Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crazy Lisa's On the LOOSE!!

Yesterday's show was so fun..her face popping up. Dante not handcuffing her right and Mac/Ronnie just hanging around outside. LMAO. 

New Spoilers are up-- not a lot of them. I think the scoops are on lock down.  Or Garin Wolf is. "Wolf" as I say 

Lucky almost drank.. REBECCA IS BACK! Oh so good to see her!! I think I really want L&L2 back. Box Car Forever!! She told Lucky about Aiden but he's pissed she didn't tell him earlier. Geesh, can those guys cry or what? LOL "you saved me tonight Elizabeth"....


Lisa injected herself!! Kudos to Brianna Brown because she rocked that Lisa part. This was a good scene. KUDOS. I don't say that often. Mac was on!!

Maxie crying to Dante about Spinelli jumping in front of her. sniff Spinelli dreams his gumshoe dream while he's being operated on. He wakes up as "Noir Spin" as I'll call him.

WOW, I actually enjoyed today's show!! It was balanced, fun.. and had a lot of characters on! Even the Spin stuff made me smile. SO there you go! LOL

 From Twitter:
@BrownBrianna: My final performance on General Hospital is this afternoon on ABC! It's a good one! : )”



  1. Hell has frozen over - Karen liked an episode of GH! :O


  2. Lisa and Patrick: Wait wait wait!!!!!!! I thought Robin was supposed to stick the needle in her?! Karen didn't you have a spoiler about Robin doing it?

    Mac and Robin: He likes when she scolds him!! ROFL! She wants Mac and Patrick to make peace. :) LOVE IT! :)

    Liz and Lucky: Well yeah Liz of course Aidan will look like Lucky!!! Cus Johnathan Jackson's son will be playing Aidan! :)

    Spinny: Oh oh he has that black and white movie voice!!! :)

  3. SONYA!! I did have Robin sticking her!! LOL.. which was why I was surprised. I'm glad...having her do it herself was way more dramaz!!

  4. Yeah Karen it surprised me when Patrick did it too! :) I love when I'm surprised! :) And yes Robin doing it, is way more drama! ROFL!

  5. I love how Liz thinks having a kid obligates the father to her. That is why she said she didn't want to tell Lucky because she didn't want him to feel obligated to HER. He is only obligated to his son. Would have loved to hear him say that.

  6. Yay! Today was good! Becky's back! The truth is out! *throws confetti* JJ & Becky were awesome today. I loved when Lucky pushed the drink away and then reached out for Elizabeth's hand...ahh. Permanent Lock ♥

    Elizabeth mentioned Helena woot! Hells is just around the corner.Can't wait!

    Spin made me laugh. That voice is hilarious. I loved when he fell from the ceiling the other day that made me crack up. Loved Maxie scenes too. KS was great. I'm actually starting to miss Spixie. I really loved them in the beginning.

    BB seriously kicked butt as that fruitloop Lisa. Lisa's crazy smile is almost as hilarious as Franco's. Almost.

  7. I feel like it's been getting better the past few days. I've watched more GH this week than I have in months. Keeping my fingers crossed it stays on the upswing. Can't wait for the Qs to come back. Dear God, please let the PTB bring back AJ. I'm desperate for Billy Warlock.

  8. I have to say I have enjoyed the show lately, seems like there has been more balance and I have seen a lot more characters onscreen, not just the same two or three or so. Hope it keeps up and gets better - I too want more Quartermaines and hopefully Cassadines, however they can manage to do it!

  9. I was so happy to see Becky back, especially for the big reveal. Loved that JJ thanked her, Tony G. and Tyler at the Emmies. I was hoping Siobhan would wake up minus the accent, LOL. Wondering what's up with Lisa - she is not dead. After reading something on the Soapzone message boards, I checked Wikipedia, and Stephanie Gatschet is listed as Lisa Niles starting 7/27/11. What's up with that?

  10. Love that Becky was back for the reveal and even loved that it wasn't spoiled as it was a nice surprise. You're right Karen,t hose two can cry!


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