Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do You Hear the Rocky Theme??!

Wubber Dave has sharp eyes...he's thinking the backdrop for this scene is from Philadelphia in the 1980's. Can anyone verify??! He thinks its 100% because of the PSFS Building which stood for "Philadelphia Savings Fund Society"! How fun is too lazy to use a ROCHESTER ONE (Which we clearly remember from Luke and Laura Days) and we caught ya! LOL..  I love my readers. They all know how much I'm into sets/props!!


  1. The PSFS Building is still standing in Philly and they light it up every night. It is now a Lowe's Hotel. It is a Philly Landmark and has been around for decades.

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone, Karen.

    Its either laziness on someone's part or the Production Designer is originally from Philly and wanted to throw a shout out to home.

    Either way, I think this is funny.

  2. OH Ok, LOL.. ;) It is HILARIOUS! thanks for bringing it up!

  3. David why would you think it's lazy?:) It's a beautiful back drop. :)Well I think so anyway. :)

  4. i meant lazy by not doing rochester skyline, something previously used or doing something more generic that could not be recognized.

    I liked the skyline they creative for the opening of Night Shift.

    I love the philly skyline. Lived in philly for 10 yrs before moving back to NJ. It is so beautiful at night, especially with the bridges lit up. they light the buildings based on days of the year. R/W/B on patriotic holidays, green when eagles in playoffs. red when phils in playoffs. pink on breast cancer day.

    I thought they got rid of the PSFS sign when Lowes took over, but did some net search and it is still there...

  5. As the scene continues you see City Hall come out from behind Dr Drake.


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