Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday After The Party Weekend!!

Wow,  I am beat... LOL. big weekend. Jack's all Graduated, Partied out... and I am tired. LOL. Now it's time to get into the soaps again!!! 

People on Twitter are saying that AMC  is getting awesome again... I'm a Casey Anthony junkie so I've not been watching. I guess LBroderick is back writing. 

OLTL: Rex's part was awesome. Stupid Jack Manning, UGH. Loved Old Face Todd in The Manning house!!! 
Erika S was so good today... she and Clint!! Yes.. get back to basics. Dang it.
David Vickers: Sitting Shiva. LOL. I love that term. "We get to look in the mirror again... the cowboy's dead"!! 
Loved New Face Todd and Jack both eavesdropping at the same time. LOL  
Rex said YES to the heart... I wonder if he's going to make Clint kill Jack Manning? LOL 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Edward STILL ON? HELL... wow. And Jason was KIND to him. :thud: Love this ELQ angle!! Don't let them make condoms again! LOL Abner with her sex phone voice. Edward  talking about no one living at the Q mansion. Carly finds out Michael wants to work at ELQ. Her entire EXISTENCE AND LIFE was keeping him away from the Q's...ahahhaha Now this. whoops. They said AJ about 4 times!! Billy Warlock, ding dong!! Edward also mentioned Emily, Alan and Justice!!

Carly sees Brenda and Jax together with Josslyn. MERCEDES Mention!! The stuffed animals were all over. Carly's getting a bit cray-cray. "Say goodbye to Brenda because you'll never be seeing her again"!!

Alexis, Molly and Krissy/Ethan. heh. Nice. Molly?  "you could totally be lovers in Florence" hee hee. Alexis tells Krissy to "check herself" when it comes to Ethan. AND-how could Kristina be looking at her "junior year" abroad--did she even get into a college??!! LOL

Sonny pain and angst. Lord. The closet. Deke...the angst, the pain. 

THE BROTHEL is totally the old Spencer set!!! OMG, They didn't even change the doors. LOL. That brothel looks like it was running in about 1910. I expected Miss Kitty to walk out at one point! Geesh.

Abby goes to Jason again..ha HA! Just sayin. "What's in it for me" Says Abby....Jason answers "Michael only richer"?? ahahaa

Oh, Alexis... Helena calling!!

WHO SAW THE HELENA PROMO FOR GH!!????????? ME! ME!! I'm so excited for this!! I can only hope Sam/Alexis get in on the Cassadine sheeze. Please Please.."Wolfie" hear me!!  

You have to go see the vote on Wubs Net!! The top 2 dinner people are Liz and Helena!! THAT Would be an interesting dinner!! 


  1. Wow I was annoyed today!

    Molly: She is so damn annoying!!! Garin Wolf PLEASE change her or fix her or do something!!!

    Alexis and Krissy: Yeah Alexis you tell her!!!

    Edward and Michael: It was so sad when Edward was talking about how he lost everyone manipulating his family. And that the house is full of ghosts. :( When he brought up that Alan, Emily, AJ, and Justice are all gone, he made me cry!

    Jason and Carly: Carly does NOT like Michel working for ELQ! BAH! Come on Carly!!! You don't want him working for the mob! So now what? Jason is right when he says Michael will be safe!!! All Carly is thinking about is that Edward will have Michael turn on her! UGH!

    Sonny and Dante: Sonny was trying to make Dante understand Luke. :( Sonny brings up his mother. :( Maybe Sonny's mother could be alive somewhere in captivity? :(

    The whore house: I wish they would stop showing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!

    Abby and Jason: Now Abby is whining about Michael working at ELQ UGH! She says where does that leave me? The line of the day goes to Jason.

    Jason: You will be with Michael and be rich?

    ROFL! Good one. :) Come on Abby!!! First you dump him because he was going to work at the mob, and then you change your mind cus you don't want to tell him what to do, and now that he is going to be safe at ELQ you are upset that he will change and dump you? UGH!

    Jax and Carly: STOP ENOUGH!!! GARIN HELP!!! Now Brenda is involved UGH!

  2. People, go to the wubsnet and click on a google ad at the top! I have to pay for my server! THANK YOU! xxoo No need to buy, just click!! was a jumble.. that whore house is SO the Spencer house!! LOL

  3. Naming names:

    Monica had a daughter named Dawn, who was her biological daughter.

    Edward had a son named Jimmie Lee Holt.

    Just saying...

  4. I would love for Sam and Alexis to be apart of the Cassadine storyline but lets be serious, they gave us Edward and mentioned some Q's and ELQ.

    What are the chances they keep pleasing us.

    Just saying.

  5. Karen says SONYA..that whore house is SO the Spencer house!! LOL
    ROFL! Yeah first they burn the Spencer house and then they make it into a whore house!!! So not cool!!!!

  6. I wish GH would center around the 4 musketeers. (nik, liz, lucky and original emily, amber tamblin) I always loved those 4. they grew up on the show.

  7. Bummer no soaps today, Blago verdict, they spent 2 hours talking and talking for the 2 minute read, they showed him leaving his house, getting into his car, chopper followed the car down the street,, riveting NOT.....

  8. Billy Warlock tweeted this morning that he will "be up in the mountains" for the next ten days and wouldn't be online. One can only hope that's code for "secretly taping GH"...but I doubt it.

  9. Why all this Billy Warlock talk?? Sean Kanan was the only AJ for me. Billy was meh.

  10. I'm hearing that Alan Q will be back for a few shows in dreams and that another person that wasn't really a Q but Edward loved like one will be back. Any ideas who that could be? I also would love to know with all this Spencer history and Luke in his dark childhood pit, where is Bobby? This would be the one time over any that Bobby should be on helping her big brother.

  11. Anonymous I love Sean Kanan AND Billy Worlock as AJ! :)

    Anyonymous Another person that wasn't really a Q but Edward loved like one will be back? That sounds like Skye.

  12. I would love to see Skye back! And Keesha!

  13. I will watch at the end of July when change actually happens.

  14. I hadn't thought about Skye. I can see her coming back. Would love for AJ to come back.

  15. Is it just me or the idea of Michael working in the same place where he was shot (the warehouse)would have to be traumatic. I'm glad he took Edward's offer. Carly and Sonny don't have a clue. I so can't stand Carly. Watched a few minutes of Tamara B. on Days last week and reinforced my dislike for her as actress. She was always so smirky. But even though I like LW, Carly needs to shut up.


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