Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Soap Lather

Love this on Lexi!! 
Well, there are a million articles out there on how LAME the Daytime Emmys were... One great piece in the LA Times says it all. 
Nancy Lee Grahn on the Emmys: Regarding Emmy experience; some things are better left unsaid.

OLTL was usual!! Those babies are darling!! Sam's getting some airtime...just when I though he was evaporated. Side note: Joey's hair looks like Low Flow shower head from Seinfeld. Glad he threw out  Aubrey. LOL Wonder who is in that hotel room that Tomas was in. Hmmmm...HIS WIFE!! WOW!! 
Starr and some random guy the college. Someone on Twitter said he's a newbie and his name is BAZ. ahhhaha. BAZ.
Clint and Rex's scene was great. 
Is Tess merged with Jess? Cause Jessica sure remembered that 'she' was with Ford!! Or was Ford THAT good??  Heh

General Hospital:  Lisa is really wacky.. LOL.. Liz messes up the meds and the cops can't get into the Hospital LOCKDOWN! whoops. Uh...that's why you HAVE lockdowns. Oh, nevermind.

Lisa questioning Patrick: DID you ever LOVE ME?? He should have lied. LIED. LOL. Steve could have sang her a song with his guitar.  The only part I thought was cool was Maxie's speech. Lisa "PULL OUT THE HIV CARD"!! heh

Mac says if Jason saves everyone he can have a medal!! wow.... He even knew the CODE FOR THE Security system! Oh how nice. He really IS the best man ever.  Then, Mac and Ronnie stand outside and argue,  Lucky just LEAVES---which means Jason and Dante are the only ones left. First he burns down a house, now he leaves a crisis because he's upset??
 BTW, They should have drilled thru the wall to put a fiber optic in and a sniper. Or pumped gas in. Don't they watch any cop shows? 

Patrick's shot. Lisa's down. Hysterical. They leave Lisa laying there because ..well, no other police even bothered coming into the hospital.  OMG. Hahhhhaa.

No comment on the repetitive  never ending AZ stuff. SS

I kinda wish they had thrown in a fire or some toxic balls to jazz it up LOL.

Note: Ronnie is now he bad guy, so glad Jason could run around with the police at the hospital.



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  2. On OLTL that guy's name is Baz? What kind of name is that? ROFL! He is so annoying! He is touching Starr's stuff!! What the hell?!!?! Little Sam was great with RH's Todd or whomever he is ROFL!

    GH today. The scene inside of the room with Lisa was great!!! Spinny's lungs were being filled up with blood oh no! :( I like him! I don't want him to die!! Sure he is annoying sometimes and inappropriate but I don't want him to die. The outside with the cops were strange! Guza you made no sense!!! Dante wants Jason the mob enforcer aka the hero to help him?!!?! HUH?! Mac let's this happen! And wants to put a metal on Jason's chest? HUH?!?!!

    Lucky walks out of there and disobeys Mac's orders?!! HUH?! Lucky get back and be professional!!! Mac you are not going to fire him are you? Lisa runs and Dante jumps her! ROFL! I love that! But when she wakes up she grabs Robin and threatens her with a needle! I was wondering why didn't Dante put the handcuffs on her when he tackled her!! Someone told me that he DID put the cuffs on her. Umm okay. Then I am so confused ROFL! How did she get out of the cuffs then?

    Papa Z so you want your son to throw you off the balcony? ROFL!

    Papa Z: Should I send you a thank you card?

    ROFL! I think that is the line of the day. :)

  3. Baz is short for Sebastian, sounds like he will be around for a while. I won't say anymore as I know Karen is spoiler free!

    I thought the emmys were absolutely awful. Happy LW won though.

  4. Karen, the first time Tess emerged she fell in love with Nash- Jessica was with Antonio then but wound up falling for Nash. I have no spoilers on this, but there is history that Jess could fall for Tess' man...I'm kind of wondering where Matthew scenes are? I know there is a lot going on, but last I knew the doctor said Matthew could be in for a long hard recovery or that opening his eyes might be as good as it gets, and today Starr said that he is moving and talking? I'd just rather see it than hear about it...Lexie looked beautiful and Haley is so cute!

  5. Aubrey Baz is short for Sebastian I never knew that. I like the name Sebastian. :) I hope he doesn't stay to long!

  6. I tried watching GH today, I really want to for as long as its on, but geesh, does Ronnie ever shut up? I had to turn the sound off...I hope dante the pain gets in trouble over the cuffs thing, whatever that was about, its like they changed their mind mid scene but forgot she had the on one wrist???

  7. Me again, forgot to say, I love Blair, she is one of favorites, but I so do not care about her and Tomas, definitely not working, no cares I think, and WHY is she there instead of at the police staton?

  8. I do believe that Bob Guza has been systematically working to destroy most of the major characters on the show - Carly and Jason being the exceptions. Even Sonny has become more cold and angry. The story lines have become more and more hostile. I also do not believe a head writer would systematically write a show into the ground unless he was told to do so. I think Mr. Guza may have sold his soul, such as it is, to bosses who decided he should be the fall guy. I have read that there are rumors JFP may also go. If that happens I don't think Frons is far behind. ABC Daytime is pretty much trashed and someone is going to have to take the blame, and it sure isn't going to be Anne Sweeney. The Mouse House is in a world of hurt, and as far as I'm concerned, it couldn't happen to a better rodent.

    And yes, the Emmys were awful!

  9. Do the writers even remember when they had Mac say that he never wants the PCPD to work with the mobsters again, yet they have him drooling all over Jason to help?

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    Why didn't all the hostages just rush Lisa, she couldn't have shot everyone, and they'd be better off than sitting there and being shot one by one.

    Mac wanted Jason in there because his beloved daughter and niece were in there, and he just wanted to save them, and the way Jason is written in the show, he is the man to do it. Any father/uncle would do the same.

  12. You looks awesome like your photographs.

  13. WTF do these idiots post their crap on here? Go away.

    Lexi's photo is stunning, love it.

    Sickening that St. Jasus again is allowed access as if he were the damn sheriff.

  14. I usually have a problem with Jason being the "hero" in every case but this time I understand Mac not caring who went in there just as long as everyone including his girls were saved! Notice how when lisa was passed out the made sure to show all of the paper clips that had fallen around her. I guess that was their way of explaining how she got free from the cuffs (whatever).


  15. OMG, look at that PROZAC spam message!! ahahhaah I left it up because it's hysterical.

  16. Lexi still looks like a little girl even dressed up. not an insult. they need to pair her up with a younger actor.

  17. Lexi is a beautiful young woman! I'm glad TPTB appear to be ignoring the pearl clutchers and haters and are going with Ethan and Kristina. All parties are legal and the age difference is minimal, so there is no problem. They are GREAT together and they have tons of fans. Size shouldn't matter where love is concerned. :-)

  18. I'm sorry, the appearance matters. Lexi looks quite young for her age. Ethan looks older than his age ( wonder how old he really is ?). I think krissy is cute but I don't like the pairing with Ethan and if she were my daughter , I wouldn't want this. Krissy is still a very immature person.I don't care usually about age differences but I do find a problem with a high school age ( granted she graduated on GH ) girl dating a man in his mid 20's. I remember how she treated ethan in the past and although they have gotten through this I don't like the pairing. I would be all for her dating some guys her own age in college. They could make her story interesting adding a cast of college friends to interact with.

  19. Well, thankfully, they're not going to do that, and I'm glad. Love them.

  20. Shoot I take prozac and would never buy it online dumba**

  21. i hope that the Q's do return and I hope everything mob goes. Like romance but ethan and krissy bore me. I would tune in for romance with other couples.Hope monica shakes things up!


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