Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Hemorroids and Hollyweird.

HELLO! How'd you sleep!!?? ME? Well... I tell you what spring colds take an AGE to go away! The sun is out until about 9pm now which is great. 

So, we've seen the Couric news...and here's my take. I have heard (and said it awhile ago) that producer Jill Phelps may be out -- if that happens, we may be thinking more long-term for the show. (I think, what the hell do I know though, right?) Frankly, I'm not a network exec and have no clue how that crazy-assed business really works. All I can do is pass on what I hear from people in the industry and soap folks..and then Wait. Just like everyone else. 

So, Let's lay out the possibilities ok?  
NOTE: This is all based on the fact the "Chatty Couric" show is a go for Sept. 2012 *

1. Katie's show goes in the Oprah time slot. It's syndicated so could be a match (Dr. Oz has reportedly said he's taking that market but that could be just for a year). If so, GH stays where it is, The Chew and Revolution stay in the other spots. 

2. The Katie show is slated to slip into the 3pm timeslot, and depending on the success/failure of The Chew or The Revolution, GH moves into one of their spots if things are cancelled.  

3. ABC really does want totally OUT of 'scripted daytime' and GH is toast no matter what happens. Frons has said in interviews that the ratings had better go up OR ELSE..  and in that case, we can kick, scream and fight all for naught. 

4. I win the LOTTO, we create the WUBS TV-NET and I buy all the soaps. They live in glory (and with fan written storylines) FOREVER!!!

This doesn't  mean the soaps or GH couldn't be picked up by another net, or another something out there in cableville. We are a strong, loyal fanbase, and although we are 'OLD' and use our DVRs way too much, we do have some buying power, damn it.

As for me? I'm continuing on like I always have-- watching the show and being either thrilled or disappointed. Same with OLTL. I will continue to try to get people to watch what I think is a fabulous show, and when it's canned and the ratings are stellar, we can all at least know that we supported something deserving. GH needs to step up the game and I totally think that Garin Wolf has a long haul ahead of him. Three key players are leaving. I'm banking on the ELQ news and the "Crimson" stuff. We shall see. I will be watching. (not that I count because I'm not a Nielson person but what the hey). I will be blogging and scoopin'. 

SCENE of the Week:  HAS to be Brenda finding that dead body and screaming like a banshee. Just because it cracked me the hell up!! LOL

FUN NEW Poll up and see who won "SONNY's MATCH" last week on WUBS NET

* I made that name up, but if they use it, I want money for it. :)


  1. I hate BF because of him I actually get a twinge of guilt when I read about his demands that the ratings go up or else. I just can not bring myself to watch GH unless I see that BH is on and then I watch her scenes.
    I hate being jerked around and I did what I would normally do in that situation--put my foot down and said Hell No! I do keep an eye out through all the great bloggers, yourself included, and msg. boards, Twitter and if someone I trust says hey this is worth watching again I'll be back.
    I have no hard feelings towards KC she has her own thing and if they want her then what can we do--they don't listen to us, no matter which way we come at it past, present or future.
    I don't want it canceled but I don't see much alternative. GW has a chance and if they let him wiry what fans really want I can see their ratings going back up. Otherwise it's down hill all the way.

  2. Ratings can't go up with the current crap they're handing us. Aside from some good acting from JJ & JMB, and a few cute scenes with Maxie & Matt & the Davis girls, it SUCKS!

    Hate the Carjax stuff, found myself ff thru them as well as a sobbing Brenda. Never thought I would ever ff thru VM!

    On another note, did they cut a few Liason scenes last week? With the new writer you never know if he decides to go the other orute with the Jake story and say he's still alive. After all, they only took one kidney.

    Not at all a Ethan/Maya fan but feel for their fanbase this week.

  3. I can NOT stand KC however the network loves her and she will get what she wants. I agree that we don't have a say! I am a loyal fan of GH and watch it every day. Although it is clear why the ratings are so low, I ff through most of the show lately. I don't understand why Soapnet can't air all the soaps, not repeats but have it's own line up and take over all the soaps?? Like Lifetime, Hallmark, ION ect... Why can't they get sponsors? I don't want to see GH go off!

  4. Rhonda, I totally agree with you! I was never really a VM fan I liked her but they put way to much hype into her return! I was thinking the same about Jake being alive, Franco has him or something, right place right time thing (knowing it was Jasons kid)where he snached Jake up as the accedent happened and the kid was so injured that they just thought it was jake! I wish! Anyway, I will continue to hope that GH stays on!!

  5. The new Couric show is a syndicated show so it may not be on ABC in all markets. Here in NYC right now they have news in the 4pm Oprah slot. - Dr. Oz in on Fox here.
    According to the Advertising mags, ABC wants this Couric show to be the 'new Oprah" to essentially have all networks put it in the old Oprah time slot. But Oprah, also syndicated, was not on ABC in all markets. - Just like Regis and Kelly varies in each market.

    This new show, unlike the Chew and Revolution, is expensive. It will cost at least a million to produce each first run episode (approx 40 a year) plus all the up front advertising costs to get the show going.

    The theory that is that ABC cancelled OLTL and AMC to make room in the budget for Couric (New talk shows are meach cheaper than soaps). None of the trade mags think that GH is being cancelled this soon. (Fingers crossed). ABC may have room in their line up elsewhere if the new talk shows don't pan out and many markets put in news somewhere and shifted another show to the Oprah slot.

    ABC is taking a big risk with this new venture. Nothing, outside of the Today show, that Couric has been in, has gotten good ratings. Although, this talk show is more her mileau than hard news.
    This is an expensive show and ABC will expect to get a good price for stations to run it. Plus the fact that it is going to take a year to get it going. Stations have to fill that spot now and if they are happy with the ratings/ad revenue for the slot, they may not go for it.

  6. in our area, Chicago, at the oprah time slot, which was 9 am they have put in a local show, chat and whatever. and tho they picked a couple of nice people to host it, I dont see it having much of a chance....

  7. Let's just say I'm really rooting for you to hit the!
    On another topic I just want to say that I am sitting here watching a rerun of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and I have no words.


  8. Yeah Karen it's going to be number 3. But I LOVE number 4!!!! :)

  9. Karen, #4 would be win! lol

    I really, really, really hope the worst they do is move GH to another time slot. There are some things I still enjoy on the show. My understanding is that GW is more female-friendly, so that could be a start.

    I don't feel bad for Ethan/Maya fans at all. That fan base has been NASTY, from what I've seen.

    I wonder if Franco is ever coming back now? I don't care one way or another, but my understanding is that he was a Guza concept.

  10. The 'guest' gimmicks have not helped the ratings at all so I doubt we will see Franco again, at least not in any extended way. He had a bad year of it with the AA hosting, etc, so I suspect ABC will not be excited to have him back for a full story. They put so much hype into these short term efforts--if only they would apply that much energy and dough into long-term solutions!

    It is hard to know how much Jill Phelps had to do with the bad shape GH is in at the moment, but someone new with the ability to work well with Gavin Wolf might be the ticket. A fresh viewpoint is needed, one that doesn't always look on the dark side of life in PC! We need a modern-day Gloria Monty, but it probably wouldn't matter because she wouldn't ever be allowed to run the show in that all-encompassing way!

    Meantime, all I really want is someone to pick up OLTL! I just cannot part with that super-good show!

  11. Off topic, but the picture reminded me...I'm really grossed out by the way Brenda always wipes her nose on her sleeve. bleh

    Am I the only one that notices this?

  12. Don't be fooled. This is what I keep hearing, that ABC is lying and GH is going to be cancelled by 2012. They are waiting for all the deals to be finalized. Nelson Branco is reporting on twitter that some actors have been asked to remove personal belongings from dressing rooms.
    I think ABC is waiting to announce this to make sure everything is finalized and contracts signed.Once contracts are signed they will drop fans and actors like a hot potatoe. The show will be done.

  13. Well, thanks for the "good news". I think I'll wait for the official announcement. I still like the show and hope it's around long enough for things to get turned around.

  14. Sad as a Mayan fan this week. I refuse to watch them run over Maya like this.

    And thank you, anonymous @ 2:04, for being so callous. Just like any fanbase, there are bad eggs out there. Not all of us are like that.

    Just another example why GH is doomed. The writing is just awful.


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