Friday, June 17, 2011

Soapy FRIDAY!! What Say the DEFENSE?!!

Who's watching the trial? ME! ME! Bug Doc was on too many hours today. zzzzzzzzz.  Lots of maggot talk.

OLTL: LOVE that Clint and Vicky are all giddy. 
Jessica/Brody/ good fights.
Rex today.. sniff. He has to "get a tailor" for Shane for the funeral!! 
TODAY'S SHOW WAS amazing. A-MAY-ZING! The end with everyone finding out about the heart and Gigi at the same time? WOW. JPL's face was just amazing. 

GH: Siobhan goes in looking for Lucky in the FIRE!! whoops. That fire is going on a long time! HI MAC DADDY!! 
 Mac "that crazy bitch has my girls" referring to Lisa who has Robin, Maxie, Steve and Patrick at gunpoint!
Sam is in the hospital,  Lisa's getting Windex in a syringe.  And has a gun, and is holding hostages. LOL.

Sam and Nikolas, geesh who forgot they were related? :raising hand: 
Siobhan's getting operated on!! EVERYONE is either in the hospital

SPINELLI GOT shot... I knew it was coming but I jumped!!! 

On a cool side note, both "Maxie" and "Spinelli" were trending today on Twitter in the US and World Wide !! WOW


  1. Could you hear it? all across the country viewers screaming SHUT UP at Natalie

  2. Why oh Why doesn't Jessica whup Natilie's a**.....Shane broke my heart as did Rex.He won't hear of her heart going to Clint.

  3. I only saw half of both shows due to breaking local news (corrupt mayor's office in Detroit). Where's Sonya at with her!!!


  4. I didn't understand Brody and Natalie's reaction to Jessica's reappearance. They seemed annoyed at her for coming back. Wasn't Brody just an episode ago hoping Jessica would come back after the electric shock treatment. I get that he gave up hope but it was about 4 hours ago, not 4 months or 4 years. The Brody/natalie seemed more like consolation sex.
    You would think that if Brody was ever in love with Jessica he would be a little happy that she resurfaced, even if he was not going to resume their relationship.
    I get the writers were trying to create angst between Jess/Brody/Nat/John, but it seemed a little rushed and forced.

    But I can't wait to see Rex's reaction to giving Gigi's heart to Clint. She has it on her Drivers license, Rex is NOT her husband, he has no say.

  5. OLTL was fantastic!!! Rex and Shane made me cry! :'( Why did they have to kill of Gigi! :( The writers could have had them all leave town because they heard another school that would be better for Shane!! :(

    About GH. Karen you didn't finish your sentence. EVERYONE is either in the hospital or what? ROFL!

    The line of the day goes to Mac!!!

    Mac: That crazy bitch has got my girls?!

    Dante and Mac: Bubba don't like Luke anymore. :'( I miss their friendship. :( Bubba thinks Luke burned down the house!!

    The hospital: Maxie and Spinny walks and talks and then when they go by, Robin walks up to talk to Patrick!!! WOW! GH hasn't done that in a long time! :) That crossover talking situation. :)So let me get this straight Spinny, you sneezed and that made Sam got cramps? ROFL! Oh here comes batman Spinny from the airducts! :) ROFL! But oh no Lisa shoots him!!! :'(

    LaTanya very funny. :)

  6. @Hope, I didn't yell. i just talked to her sternly. the girl has turned into a total ho. Plus, she and Brody have ZERO chemistry. This whole thing has made me hate the two of them. He was so sweet when he waited for Jess to snap out of the weird teen amnesia story, but apparently it is her fault that she couldn't handle the fact that the 2 people she was closest to lied to her for almost a year. I really wanted to reach into the television to slap them.

    I felt so bad for poor Rex. I am, however, very happy that bratty Jack will get his just deserts. However, he could not be charged with murder--more like Manslaughter. There was no premeditation. He didn't intend to kill anyone. For a murder charge, the prosecution needs to prove one of four intents. They could try for reckless, but i think that might be a stretch.

  7. I meant to say: They were at the Hospital OR the fire. whoops.

    AND I was so HAPPY CARLY was at neither.

  8. ravenbeauty says Gh is still cancelled. They are trying to avoid the backlash of the announcement.

  9. Raven also says that if you really care, then now is the time to care. Protesting after the fact will change nothing.

    Speaking of Raven; TWO MAJOR stars are going to be gone. Could it be Sonny and Jason?! I believe a while back someone had mentioned that MB does not have a contract and SB's isn't a very long one. Honestly, I don't give a hoot about either of these characters anymore. Jason is some sort of robot and Sonny is so predictable and boring.

  10. I really don't see much chem between Brody and Nat, but then, there is something about Nat I find artificial and off-putting. Character a bit boring and ambivalent.
    But some of what Brody said was true--he hung in there thru all kinds of trying, agonizing even, circumstances and just got worn down. But why Nat? It just feels that it's kinda last resort. And baby-centered.

    Our local stations is so proud of its doppler thingy and they'll break into any soap to tell you it's raining, as they did today--which I can see if I look out the window.

    I kept thinking Rex could still marry Gigi at her bedside to make Shane legit now--only it's true--he could then prevent Clint getting her heart...

    Well, another set gone on GH... Why couldn't Lucky just put the house up for sale? Couldn't he use the money? And save a bunch on special effects...

  11. Yeah Karen Carly was neither at the hospital or the fire! Where the hell is she? ROFL!

  12. It would be very interesting if Frons' favourites are no longer protected and they are fired from the show . That would break the mob story, and it would be wonderful.

  13. To ANON 10:57, you could be right. I was thinking Sonny and Carly ( Laura wright ). I think Sonny and Jason leaving might cause KM and LW to leave. Then they may recast some characters or just less mob. That would be a big/good shake-up for GH.

  14. OLTL - I am the lone voice out there, but I love the character of Natalie. I think what Brody and Natalie did is completely in character for both of them. Brody didn't patiently wait for Jessica to come out of the teen period, he slept with Natalie at that time. I think what he is saying rings true. Natalie self destructs. She is reeling from John turning her done with such finality, so she did what she does best - self destruct.

    Loving OLTL right now - it is can't miss TV. I didn't want to see Gigi leave the soap, but since the entire show is leaving I think it is a great story line. (I would hate losing Gigi though if OLTL was staying on air.) It was so unexpected and shocking.

    GH - Can't seem to get into it much these days. I would have given anything to see Becky's Liz with the Jason conversations. I still love the chemistry between Jason and Liz, but Jason's dialogue is so obviously setting up a Liz/Lucky reunion.


  15. I don't know about Brody, I find him such a whiner and he is always flaunting himself as the righteous law and order guy. I can't wait until he finds out he is no ones daddy...I think the sadistic side is comming out of me

  16. I adore OLTL. I am kinda glad Carlivati is giving ABC the finger by writing some amazing stuff... go down in a blaze of glory Ron! Of course I am thrilled he will be moving over to GH because he is so talented!

    I think it's been really obvious this week of the subtle changes that started taking place immedately upon Guza's firing. I've seen glimmers of hope, glimmers of change on the horizon. More characters in scenes, different characters in scenes together, dialog that makes you actually stop and listen... It almost shocked me off the couch lol. I loved Sam and Nikolas together, who knew? I loved seeing Mac Daddy show up and actually BE a copy (how gorgeous is JJY's hair graying)

    I know these are very small things but keep an eye out friends. I think we will continue to see these small things until late July with the Wolf stuff starts full force. I've got my fingers crossed. Hope I'm not let down once again.

  17. As a huge Liason fan, I'm ok with L&L2 reuniting. Those scenes with jason & Liz were bitterwseeet without Becky. Anyway. better Liz with Lucky than the irish one who has no history with anyone on the show and barely any ihnteraction with anyone either. And it's better than us pining away for a Liason reunion that's never going to happen. They could surprise us if GW loves Angst, but I doubt it.

  18. I said one BIG star was leaving... I heard that already :)

  19. If you hear anything from Raven, take it with a 'grain of salt'

    She is a FAKE.

  20. My2Cents2, I have no clue who you are but I think it's pretty damn petty to come here and bash someone who has proven themselves time and time again. Both Karen and Raven have indicated that someone big is on their way out and they don't appear to be basing this information on each other. There is no reason to come here and throw hate around, especially as you are giving your clearly biased opinion without an ounce of reasoning to back it up. I don't know about Karen but I don't appreciate seeing fans bashed for no good reason.

  21. GH is last again in the ratings and hit a new low in 18-49 demographic.
    I feel ABC and disney are getting rid of it. They are delaying improving the writing even though they hired a new writer.
    I feel very sad for what the show has become. It was clear a while back that someone decided to get rid of legacy characters and whittle the show down to just these characters, and it hasn't worked.
    I don't understand trying to make a smooth transition from Guza's stories to GW's when Guza's stories are killing this show. Scrap them. We had disjointed jake, joss michael stories before. Scrap Guza and start again.

  22. I am going to hold out to see where GW takes this, and hopefully it won't be too late.

  23. My two cents: really? A fake? Cause everything she has said has been right since she's been back. Hmmm.

    I can only hope GW will give us some Liason. Ok I'll pray instead of hope.

  24. Who-hoo to Maxie & Spinelli trending...Loving OLTL & Casey Anthony trial


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