they are misusing some of our beloved vets, but this show is just like OLTL and I still think they do a great job using the older cast. I mean Stefano, Victor, Carolyn, Maggie, Bo, Hope, Jennifer...those characters have been on FOREVER. Even the character of sami has been on for about 18 years and they all still have very strong storylines.

  5. This show is offering nothing and changing nothing. It's still the mob/ Guza's show. Dull. I do not understand continuing this path when the ratings are so poor! Liz (RH) may as well not return ( she is to go the route of laura and be crazy until lucky realizes he loves her and saves her). Seriously!? Liz's storyline is aweful. I love Helena , but I would have loved to see her go up against sonny/jason/carly. Shake things up! Jax is roadkill. I love jax but I grow more angry every time I have seen how they treat this character. Then all of a sudden, they will intersperse these foolish storylines with a day of family ( michael/kristina graduation day ) to give the appearance of all being right with the world but, infact, it is not.
    I was really hoping for more after Guza's departure but I don't see it. Sad to end a show with these lead mob characters and all our favorites thrown under a bus or gone.

  6. It's too soon for the show to change thanks to Guza's departure -the episodes still say "written by Robert Guza Jr."- so try not to be too discouraged due to the lack of immediate impact.

    I haven't seen today's show yet but I got so happy reading Epiphany's name! I have missed her SOOOO much~ Every time I see her in the opening credits I get sad, assuming we'll never see here again. Reading her name has me excited about today's show~

  7. Karen, OLTL is pretty frickin awesome. I don't know if the show has been like this all the time, but there isn't a moment wasted with overacting or repetitive recaps and I actually am looking forward to watching each ep. I know you had a problem with the slow Todd build, but (according to ABC promos) he'll be free this week - so that means he'll only have been sequestered for about six days. Right? Well, eight years and six days :).

    OLTL honestly leaves GH in the dust. Seriously. (and I only recognize half the characters)

  8. I have to point out (in case you didn't see it)...on last week's "the Soup", Joel showed some weird clip from "Bold & the Beautiful" where Hunter Tylo was hallucinating about some guy in a banana hammock.

    Joel's response after the clip ended? "And this is one of the shows they didn't cancel!"

  9. I am still hoping for a happy ending for Marty, the real Patrick and them doing the happily ever after thing, please, please, please.

  10. LMAO Karen I am pretty sure we discussed the paternity of the "Manning" children for a good 10 minutes on Twitter before we got it completely ironed out!!

    OFT (old face Todd) aka Roger
    NFT (new face Todd) aka Trevor

    I'm still cracking up over the whole thing.

  11. I just read the Daytime Confidential was surprised but they need the core of the show backwhich was Marlena and John with the soaps going belly up noone is safe anymore though.

  12. Just thinking today about how well OLTL works and how GH has made some improvement in the last few weeks.

    In the old soap days, there were some days when they concentrated on a couple stories at a time, then the other days of the week were concentrated on 2 or 3 other storylines, so if you were especially interested in one, you'd get it about every other day or so and the stories not so interesting, you could ff or sit thru as you pleased.

    When Guza decided to make Sonny the entire focus, it froze up the show. He was on every day of every week, etc. If his wasn't the storyline you wanted to see--too bad. His was nearly all you got--any other SLs were on about 2 minutes between his scenes. Monotony set in, tedium and repetition. And I grew to hate Sonny. As time passes, I find him sillier and sillier as the tough gangster.

    Today I noticed that we were moving around more on GH and not getting so overdosed on Sonny or Carly. It just seems more interesting lately. Certain things still bore me to tears--Michael and his need to be a criminal is absurd, Lisa escaping for another dose of craziness is overdoing it, but we had a few other things today.

    OLTL continuously does it right--some SLs some days, a new set the next and all keep moving. It doesn't seem to get static. Days with the teens I don't have to watch closely, other days I am glued to my seat. Best of all, very little of it is boring!

  13. I agree Anon that the past few weeks has had some bright spots.

    Lulu's acting for one, spot on. Girl amazes me.

    Maxi has been on which is always a plus. I have grown to really like Matt too.

    Alexis has been on often, miss Diane with her but really enjoyed the Davis girls & her interaction with Jax.

    Scrubs finally got one up on Lisa.

    Kristina & Ethan are finding their way to one another. It will be easy to see who's writing for them from here on however. Finally they will end boring Ethan & Maya althought again they will do it in a way maya would never do.

    Liason got to remember their son together (even though the scenes weren't long enough, I lapped it up). We'll see if today's scene was cut or not. I have to also note that becky looks radiant, for someone who was probably just getting sick about now during taping last month. I dread her replacement. karen have you heard that she's back yet?

    I too cannot stand anything Michael, Sonny, Carly, jason, Sam (unless with her sisters & mother).

  14. LOVED Carly and Tracy together. I need to see more of that...heck, I think C, T, and Helena need a girls night out!


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