Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garin Wolf Gives and Interview

excerpt, hit link for full interview:

TV Guide Magazine: What's Garin Wolf all about? How does he plan to move GH forward?
Wolf: I want to make this a nice, easy transition. I want to bring balance to the show. I'm very big on secrets and romance and triangles. I'm a child of Dickens and Doug Marland. I love Dexter and Desperate Housewives. I'm very eclectic. I love to combine a lot of different things, which is what's great about soap operas. I love multi-generational stories. This is an amazing cast and I want to use everybody. I want to mix it up and bring back the entertainment. I want to bring back the reality to the characters' lives. If you're a cop, what is your life really like? Even in the most outrageous storyline, there must be some kind of identifiable emotion. I don't care if we're talking about a mobster or a plumber — you have to watch and say, "I know how he feels. I've been there." And we really need romance. For me, that's all about yearning and obstacles. You have to know who you are rooting for and rooting against. I want to bring back villainy — dishy villainy, fun villainy, dangerous villainy. This is going to date me. My earliest soap opera memory is having a crush on Ann Flood on The Edge of Night when I was 7 years old. And I went from there to Dark Shadows. Growing up, comic books were soap operas for me.

Sounds like HELENA hey? He even mentions Wyndemere! He says all the right stuff, so we shall see if the man can save our GH and bring our stories back to life.  I still think he's fake..there are no pics of him LOL. ANYWHERE. I'm going to pretend he's a pen name.  "Garin Wolf"... "Karen Coyote" LOL Ryan from Soap Opera Source says he has a photo of him. Hmmmm, we'll see. 

OLTL today: OMG Jack making up a fake girl for Shane?? So torn from the headlines!! So sad, and so evil. Who remembers the story about the woman that did that to a girl and she ended up killing herself. Wahhhhh. Shane is smart though!
I wish this would go faster. LOL. I'm so impatient. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  New Liz on...she's Becky's fill in when she got sick. Weird to watch. I think she did a good job!! Got "Liz'" inflections down and everything.
Jason set the warehouse on fire. Okay..
Papa and Johnny Z... same old stuff. 
Loved when Jason tried to drink the green tea. LOL... I saw Bob the Badger. Spinelli's shirt looked like it came from the Old Navy Boy's section. 
Patrick/Johnny: HOTNESS in a ROOM! wowwowaza. 

 Kristina had on the dress she's wearing in the airplane photos. 
It's kind of funny that Michael was in a coma, jail.. never went to school but got in to PCU. That school must accept EVERYONE!

A few new spoilers on WUBS NET! Carly is beating Maxie by just a bit in the hair race! GO VOTE! 
BTW, I haven't mentioned WEINER in here because it's just too easy. All I can say is how stupid do you have to be? Good Lord.


  1. Karen, Garin Wolf is an anagram for


    Just saying...

  2. Is Becky back to taping now? I haven't heard anything?

  3. Karen ROFL! Garin Wolf is related to Scott Wolf. :) They are cousins. :)


    Shane: I am so proud of him!!!! I was clapping when he realized that girl was fake!! :) He is listening to his instincts!! WOOT WOOT! :)


    Krissy should really listen to Sam!!!! And Krissy says she is an adult and grown up but yet, she tells Sam to talk to their mom on behalf of Ethan?!?! ROFL!

    The recast Liz: Yeah Karen she acts just like Rebecca's Liz! :) Even looks like her.

  4. lol, they really got Becky's hair down to a t on MM. She did a fine job I thought. MM had tough shoes to fill. She's still not the Elizabeth I love but that's okay we will see Becky back on screen soon enough. and I heard that it is Becky who does the reveal afterall!!! So yay!! :)

    Anoymous...yes Becky is already back at work!

  5. Not sure Kristina should consult Sam about anything,... just sayin' No Jason, stay in the Mob. Kill people. Threaten fathers to stay away from their daughters. Have no realtionship with your mother or your family. Just Carly & sonny!

  6. The interviewer's third question says "Word is, Jax will also be back." I hadn't heard that. I thought the budget shortfall was why Jax and Nik and others were being written off. Garin Wolf (or Wrong Fail) doesn't really answer affirmatively about Jax or Nik. So are Jax and Nik getting a reprieve, ala Liz? Are they only writing them off for a 13 week cycle or something similar?

  7. I miss Becky already! MM did a fine job, but it's just BIG shoes to's a question could they just have delayed her storyline? It's not like they have been using her very much lately. They really didn't use her that much when Jake died. Just saying...Becky is kind of hard to replace since she has been on consistently for 13 years. Although I seem to remember when Nancy was replaced for a couple of days maybe it's just me. Because that was awkward then as well.

    First thing I hope GW does, get rid of Abby and other newbies they don't need...I am not a fan of the character...did they bring her on so Sam could have a friend? I wish they would bring back all our favorite vets...I would love to see GH back...I will hang in for a while longer....

  8. yeah, WIKI SAYS he's Scott's "cousin" uh huh right!!

  9. kdmask said...

    yeah, WIKI SAYS he's Scott's "cousin" uh huh right!!
    ROFL! *shrug* :)

  10. Annoymous 2-

    They couldn't delay the storyline for Becky's illness because Guza had to do the reveal before Tyler's last day. (I mean the man admitted when he fired Becky at first he wasnt going to blow the secret but you know that wasn't going to happen when it was a GUY leaving the show) No more. No less.

  11. Anon, re: Abby & Newcomers: Word is out that Garin is tightening the cast and Abby and Siobhan are both going to be taken in new directions before leaving the canvas. Siobhan possibly teams up with Helena to keep Liz and Lucky apart. At first I didn't believe it, but I believe Raven is confirming this and with this interview, it sounds like Garin is hoping to bring back GH baddies like Helena.

  12. I read the whole Garin Wolf interview and have mixed feelings. I did like the attitude of showing balnce with hospital/mob/ wyndermere etc.. However, his description of what's in store for Carly, Jason, Sonny, and Sam did not encourage me. It sounded like more of the same. i also didn't like the way he spoke of how it will be interesting to write for krissy for the nest few years when we know that it's likely GH will not be on air past one more year.
    Patrick and Robin's story will focus on the tension of them both having high powered jobs at GH and will test trust issues. have we not seen this with them?
    The most encouraging statement was the possibility of bringing back quatermaines but who will come back?
    I also agree with karen that he doesn't seem real :) . I did a big search on the net and could not find pics. In fact, pics of Guza came up when you search for Garin Wolf.
    Liz had no real mention in his outline, so again she will probably be left with the baby daddy helena lucky story or no real story at all.I feel sorry for Rebecca Herbst and her fsns.

  13. I really miss Rebecca Herbst! I hope she is back soon. I just can't enjoy GH.

  14. Rebecca, I think, is not liked by Frons and so continues to be placed in the background. Let's remember that they were going to get rid of her. Instead, they have opted to treat her like they are stuck with her. Sad. She is talented and very beautiful.

  15. Garin said he loves Carly. That disappointed me because that's all we see now. I'm tired of her and jasam. In fact , they can hide the whole corinthos clan for months and I wouldn't miss them. I did like that he wanted to see romance.

  16. If I read one more spoiler that says 'Is Liz going mad' , I will go mad myself. Is that the best they can do? People deal with tragic deaths daily and it is absolutely devastating but couldn't you show a woman deal with grief in a healthy way no matter how life altering it is. That is why Genie didn't want to play the victim anymore! I'm sick of them trying to put her back with Lucky and recreate their teenage love.

  17. Ugh, Jasam, Sonny, Carly, blah blah. No hope form this fan of 30 years. He did say he likes Angst, love triangles, etc though so hopefully that won't be with the folk I named above. Unless of course it has to do with Liason, I'll take it.


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