Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JJ's SON Titus to join GH Cast!

SID is reporting that Jonathan Jackson's son, Titus Gabriel is joining the cast on GH! How fun is that!!? Isn't he a cutie!!?? 

Casey Anthony trial on again today!!! Obsession!! Sorry. I won't talk about it here but it's very compelling. 

Not watching GH today-- but I do have fun new spoilers up!! Spin has a funny dream...Lulu dresses like a hookah. :)  See all media net pics on Spoilers Blog.  
LET me know if I should watch the DVR! 

LOVE THE Keifer mention today (I saw that!!!) the scholarship mention? NICE!!


  1. That's awesome! Aww he's such a cutie pie! I'm glad they recasted him. The previous baby Aiden looked nothing like liz and lucky.

    Oh sweet baby jeebus what in the heck is Lulu wearing? bahahaha

  2. So Becky IS back for the Aiden reveal? Or just the reveal to Nikolas? Every insider was saying BH was gone for the entire thing.. weird.

    It sounds like the writing for how it comes out of kinda ham handed and lame. But can we really expect anything less from Guza?

    FYI Karen, a hookah is a real thing. And Lulu isn't dressed up as one ;)

  3. Andrea, there's a media net pic on my site showing RH as Liz when Nik hands over Aiden to lucky


  4. Johnathan Jackson's son is going to join the cast?! COOL! Is he going to be playing Aidan?! :)

    GH today

    Lucky and Lulu: It was so sad!!! Lucky explaining to Lulu. Oh Lucky! Luke does love you! Everything he said was full of crap! :(

    Lulu and Dante: Poor Lulu. :(

    Lucky and Ethan: Ah Ethan thinks of Luke as best mates than father and son! :) Foreshadowing? Keep thinking that Ethan cus Robert is your father! :)

    Lucky, Ethan, and Lulu: They are at the Spencer house aka Ward house. So sad. :(

    Molly, Krissy and Alexis: Oh come on Molly!!! You have got to stop reading those romance novels!!! Krissy looked cute today with her outfit. :)

    Abby and Michael: Huh?! She doesn't want to go to the graduation because she thinks it's a family thing?!!?! No it's not! Oh but then when Michael says if you don't go I won't go so he tells her to go and she says I thought you never ask. Abby are you playing games with him? Don't you think you are a little too old for playing games?

    Ethan, Max, Milo, and Sonny: Great scene! ROFL! Max and Milo crack me up! :) Max and his back!!! Hahahaha!

    Sonny and Brenda: What the hell?!!? Brenda won't go to the graduation because of Carly?! Oh Brenda grow up for crying out loud!

    The graduation: WOAH!!!! I was surprised that they are showing a graduation! Something happy! I was thinking Guza does not allow such things! Who wrote this?! I liked it it was great. I let my guard down! Molly was annoying tho. But anyway the graduation YAY! And then a fight broke out!! AND THERE IT IS!!! It couldn't be happy for long. Well at least Guza is consistent. *roll eyes* Why did I let my guard down?!!? WHY?! :( I just didn't expect a graduation! :(

  5. Oh Karen, so happy to see RH back in that pic. There was no news anywhere on when she returned to work. Any idea when we can expect to see her on our screens?

  6. Ah...thank ya kindly :) So glad becky is doing the reveal!

    Oh me too sonya! I wanted Ethan to be a Scorpio! Hope Garin cleans up all of the Goozes messes

  7. Just wondering, why wasn't Jason at the graduation? Or Sam? I would think they would show up for his nephew and her sister. Also very disappointed no Q's. Maybe Monica and Edward would watch from the back, but you know they would be there! Same for Bobbie, she would be there to watch her grandson graduate.

    Sonny should be really proud. Michael has learned the lesson really well. When you are confronted with something you don't like, violence is the answer. That kid taunting Kristina deserved to be told off, but when Michael's first instinct is to punch, he has not learned a thing. At this point he might as well join the mob. Hopefully Michael can get a lesson from this.

    The new writer can't get here soon enough for me!

  8. I love Lexi Ainsworth and I think she's adorable...but if the camera *puts* 10 lbs on you...I think she needs to gain 10 lbs.

  9. Yes Andrea!!! Hopefully Garin writes that Robert is Ethan's son soon!!! And yeah clean up all of Goozes messes! :)

  10. Rita, I'm thinking that's in 2 weeks ???? I don't know. Her hubby had said she was back on twitter, don't know when.I can check around.
    Sorry I am so bad on dates, I learned long ago not to trust them so I never bother!!

  11. No worries karen, just anxious for our becky to be back since this is HER story. With all the rewrites and dropping of stories they have done in the past, you would think there was something they could have done. So basically the fill in is in the scenes with the reveal to Lucky, but becky is in the scenes when they tell Nik. It's the Lucky scenes we really wanted, but we'll take becky back either way.


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