Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Face Transplant

So.. Ron Carliveti is indeed coming to GH once OLTL wraps up. This is good news for ME because you know I think OLTL is a great soap that uses ALL characters, doesn't block tape all the time and is exciting. I'm not sure GH will last much longer but hopefully if it DOES--it will be a great ride. 


This week on GH was interesting, especially the lighter touches. I think Wolf gave Sam her little 'woman's lib' speech, don't you?! Also the Sexis stuff was grand. I think Nancy and Maurice did a lot of their own stuff. I even chuckled a bit.  Vanessa tweeted her last days from the set. You saw the photos I put up.  So, there's a year of Brenda Down the Drain.  Looks like she's going to get mad at Sonny for helping Carly win custody of Josslyn. Hmmmm..

Well, there is a lot of work to be done, we know that. Wolf has said "Sometimes they come back" and there's a rumor on Raven's page that JPL (Rex/OLTL) may be the recast for Dillion Q. Meaning, maybe the Q's will be back in business! He can get back Wally Kurth for me too! She also mentions a younger actress coming over but I have no clue which one. My JFP rumor is on there as well, we've both heard she's out. 

New writers, new actors-- possibly new producer. Does this mean GH has a chance? At least a year.  Maybe a miracle will happen and it will be SO GOOD the ratings will go up to 5.0 again (ahahaha) and we'll be sitting pretty. I was thinking about product placement as a means to make money.  Think about it. Samsonite luggage for Carly to pack with-- Stoli Vodka at Jake's, Joss using Huggies. What the heck. 

RATINGS: Holy Moly.... Soap Opera Souce is reporting that GH hit new lows...and was the LOWEST WATCHED SOAP ON THE AIR.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,696,000 (+49,000/-276,000)
2. B&B 2,778,000 (-54,000/-202,000)
3. OLTL 2,456,000 (-44,000/+68,000)
4. AMC 2,344,000 (-59,000/-15,000)
5. DAYS 2,340,000 (-1,000/-210,000)
6. GH 2,252,000 (-196,000/-160,000) <---- new low *

Jamey Giddens over On Daytime Confidential wonders if this is due, in part, to the Couric announcement. Hmmm, maybe so, but if you're not "in the net loop" you might not have even realized the impact that could have. Since they only count Nielson families, it COULD be the fact that GH is just plain dull right now. Vanessa Marcil announced her leaving as well-- many that tuned in for SnB are tired of being yanked around with people back and forth. This is NOT good news. Especially with GH's fate hanging in the balance. My other thought is (and yes, I'm saying it out loud)--will the actors jump ship knowing they have a 1 or 2 years left? Sad, sad situation.

Check out the new campaign to involve your cable providers SudzTV Not sure what I think about it yet, I need to take a look at it myself!

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Sexis on a Plane!! 

New scoops are UP. Looks like Lulu's going to "Florida" where she meets one of the newbies, Javier. :rolleyes: 
NEW POLL as well, another fun one--why not? And See who WON Best hair by only 50 votes.


  1. Karen, Well, you and I, at least, are up early on a Sunday morning (I actually work Sundays, Saturday is my only day off.)

    I think that the ratings sank because S&B'ers, like me, are soooo heartbroken that Vanny is leaving, that we can't bear to watch.

    I'm still watching, but don't know how long I'll last if they start showing S & B on the skids. You know, I waited 12 years for them to marry, and don't feel that I can stand to have my heart broken again. I wanted my happy ending soooo much, I am soooo sad.

    I truly don't know what to do, but, like I said, if I decide to give it up, I'll have to give up all things GH, and just keep Sonny and Brenda together in my head.

  2. Personally, I am over it...I cant watch anymore Guza stories. I may return if GW can get it together. I would love to see a show that was balanced and uses it's whole cast. To be honest, I am over Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam. Any story that doesn't involve them..I can get on board with. I still read your blog to see if things change...but so far haven't watch a full episode in a very long time.

  3. AntJoan, I think Vanessa leaving is really going to impact the show. PLUS INGO---PLUS Tyler... no one wants to invest anymore!

  4. i,m a huge S&B and Vanessa fan that stop watching the show cuz I hate what they are doing to my favorite couple of all time the last time I watch the show was for their lovely wedding and when they cut their honeymoon I was so pissed that I stop watching the show for good but I,M still hope that my favorite couple will get their happy ending in the end

  5. The ratings are poor because they continue to make the mob the focus! It's as simple as that. There is no balance. They continue to ruin characters outside of the mob circle because in Guza's eyes, the mob could do no wrong. I do not have any interest in seeing Carly and Jason telling off Jax day in and day out.I don't have an interest in watching jason continue to give support to selfish shreiking Carly and continue to ruin his own life as well as other's lives for sonny.
    I even had a different take on the Maxi and Jason talk. It was nice but it made me angry. Diego alcazar was the text message killer taking revenge because Jason killed his father and Sam nearly killed him. Jason's actions for Sonny got georgie killed. It's amazing how everyone forgives him, including monica ( forgave him for Emily's death ) but he will not forgive Luke. I am not seeking foregiveness for Luke's drunk ridiculous behavior but the one sidedness of this show is tiresome.
    The characters are dull and the storylines are dull and predictable.After the show is over a voice comes on to say thank for watching sonny, brenda and port charles gang ( something to that effect ). All the beloved characters are dead or gone. Any character left, like Liz or jax , is not given a story and is ruined.
    Love stories or romance is seriously missing and , if it happens, it's between people that the majority of fans don't like or care about.
    Sorry, I was a longtime fan for years but now I am sad at how poor this show is . I haven't watched a show on tv from beginning to end in years.
    The new writers have a long way to go to improve this show and it takes more than just a few endearing scenes thrown in here and there. They would have to listen to fans and actually switch the focus of the show ( huge ). I know some actors may not like this or be on board as it means less airtime for their golden boys, Sonny and Jason. It would also mean less screen time for Carly.
    Stop dragging out storylines! Y and R is refreshing because their stories actually wrap up in a timely fashion. Have mor respect for women!

  6. Those ratings are deserved. Too mobcentric. No romance. Boring.

  7. They need to listen to fans and they don't. They play clear favorites on this show.

  8. How funny that JPL may be doing the Dillion role. I honestly think the reason OLTL let go of Clifton was because the two actors' styles were so simular, although Clifton is far the better actor. I mentioned this casting possibility in a posting somewhere only last week...

    Do you think Frank Valentini will come to GH as Exec Producer to replace JFP? He certainly seems to know how to run a show, keep within budget, use actors well and get ratings up without stunts. At least he has done it with OLTL the last couple years. (Lot of good it did that show in the end!)

    What if Robin Strasser showed up in PC as a CEO corporate lady and tried to take over ELQ? Or as a fashion magazine editor? WOW, that would work.

    I don't mind Vanessa leaving--I've always believed Jax was her true love and Sonny was just a youthful stupidity. Love to see them leave together--except I respect her so much less now for bothering with Sonny at all and going so far as marrying the slimy gangster. Shows she hasn't gained in intelligence.

    Just hope all these changes bode well for Nancy, my favorite actress on the show. It is time to let her shine!

  9. I tihnk the rating are low because people are finally tired of Carly, Jason, Sonny, and Sam stroking each others egos. I don't know how many times a week you hear from the characters saying "You are/were a great parent/person"
    Give me a break. My head hurts with all the eye rolling I have done watching them.

  10. I stopped watching after hearing they were writing Elizabeth off and the Jake story. I can't take killing a child to bring on another baby. And if I am being honest, I like my TV. I don't want to throw something at it if I have to hear "Sonny, you are a good father" or "Carly, you are a good mother" or "Jason, you were a good father", one more time.
    I can not stand to hear Jason talk about Luke and I refuse to hear Jason and Carly trash Jax.
    If they make Carly the one who hit Jake and that sends Jason to Shadybrook, if Sonny cracks up over Brenda leaving him for Jax and finding Joss isn't Jax's baby but really Sonny's and Brenda son is Jax's and that sends him to Shadybrook and Carly is left alone and leaves town I might watch again. If the PCPD are the good guys and Lucky finds Jake alive and Lucky brings him home to Elizabeth....well I guess you get the picture. So I'm thinking I won't be back but I do read just in case. I've loved GH for so long I would love to watch again.

  11. Genie Francis had me cracking up on Y and R. Her performance is fantastic as a female villain. Refreshing to watch her range. Too bad GH wanted to play her as meek.

  12. Upcoming scenes again are focused on Sonny and his kids ( their graduation ). I'm sure there will be the usual , "you're a good father" discussion and how much he loves his kids. This will translate into a jasam scene to say that they should have a baby. Boring. They will, however, throw in NLG who is refreshing and funny. Most of it will be Sonny and Carly are fantastic and their kids are wonderful.
    They wonder why the show is tanking :) .

  13. Thhey will prop up their favorites in the upcoming week. Still Guza. Help us! :)

  14. All I have to say is show fans some love and they will return it by watching and buying products. Fans have clearly told them what they want but you have Frons pushing his own agenda. I 'm not sure much will change. Raven is saying that a Frons favorite will return to GH. I am not sure that's a good thing.

  15. there's a rumor on Raven's page that JPL (Rex/OLTL) may be the recast for Dillion Q.
    Yeah Karen I saw that. JPL as Dillon. Yeah I can see that!!! :) That would be a great recast I think.

  16. Anonymous, I agree...Genie is great on Y and R. So is Tristan Rogers. Friday was what Karen would call 'soapy goodness'. Almost every cut to ad was a cliffhanger.

  17. I can't stand watching Michael right now (it's not the actor). I wish he'd just have a peeing contest & get it over with already. Like being in the mob which ruined his life is the only way to prove he's a man. And anyone who doesn't agree with the mob life is vilified. Like choosing a life of violence against others is a good thing. UGH!! Same old dialogue so often with all the mob characters & now Lulu in denial. Good actors, but only so much they can do with such dismal material to work with.

  18. I'm a little behind, but I agree that the storylines are dull. It also didn't help that it was announced COuric will take over the GH timeslot. A lot of people could be thinking the end is near and why watch anymore.


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