Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Check out my last Guza-inspired WUB!!  It's been a long ride. His WUB of Brender and Jax started it all back in the late '90's. Who knows if I'll be able to write another while he's off into the sunset.
I'll miss his use of bar ware, the bullets, the booms and the way he writes for "the ladies"!! Hit the link and enjoy! Let me know if you liked it!


  1. Good Riddance!! Great Wubs though!! :-)

  2. Always lub the Wub!!!

  3. Diane: He sure did sister. (louder) Well, I for one am THRILLED ..I should be on more.
    Was Diane louder at the former or the latter? :)

    Guza: You still growin' out that beard in protest?
    Coleman: You got it dude..
    Oh is THAT why he has a beard? ROFL!

    Karen you are awesome!!! :) That was funny. :) Well I didn't read the rest. I will later. :)

  4. Oh..I hope that the new writers are somehow able to save the show

  5. Sonya Diane was whispering the 'sister' thing to Alexis and then LOUD so the writers could hear her LOL

  6. Great work, Karen, it was all too easy to visualize everything~

    "Diane (Whispers to Alexis) I'd let someone else start your car for about a month..."

    Still has me chuckling to myself~ ^-^

  7. hehe I loved it :)

    I was wondering what was with Coleman's new facial attire. I thought he might be channeling Caveman #2 from the Geico commercials but wasn't sure.

    Oooooo so the pole whisperer is a dude, huh? Scandalous ;)

  8. Oh, Karen, needless to say, I loved it!

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