Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daytime Emmy Show: Giant Infomercial of FAIL

Program Cover at Emmys--  nice ad for Vegas.

I'm pissed. Guess what? I wish they would have skipped the Daytime Emmys this year. They have been dwindling year after year-- usually no network willing to pick them up. CBS took them this year and I guess it's because VEGAS paid them to air their infomercial. I would rather have had the soap awards done online...or on the radio. I don't need to see Elvis dancers or Marie Osmond botch her lip syncing. They didn't even have clips of the soap actors material. But more bitching later. Here's the awards:

Jonathan Jackson won for best supporting actor on GH...brought his kids up on stage. 

Young and the Restless won for best writing

Best Moment: Debbi Morgan giving a shout out to the AMC fans... at least someone cares. 

Best Directing: TIE: B&B  and Y&R 

Britt Allen (OLD Marissa from AMC) won for best supporting younger actress. WTF She was so terrible she got FIRED from AMC!! And she beat Lexi Ainsworth?? :thud: ACID TRIP

MY FAVE Scott Clifton won best younger actor!!! 

Scrubs Presented. They looked cute.

Best Actor: Michael Park from Canandaigua boy!! Hugs to his Mom!! 

Best Actress: Laura Wright won!!! 

Best Soap: Bold and the Beautiful

 Well, Gladys Knight came on...cause SHE'S SOOOOOOOOOO daytime. :rolleyes:   Oh, wait, we are honoring Oprah. Nice. :doubleeyeroll: Oprah couldn't even bother to be there to win her double crystal one of a kind award. PLUS she has her OWN damn cable network-- it's not like she's dead or going anywhere. Sorry, but we had enough Oprah hooplah. Gladys needed a Ricola. Her voice was sounding nasty. (vocal coach here, don't be hatin') 


Well, between Vegas, Osmonds, Universal plugs, Deaf Kids and Oprah, we had about 30 min REAL show out of 2 hours. AND about 10 minutes of soaps NO CLIPS!! NO anything!!!!!! SUCKED. Now, I know we should all be groveling and grateful for ANYTHING we get ...but this was atrocious. Like I said, don't bother if it's going to be insulting to the stars and the fans...Guess it was a good variety show to promote Vegas and gameshows..other than that? ugh
They went SO FAST though the soaps categories and yet had time for a 'trip to Universal"?? Scott Clifton couldn't even talk for a full minute? NO CLIPS of actors/shows work shown??!! 
No "In Memoriam" for stars who have passed away?????????? FOR SHAME!

Susan Lucci's daughter Liza is so TALL next to her!! LOL Her tribute was cute... Shemar was nice and a little drunk.  Loved all her "weddings"... "DAYTIME Television is alive and well and look at all the talent in this room tonight"!  FANS ON FIRE!! You said it.

 pics thanks to @afrovox on  twitter.


  1. Karen after seeing the first award and watching it early on line I new it wasn't worth watching. I couldn't believe how fast they showed the nominees of the people didn't even show them in audience. everyone was even upset about the OPRAH tribute award why even have it if u know your not even going to show up.

  2. Worst awards production since Franco stunk up the Oscars a few months back. But, I did like:
    - JJ - even with crappy writing, the guy just blows up the screen every time he is on it. There's a reason they brought JJ back...Not many actors (I am looking at you Lucky #2 and #3) can stand toe to toe with Tony Geary. JJ does it effortlessly and, indeed, even challenges Geary to dig deeper.
    - Laura Wright - she's ok and I am glad that she won, but for my money I like SJB and TB better. Anyone remember Carly #3? Couldn't act worth a crap but looked hilariously like a guy in drag that could beat Sonny up. Funny stuff during #3's run!

  3. It was an infomercial.

    It was a telethon.

    It was anything BUT an awards show.

    It's all been said and it will be trashed beyond repair on the blogs tomorrow. Thanks Karen for chiming in so fast as you did.

    Someone on raven's FB page asked "Why was their no award for best childrens show?" My reply was "because children dont use Jabot Cosmetics and dont go to Vegas"

    Travesty is too good a word for what we experienced tonight.

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  5. I didn't watch the Emmys tonight. I saw everything I needed to by reading the twitter feed. Very insulting to Daytime fans... even the fans that don't watch soaps but watch the rest of the Daytime programming. Congrats to all of the winners, especially JJ and LW, and our beloved GH & OLTL alum SC.

    I guess the best thing that any of us can do at this point is to write in complaints about the Emmy show as well.

  6. I turned it on at the last and I coudl have sworn it was another roast for Oprah sheeeesh

  7. Watching JJ win and seeing his daughter and son made it worthwhile for me. However, I was sad for the lack of clips and it was a mere shadow of days gone by when the different shows had tables and the awards show was about the soaps

  8. To me the award show told me exactly where daytime is headed. The shows that won are not cancelled yet ( mostly CBS. The reality shows and talk shows were honored ( Dr. Oz etc.. ). It will be daytime talk and game shows period. Bye-Bye to soaps.

  9. Karen, the evening was so disappointing.The emmy's were exactly what you siad. I also got disappointed by the crime drama finale of The killing. I take it back, don't waste your time. The writer must have taken lessons from Guza.

  10. I was done a half hour in. The massive suckage was just too much for me. Plus there was far better things to watch on cable. Which by the way is why the black-hole that is network TV will increase. I hope that they enjoy the mass exodus they see once they've cancelled the soaps. I will look back on the Emmys as the beginning of the end for all things daytime. My largest disappointment was that OLTL has been off the charts in every category and got NOTHING. Just massive fail all the way around.

  11. I turned it on late and I kept thinking I was on the wrong channel. Very confusing show. I'm so sad to see these soap actors aren't getting their props even at awards time. The end hasn't felt more real for me than last night.

  12. I'm glad JJ and LW won, but Lexi Ainsworth was ROBBED. Just a pathetic evening all around.

  13. I don't get why the cry baby and the screecher won.

  14. First of all They didnt even mention OLTL which is ABC #1 rated soap! What is going on!

  15. I didn't watch just saw what was on Twitter and I was glad JJ mentioned Becky TY JJ.
    MP from ATWT I was so happy he won. CBS seemed to win other awards (non_acting) and they were well deserved.
    I'm glad I didn't watch no one seemed to feel it was worth a flip.

  16. Thank God I taped this mess, my finger was on the fast forward button 99% of the time. I would like to know who in their right mind produced this show...if this is the best that they can come up with...better they hold the awards over the internet or in a hotel ballroom. All it was was a big promo for Vegas and all the dregs that work there and who cares about "Lady O" she had her big farewell and she is now on her own network. I can't see where they will have daytime awards anymore...they are running out of soaps to award anyone anything and who gives a rats patootie about talk and game shows. It was a giant 2 hour promotion for Vegas with a handful of awards thrown in to TRY and keep the viewer engaged with hopes that they would see their favorite soap film honoring the soaps of the past, no mention of soap stars that have past on...nothing...WHAT A WASTE!!!

  17. I completely agree. I managed to get hubby to watch (he does not share my love of soaps LOL) and I was embarrassed. We turned it off but would flip back during commercials only to find infomercial stuff or game show hosts on. It was really disappointing. Sad too because that might just be the last one ever to air...what a legacy. Pfft.

  18. Karen, you're right right right when you're right and even sometimes when you're wrong (wait...when have you ever been wrong?). The show SUCKED, I'm weary of Marie Osmond and Oprah both (props to both of them for their backstories and their philanthropy and their Message of Female Empowerment etc etc etc but GO AWAY NOW PLEASE). Badly put together show, badly directed (hey, guys in the booth--figure out WHO these folks are and why they matter before you order up those sweeping pan-the-crowd shots--and why so damn fast? That kind of sweep gives a person vertigo. That wasn't your intention, was it?). No sense at all of a huge entertainment/cultural transition for fans, viewers, performers, backstage folks, no sense of bittersweetness, or "thanks for all the years," no "highlights" reel, or a nod to the soaps already gone, the ones going, or the actual Dear Departed, some of whom quite literally gave their entire lives to this genre. I've seen more compelling infomercials. It did seem that Dr. Oz was actually moved, which was sweet, but the rest of it stunk, on every level.


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