Thursday, June 9, 2011

Today's GH--Charity Auction--HOT HOT HOT

I'm not watching-- please let me know if it's worth the DVR sign on!! Looks like Michael is ON AGAIN, and Liz sees things and JaSam talk about the future. You think I'm missing much? Nahhhhhh.

I Love the "hair poll" on my site! It's fun. I really want Maxie to win so I can put up a ton of her hair-dos. LOL. Carly's ahead though. She also has fun hair styles. 

RUMOR: Dillion Q is being recast. I know that Scott Clifton is on another show doing well, so boo that he's not coming back. I loves him. 

IT's it hot where you are? Finally-- but we skipped SPRING! I miss that cool weather. LOL. Oh well. 


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  1. It is pretty hot here in Missouri, and we have to deal with the cicadas too!
    But I guess I will take that over the tornadoes...

    With Becky out, I will not watch,even though there are Liz scenes.

  2. They could cast Dillion with JPL (Rex) as soon as OLTL is over--the acting styles were so simular--except Clifton is FAR the better actor. Clifton made the part of Dillion and it simply won't be the same. Loved him on GH and on OLTL.

  3. the weather, well, last few days we had rain, summer for 3 days and now are in the moonsoon season apparently......:O)
    That's it from Crystal lake!!

  4. YES, JPL would be a GREAT CHOICE!!
    You know I love Scott.

  5. I live in Detroit and it's been in the 90's all this week. I've been trying to dress my boys comfortably for their last week of school but it's tuff with the dress code policy. I only caught the last 10 minutes of GH. I don't like the whole Krissy/Ethan thing but I am looking forward to the Alexis/Sonny scenes I've always enjoyed them together (non sexual)!


  6. Not interested in krissy ethan at all, so did not watch.

  7. Karen you didn't watch GH today? Well okay here is what happened. You should watch today! :)

    Alexis, Carly, and Sonny: Oh great scene!!! They are talking about Micheal's graduation party! :) Carly talks about if she sees Brenda play hostess her head will explode! ROFL! And then Alexis leaves and Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Molly and Alexis: Great scene!!! ROFL! Molly tells her that she helped Kristina go to the Dominican republic! ROFL! And that Ethan and Maya are over so Kristina and Ethan went there to make it official! ROFL! Alexis says she is going to get a heart attack! ROFL! Alexis should have asked her make WHAT official? :) Man I wish Stefan was still on GH!!! Too bad he is in Ginoa City in a coma ROFL!

    Ethan and Krissy: Poor hungover Ethan ROFL! He looks awful. Oh look their hotel room has only one bed. Just like Luke and Laura had when they were on the run. :) Krissy is on the phone alone and says, You are helping me pull off the best sleep over ever! Yeah she sounds like a 15 year old!!! She almost sounded like a valley girl! Like you are like helping me like pull off like the best sleep over ever! :) And there she goes again saying she is almost 19 UGH! No you are not!

    Alexis and Sonny: She had to go tell him that Krissy and Ethan went to the Dominican republic to get married! ROFL!

    Michael and Abby: She decides to get back together with him! UGH! No Abby no!! Not until he decides not to become a mobster!!! Damn it Guza!!

    Lisa and Johnny: She is SO playing him! Johnny says I will help you but I didn't say I trust you. Well gee if you don't trust her why help her?

    Lisa and Papa Z: He is helping her!! He took her someplace to live so she can plan! :) Wait this place looks like the Brownstone! Nah. Hmmm. Check it out and see!


    Ron Carlivati yeah I heard so it's official?!!?!?! YAY! :) He is from Rochester? NY? :)

  8. Genie francis was absolutely fantastic in young and the restless today. I recommend watching the last 15 min of this show even though you may not be watching, to witness the great scene between her and tristan rogers. Shame on you GH for not giving her this opportunity.

  9. Actually, Kristina IS nearly 19...and I loved Ethan and Kristina's scenes today. :-)

  10. Anonymous how can Kristina be nearly 19 when she just turned 18? Is her birthday around the corner? ROFL! Wow quick birthday ROFL!

  11. Not the OP Anon, but Kristina turns 19 this November. And Anon 5:53, I loved Ethan and Kristina's scenes, too!

  12. Krissy does not look her age. I'm sorry, but she looks and acts very childish. I cannot be a fan of her and ethan but I am happy for those that like this couple because , at least, you are getting to enjoy a couple that you like. My couple, liason, will probably never be on screen again. I hope that the writers will improve the storylines and include veterans back into the show. Then maybe I can watch a full episode of GH before it gets cancelled.

  13. Supposedly a little over one mor month of Guza's storylines. Please let this pass quickly. This show needs a change and quickly. This is aweful, boring.


    Yes, he's from Rochester

  15. You're welcome Karen! :) And I didn't know he lives in Rochester where I live!!! Awesome!

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