Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nelson Branco Leaves TV Guide Canada

Michael Fairman interviewed Nelson Branco, writer of "The Suds Report" for TV Guide Canada. Nelson abruptly left twitter awhile ago and then his column was gone from the mag and online. Nelson has been a soap supporter and journalist for many years and is known for his gossip, interviews and juicy blind items. He is currently working on the Marilyn Dennis show out of Toronto. I for one will miss his humor and candor! 

I am DVRing both OLTL and GH again today.. Casey Anthony trial is too good today. SORRY!! Sonya-- or Lori!!? HELP!


  1. Sad. I liked his column. The soap opera genre is truly dying.... :(

  2. Ok today's recap is being brought to you by the Casey Anthony Trial LOL Here we go :)

    Carly accuses Jax of wanting to give Michael a job to make it look good infront of the child courts for Joss's custody. Normal bickering ensues. Michael turns down the job and tells Jax if he wants to help he should agree to joint custody of Joss. Michael totally goes off on Jax saying that child shouldn't have to chose between the parents, really great scenes! (WTG Wolf, the teen tells the adults to behave like ADULTS!)

    Abner and Jason are still chatting on the couch. Jason outlines the whole Sonny/Carly/AJ deal and how he thought he was saving Michael by taking him from the Qs because AJ was so screwed up.

    Lucky and Liz can't reach Nikolas. They are trying to decide if they should go out to Windemere about Aiden. They discuss how the court isn't going to believe the new test over the old tests.

    Lulu agrees to take a job as waitress at the brothel so she can get more information on Luke from the owner dude (Javier)It's basically blackmail because he says if she doesn't do it he will warn Luke to stay away. Lulu ends up in her first Hooker Suit. Lavender with black lace trim, saloon style, naturally.

    Dante is chatting it up with brunette hooker (sorry, I don't know her name)She thinks he has performance issues because he only wants to talk. Mindless conversation with no plot progression. Dante doesn't see Lulu coming down the stairs but she sees him leaving.

    Carly goes to Jason about the whole Michael situation. Jason tells her she is over reacting, that it is only a couple months. Carly wants Jason to talk Michael out of it. Jason refuses, says that Edward is Michael's great grandfather and he will not tell Michael which way to choose. Jason mentions that Alan and AJ are gone and Edward is all alone. Carly is afraid Michael will turn into AJ. Jason tells her to concentrate on Joss because Michael will be fine. Jason says Carly might drive Michael crazy some times but he won't ever hate her - I cracked up

    Liz calls Sam over (yeah it's as weird as it sounds)to see if Sam thinks Jason would like something as a keepsake other than the toy motorcycle. Liz ends up spilling the beans about Aiden's paternity. Some really odd bonding going on between Liz and Sam, the fan bases probably imploded lol

    Lucky sees Nik at Windemere. Lucky says they need to talk about the situation. Nik says there is nothing to discuss. Take another test, no I won't do another test, blah blah.

    Sam heads home and tells Jason that Aiden is Lucky's son. Said she doesn't think Liz could tell Jason herself. The discussion leads in to romantic-ish JaSam discussion where he says she is perfect... except her cooking. (I like this injection of humor we were getting here or there)Sam asks Jason how he really felt about the pregnancy test. Jason admits that he thought it would have been "cool" if she had been pregnant. (and the JaSam fans sigh with happiness :D )

    Lucky heads back to Liz's after seeing Nik. She says that she wishes Emily were still around. Lucky says Nik knows Aiden is his, he could see it in Nik's eyes.

    Today's show was a little odd, a little jumpy, not much plot progression. However it wasn't same plots being rehashed and there was a lot of really old back story being told for new viewers who may not have been around SJB originally played Carly.

  3. STill absolutely hate that Liz goes through Sam instead of Jason in ANY Jake scenes. STUPID. They have been freinds for YEARS. They should have more bonding over Jake than the very few scenes we got.

  4. Lori, that makes me puke about Liz & Sam and to be honest, even Sam & Jason scenes. But thanks for the warning ; )

    Anon, I agree with you. Here we go again re-writing history. Liz can be a bit self riteous so no one believes she would forgive Sam over what Sam did all those years ago when Jake was a bambino. For that matter, those that know Jason morgan know he wouldn't forgive her, either. Where's Maxie?

  5. I guess I'm one of those few fans that actually like both Sam and Liz. I happen to like that they are attempting to make them friends, as weird as it was that Liz called Sam.

    And loved Jason calling anything at all cool, its just so out of character for him.

  6. Lots of Q history and AJ talk over the last few days... dare I hope??

    Karen - did you see TSJ is out at OLTL? Guess we know who the real Todd is now. I loved RH back in the day, but his acting is not what it used to be. Hope its just that his storyline has been kind of boring. I love TSJ, so not sure how I feel about this!

  7. Superhero Sonya and Superhero Lori to save the day! ROFL! Just kidding. :) Lori you did a great job with the recaps! :) I didn't watch it at 3. I just got done watching it online a little while ago.

    Jason and Abby: Wow! More past history talking!!! :) I really hate how he calls Tony Jones that other guy!!! Some other guy! What the hell?!!?!

    Jason and Carly: More Q history!!! :) LOVE IT!!! Altho Carly is whining about how Edward will turn Michael against her.. Oy!

    Carly and Jax: Now she doesn't want Michael to work with Jax because she doesn't trust him now?! UGH! Carly where the hell do you want Michael to work?! Write a list and then give it to Michael!

  8. I didn't know TSJ was out on OLTL. BUT since it's over anyway..what can you do? ;/

  9. Nelson said some terrible things about some soap actors on his twitter, so I doubt his exit was of his own choosing.

  10. I simply LOVED LOVED LOVED JaSam scenes today!!!! And even the scenes with Sam and Jason talking to others!! Lovely episode!

  11. I couldn't believe that Liz and Sam were chatting like bff's. i'm sorry, but watching as a kid gets kidnapped is something i can't get passed. when that scene came on, it really pissed me off. my poor cousin didn't know what was wrong with me.

  12. I actually did not fast forward through anything today...Ummm

  13. Sam and Liz being friendly is anything but cool guys. Soaps are made of enemies and we thrive off of em!

  14. Rhonda yes we thrive!!!! For example, Lucy and Katherine!!! Especially when they were at the nurses ball! ROFL!

  15. More AJ talk today! Fingers crossed... I would take Sean Kannan, but Billy Warlock is still my first choice.

  16. I stopped watching when Sean Kanan was still AJ so he will always be the only true AJ to me, my head would explode and I'd be riveted if they brought him back. Sadly I think it's more than obvious that if they decide to go that way (and on screen conversation seriously sounds like they plan to) it will be Billy Warlock reprising the role. He has been much more vocal about the current state of soaps and talking about his old role, he's the obvious answer. I feel guilty not really wanting him back but I suppose even if it's not the AJ I loved it would be an interesting change. I'll be a lot less riveted with Billy though, I'm sad to say.

  17. If AJ is coming back it would have to be Billy. Sean is on the Young and the Restless (another GHer LOL) as Deacon. Hmmmm, with all the Q stuff, I may start watching again.

  18. liz and jason will never be in scenes together because their chemistry is so explosive. that is why she goes through sam.


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