Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Helena's Back! Woo Hoo!!

TV Guide sat down with Connie Towers and asked her about her return to GH! First airdate? June 30th!! 

"Helena is intent on keeping the mystery going," Towers says. "She taunts Lucky that he won't really know if he's Aiden's father for another 20 years and that only blood, and time, will tell. She says, 'If the child grows up to be noble and charismatic, he's a Cassadine. If he's a whiskey drinker or drug addict who puts his faith in tramps destined to disappoint him, then he's a Spencer.' It's wonderfully delicious stuff!"
Of course, this being Helena, it all ends with a threat. "She hints that Lucky might not even have Aiden for 20 years," says Towers. "It leaves the door open for a potential kidnapping, which I love!

Also note the Edward/Helena question..who's been wanting that for TEN YEARS!?  Muah! 

OLTL: The Baz kid is so GLEE-type. AT least he's into elecronica. :) heh... 

DAVID VICKERS! ECHO!! LOL.. and my only complaint: The Old Face Skulking Todd is taking way to long to 'show up'. Such a bane of my existence when people come back and it takes so long.  LOVE how New Face Todd roughed up and grabbed stupid Jack's face!!! WOOT!! Rex has power of attorney!! 
Echo took the photos and sent them to Dorian!! hee hee
Jack gets arrested!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG,  "Noir" Spinelli--is going to be on for awhile Good Lord. He's going to be trapped in the 30's or 40's and not know computers. LOL He did call Diane "Cookie" today!! LOL

SO, Guza got to destroy Scorpio-Webber House and the Spencer house. He so hates Laura. LOL

Alec and Anthony Z!! So cute!! Bruce Weitz is a gift to GH...he keeps me laughing. But,  er..where were the GUARDS?? I thought they were all over when Alec was outside. GOD. Alec is a cutie! He walked into Sonny' s house and said "Anthony said hi"!!

YEA! Tracy and Lulu... love them JE looked great in her pink blazer. 

Liz tells Nikolas Aiden isn't a Cassadine. That was a let down. geesh..anti climatic. Maybe cause it took forever. Or we never see the kid with either Lucky OR Nikolas?

Billy Warlock had this to say about the Daytime Emmy show:
I thought  it was a pathetic display, personally. I felt they didn't want to put the show on. They certainly didn't help our cause.
I mean, if that's the last airing of the daytime Emmy's... that's not how we want to be remembered. UGH!
 it just feels like another nail in the coffin. I'm annoyed and I'm not even on a show. Are other fellow actors speaking up?


hey! Kimmy IS BACK ON OLTL!!


  1. i loved Kimmy! She and Stacey were so much fun together. I really hope that Stacey shows up again--maybe for Gigi's funeral. that would be cool.

  2. I'm also happy that Kim is coming back to OLTL! I hate to say it but "new" Spinelli is already on my nerves. One bad accent is enough (Shiovan-spellcheck)they could have said he had memory loss due to lack of oxygen which caused him not to remember how to use a computer. Way to much Lucky and Shio and not enough Liz and Nik!


  3. Yeah Karen I LOVE how Todd grabbed Jack!!! :) That Baz guy is annoying. How dare he take Starr's stuff! UGH! I keep wondering is he gay? And then with David, I was thinking David you cheated on Dorian? Oh no! :( Then as it turns out, Echo set it up! So it's like YAY! I'm sorry David. :( I should have had more faith in you. :( But um Echo? Dorian is wondering WHO took the pictures. Nice try. :) I bet it's gonna blow up in your face!

    ON GH.

    Alec, Brenda, and Anthony: Alec had some dialog! Adorable!!!! :)

    Alec and Sonny:

    Alec: Anthony says hello.

    Hahaha awww! Line of the day! :)

    Anthony and Sonny: LOVE IT! What's the matter Anthony? You don't have any comeback? :) Are you scared of Sonny? ROFL!

    Maxie and Jackel PI: It's funny but I hope it's not for too long.

    Maxie and Matt: Matt says that Spinny is healthy? I start thinking that maybe it's psychosematic. Hmmmm. Wait I just had a thought. Maybe he is doing it on purpose?

    Max, Diane, and Sonny: ROFL! Great stuff. Sonny says she doesn't have a filter and Max nods ROFL! Then Diane looks at him and Max shakes his head no ROFL!

  4. Oh I forgot to mention about Nik. In your spoilers Karen it said we would be shocked or surprised (whatever word you used) of Nik's reaction. I'm not! :) It didn't seem strange to me. :) Sounds like he is in denial.

  5. Guza can go you know where. Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers are absolutely burning it up on Y&R! They are fantastic as the married couple that despise eachother, LOL!!!


  7. Is there a reason why you called Stacey "Pee Pee"? Are you 12?

  8. Spinelli is so cute in his usual personality, the other one was good for the black-and-white fantasies, but it's TOO annoying to watch him this way all the time.

  9. Anonymous, that was very rude to Lori. If you had been reading this blog when Stacey was on OLTL, you would know why Lori called Stacey pee pee. If you have a question that's fine, ask it, but there is no need to be so rude...

  10. So, can someone tell me why one would call someone "pee pee"?

  11. Its better than calling them poopoo anonymous

  12. I am so sick of Siobhan. She's boring. Ready for her to leave! Can't take the accent anymore!

  13. "pee pee" is a nickname that came up for Stacey during her whole pg storyline...use your imagine and you can figure it out. It started with a joke and it stuck with the people who are on this site all the time.

  14. Siobhan is definitely the worst. Noir Spinelli is a close second, though.

    I think Lucky and Siobhan are getting a bit more attention because she is clearly being written off. The writing for her is all over the place. She wakes up from her coma and immediately tells Lucky that he's Aiden's father - then tells him she never told him before because it wasn't her secret to tell.. uh, what? But you just told! Then she also rats out Maxie for knowing. It was just an odd scene.

    Like others, I think GH is done in 2012 and they just want to wrap things up neatly and LL2 are easy to write for.

  15. I agree Siobann needs to go. Again, like the Aiden story, we were never shown tgo care about Lucky & the Irish LASS. At least not IMO. Spoilers have her trying to bring charges against Liz for injecting her & trying to kill her? Wonder if Lucky will support this. Spin to me is 100% annoying. I can hardly stop my finger from FF as it is too much to bare. M&M are just so much more interesting. Spixie was cute once, but that time has sailed. I like M&M and I never thought I would!

  16. Ritapita M&M are cute together but boring! I want Spixie back!! :)

  17. Spin is boring and annoying and spixie is just unbelievable.

    Kirsten once again did a good job in all her scenes. This actress has no limits and it's a shame they don't use her more.

  18. Spixie was really cute but they grew very old and boring very quickly. Matt & maxie seem just more plausible. JMO!

  19. I too find Spinelli is annoying. I understand he is going to have a dream where he sees Maxie kiss Sonny. WTF? Does MB have a clause in his contract that he has to make out with ever woman on set?

    I agree KS is an amazing actress with incredible range from drama to comedy. And the character of Maxie has great complexity, from being shallow to caring to insecure to confident. I personally do not like her with Spinelli or Matt (and am sure I will throw up in my mouth a little when i see her with Sonny). I thought her and the old Lucky (GV) were interesting together. I'd like to see them pair her with Steve Webber or even Milo. Perhaps if Dillon comes back they could explore them as a couple or would that be too icky given the Georgie factor? Then again, Sam, Carly, Alexis, Liz have all been with brothers.

  20. Frisco don't forget Sam also slept with her mothers hubby, too. YUCK

  21. Anon - Don't forget Carly! She also slept with her Mommy's hubby, as well. And not just as a one night stand thing, but as a "relationship" thing. So disturbing.

    I'm actually surprised that Sam and Carly aren't best friends. They have SO much in common.


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