Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Congrats To Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo

She JUST tweeted she's PREGNANT!! That's great news... she's working on her clothing line for babies as well. 

her tweet: keep your ideas coming moms...pitched some to the kings of baby products today and ur ideas R exciting to the big shots! im pregnant btw :) 


  1. Awwww.....congrats! I love her hubby on CSI:NY I'm happy for the both of them!!!


  2. Woohoo! How nice! I am happy for her and her hubby!

  3. Let me guess.

    Sonny is the father, right?

    ha ha ha

    Just Kidding.

    Best wishes to the happy couple.

  4. Yeah I heard about that!!! Fantastic! Congrats!! WOOT WOOT! :)

  5. How nice for her! I'm happy for her.

  6. heard about the baby clothes when she was expcecting her first child, but never could find any. any info on that?

  7. Hope, she is working on an entire line for babies & their momma's now. I think she got side tracked back then when she was on Las Vegas.

    She has been working hard on her GaGoo books, children's show and now the clothing line.

    ~Ro SnB Forum

  8. I love that picture of VM! That is the Brenda I missed.


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