Friday, June 24, 2011

The Anthony Soap

 Yep, I have a Judge Perry Mug! Cafe Press people!! 

Wow..can't be a better soap than what's happening in the trail. All of a sudden Casey's mom flips, says SHE searched for chloroform, SHE left the pool ladder in place...side gate open... this is Shakespearean in it's tragedy. There was a little girl LEFT TO ROT in the woods. This mom seems to want to save her daughter at all costs. All I can say is this: Casey needs to be sterilized so she can never be a mother again. What a waste to taxpayers in Florida. If Cindy knew this all along, why did she look for "Zanny" for 3 years? She also perjured herself NUMEROUS times yesterday and today!!

Sad, sad..sad. I don't know if I can continue if this is going to go on with the lies. I am waiting for George to just say he did it. 

For True Crime buffs, this is EPIC. I've been one forever. You can't write this stuff because NO ONE would believe it. 


  1. This is so sad. I'm not following it. Is the little girl missing? Are they trying to find her?

  2. Sonya,

    The little girl is dead. She was killed about 3 years ago and aprox 5 monthas after the child disappeared, they found ger remains, bones, with duct tape over her mouth. She was missing for about 31 days before her mother even owned up to the fact she was missing.

  3. I have been following this since jury selection!!! This is so sad..but really I don't think the prosecution proved their case beyond reasonable doubt, if I was in the jury - there are still too many unaswered questions.

  4. As has been mentioned numerous times, over ninety percent of all murder convictions in this country are based on circumstantial evidence. Being from the "sunshine state," I have followed this from day one. I could write volumns on why I feel she is guilty.....She is as innocent as an ex-Heisman winner was. As is a common statement in Florida for the past three years...JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE..

  5. My sister watches it everyday but strange her Mama doing some backtracking and blaming herself for the internet serches this whole family lie good heavens.

  6. I am addicted to this trial and to see justice for this precious little child. If Casey gets off on a technicality, I will lose faith in our legal system forever.

  7. Yeah Anonymous I know she is dead. :( Oh missing for 31 days okay. Oh yeah that's right I did hear about the duct tape. :( Horrible! :(


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