Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday SOAP Suds and FUN!

Day two of my MINI-Vacation thank you to LORI and ALL that helped summarize!!! I will watch it Sunday I hope... the festivities will be done!! It might not be until the evening!! Here's a photo of Jack and I!! 
It was wonderful! 450 kids to get through--long night. They had fun videos and all sorts of cool things. Once a Raider, Always a Raider!! 

Have a good one. Taping OLTL and GH-- 


  1. Congrats to Jack! That's a lot of kids! when i graduated there were only about 250 graduates (out of close to 900 when i first started...yikes).

  2. Congrats Jack! Yeah I'm gonna need a recap GH was cut off so they could let us know that our ex mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was just granted parole...SMH!


  3. Congrats to you and Jack~ I am glad to know you are happily entwined in celebration for the next few days, enjoy it! =D

  4. Need a recap? Here it is!

    Sonny and Jason: Sonny thinks Edward is going to have Michael turn on him if Michael works for him! Jason is standing up for Edward! Paranoid much Sonny? Michael is an adult so he has a choice.

    Johnny and Michael: Johnny visits Michael at the warehouse while he is working. Johnny wants Michael to work for him! Michael says no!!!! :)

    The whore house: Lulu is trying to find her father. She talks to the same hooker that was with Luke! The hooker denies that she knows Luke!

    Krissy and Ethan: They go back to her house and she wants Ethan to help her find a place to go abroad when she is a junior in college. Ethan has been everywhere! So he helps her. She even pours him wine! He asks her where her mother is. She says she and Molly went to the store to get something for Molly. She kisses him on the lips! Ethan doesn't kiss her back! ROFL! OUCH!

    Edward and Abby: Edward really really wants Abby and Michael to work for him. Edward brings up Alan and Monica. He brings up the house that Alan bought for her. He made me smile. :) Why is Edward wearing a hat? Does the actor have cancer again? :(

    Edward and Michael: Michael accepts Edward's job offer!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    The whorehouse: What the hell!!?! They are using the Spencer house set!!!! Damn you Guza! How could you?!!?!?!

    Michael working: He carries the bag over is shoulder and that is sexy. :)

  5. Thank you once again Sonya~ I haven't watched yet but I am going to be tearing that whorehouse apart with my eyes! *^^;*

  6. Laura aka GedsternJune 25, 2011 at 8:49 AM

    Love the picture of you and Jack!!!!!!

  7. Adora ROFL! You will huh? :) Tear it up good!! And you're welcome!

    Karen great picture! :) Ahh we get to see what you look like hehehehe. Congrats Jack! :)

  8. Loved the Ethina scenes & the ones with Brender, Jax & Joc (maybe thursday?)yesterday, but that's about it. Nice not to see carly the past few days. Needed that break.

  9. You look great, Karen! Don't take offense to this, but I didn't know you were so young.. or at least look it.

  10. Congrats to Jack. Great pic! You look great.

  11. Congrats Karen and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OMG, TABATHA!! thank you.. I have quite a birthday coming up and that is just SO NICE to hear! You made my day!! ;)

  13. You're pretty cute. I'm thinking Virginia Madsen.


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