Monday, June 13, 2011

A MIGHTY Guza Week!!

That's right! Fire in the hole! (Spencer house)!! Burn victims (Siobhan)!! Hostages! Shooting!! Crazy person in the Hospital!! (Lisa). Jason to the rescue! Rinse, repeat!! Last time we had Keifer's Dad taking aim it was the Franco Frenzy. SCOOPS ARE UP!

OLTL TODAY: great show!!!! They just do it up so well. Loved Roxy talking to Gigi before the wedding and with SHANE!  Rex with Clint was a hoot. Clint asks him if he's being nice just "because I'm dying" and Rex says: "YES" !LOL! They locked Gigi in a room and Sam told Starr about the scar on RH's face! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
John and Nat kissed.
Ford loves Tess!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Don't like seeing Luke with a hooker. :/ boooooooooooooooo. Tracy should kick his ass. Lucky trying to schmooze Luke. This is enough. Just enough. "I never wanted to be a father"....JJ made me cry. 
"When I killed Jake, it moved me up and beyond redemption, it liberated me in a way I never have been before'...
So Luke doesn't want to be a father...whatever. 

Alexis and Sonny yeah! Sexis!! Krissy is dressed like a bride..tells Sonny they 'went out clubbin'. Krissy says "You used to exploit girls my age at your STRIP CLUB"!! ahahahaaa.

Coleman's shirt is just like Tie-dyed sheets I had when I was a teen. LOL. OMG. Lisa was in a wig and glasses. Heh.  Fun. Tina Fay on a really bad day :)

ANTHONY Z is on the docks harassing Brenda, where are her guards?? I loved it!!


  1. One Life is sooooo good, every day, I hear myself going, Noooooo, when its over, more, want more.....

  2. Why in the WORLD is Jason involved with this shooting? Carly, Michael, Sam, and Sonny won't be there, so why would he even be there? There is a such thing as the PCPD and they can take care of everything. They don't always need the help of the mob...ridiculous!

  3. Luke never wanted to be a father????
    But we were there to witness his sheer joy when Laura first told him she was pregnant with Lucky there at Mariah's Inn in Texas. He didn't know what to do first--call Ruby and Bobbie, shout it to the world, or just jump up and down--so he did all three.

    And we were there with him when Lulu was born, there by Laura's bed, still in his hospital gown, and we saw his tears of joy, his smiles at Laura, his almost tangible happiness at holding his tiny daughter for the first time. He adored both!

    C'mon. We have GOOD memories and you cannot wipe them out, Mr Guza! I don't know the present Luke--and don't care to know him...

  4. Lucky and Luke: What a fantastic performance between JJ and TG!!!!! They made me cry! :'( Luke was saying all this stuff about having kids against his will. And he never wanted children. I don't think he ment everything he said! Cus as soon as Lucky left, Luke had a tear fall on his cheek and his lip was trembling. He does care!!! Luke is just so messed up! :( One thing tho, Lucky was talking like Lulu! Lucky come on don't start being in denial too!

    Luke and the hooker: Another fantastic performance with TG!! BRAVO!!! He made me cry! He does love Lucky he does!!!!

    Jake's bar: COLEMAN YAY! Gotta shave that beard man! :) Patrick and Coleman scene is that a foreshadowing of Patrick cheating again? Is that what you were planning Guza? BAH! Oh look Lisa in her disguise! And now she has a gun! Oh boy the hospital crisis is coming soon then. I saw the promo today. Looks good.

    Brenda and Papa Z: BAHAHAHA! The look on her face when she realized who he is! And when he found out she doesn't have body guards, it looked like he wanted to eat her brain ROFL!

  5. Coleman looks like the caveman in the Geico commercials! SHAVE! and since when are there ever only three people on an airplane...lucky, irish and some lady. pay for some extras!

  6. guess this is how gigi leaves the show.and Clint will get her heart I bet,cause in the previews Mathew woke up

  7. The writing and acting between Luke and Lucky today was AMAZING!!!! History or not, it was completely riveting.

  8. Andrea i think Sam will be at the hospital for allr easons, to take a pg test. Threw up a little in my mouth.

  9. Anonymous if Sam is in the hospital to take a pregnancy test, then why is she in a gown and in bed?!?!! :)

  10. Supposidly Sam has stomach cramps so she goes in to get tested to see if something went wrong with the procedure or if she could be pregnant.It's just a reason to have her in the hospital during the lockdown and for Jason to put on his cape and save the day...same old same old!!!


  11. So, as long as the acting is good, the story doesn't matter? It sounds like a lot of you have been brainwashed by Guza. No thanks. I remember what I saw and I'm not buying this version of Luke Spencer.

  12. LaTanya oh I see. Yeah just an excuse.

    Anonymous says So, as long as the acting is good, the story doesn't matter? It sounds like a lot of you have been brainwashed by Guza.
    Anonymous who said that? I didn't say that. I think the performances were fantastic! Luke needs help badly!!! And I am not brainwashed thank you.

  13. So Luke wants to be unredeemable.
    If they aren't careful, Luke will soon BE unredeemable, soapwise, if he isn't already. I am so fed up with this reduction of Luke to scum. And notice, they act like Laura was barely there--he seldom says her name, Lucky always says 'my Mom' and gives the impression she was small influence beside Luke. Laura was a strong, fiesty, loving lady who could keep up with them both (until Guza) and Luke was a far better man for loving her. They were solid partners, in adventure, in parenting, in loving. Trying to take that back now won't wash.

    Have agree with Hope about OLTL...hate when it's over for the day. Just so involving, most of it, anyway. Always eager for tomorrow...

  14. I thought it interesting that GH tried their best to use a song similar to Michael Giacchino's score for LOST during Luke's final words to Lucky.

    Subtlety, thy name is General Hospital.

  15. Luke with the beautiful hooker was the sexiest thing I'd seen in ages. When was the last time we saw Luke get any love and affection? Have a good summer and fall Luke.

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