Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Lumps, My Lumps My Lovely Natalumps....

 You watching Genie on YR?

Ahahah! Made that up today watching OLTL heh. Brody said "something changed" while he watched Natalie with Liam. YEAH, like her breastfeeding !! heh.
"I really like your hair" says Todd to John. Old Face Todd doesn't seem to know that New Face took his place.
This whole Todd thing is weird. It's going to be good I hope!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Maya and some handsome guy doing it up! Too bad it was all off camera!! Oh well. 
JaSam: I only noticed that Bob the Badger is FACING the camera! LOL 

Siobhan wants to go with Lucky to Find Luke. *sigh* what set will we be subjected to next? 

Mayan: Too little too late. They got married--- and then we never saw her. I know she got a damn job but they didn't even TRY with this. Really bad.  It could have been so much more--

Lante got 2.3 seconds of screen time rollin' on the floor. DUH.

Spixie!! more than 2 people at Jake's! wow!! Spinelli looks all left out ohhhhh... Maxie chokes on onion rings I think. Matt saves her while Spin looks on, sad because he didn't. 

TOM Degnan is out on OLTL...thank you  I really REALLY didn't like his Joey.  Bye Bye. Just not a good fit. 

Franco is going Disco. Seriously hahahaa.


  1. Mayan had a very bittersweet end. Glad to know how much they loved each other, but we didnt get to see any of it. So much potential, wasted.

    Great job in the scenes by Nathan and Annie.

  2. OLTL was so fun today, Cutter as a comic I like! Poor Brody, he has no idea whats coming, even if I didnt know that big smile on his face today was a giveway. no one can be that happy on a soap....Nigel is going to save the day...,

  3. Sam and Jason: Sam was trying to persuade Jason to not quit the business!! SHUT UP SAM!!!!!!!!!! This is strange Brenda wants Sonny to quit the mob and Sam wants to keep Jason IN the mob! UGH! Stupid Guza!

    Jake's: What a great scene!!! :) Maxie was with Spinny awww! :) Then Robin, Patrick, and Matt showed up! :) They all like Spinny awww! But then the scene turns sad and he sees Matt with Maxie. :( Poor Spinny! :( Then Maxie starts choking and Matt saves her! BAH! Poor Spinny!

    Lucky and Shivon: No she should NOT go with Lucky!!! He should go alone OR with Liz!!! Then they go on the plane. Where the hell are they going?!!?!

    Dante and Lulu: Wait I'm confused. Did I miss a scene? They make out heavily and then they make love HUH?!!?! Wait Dante she is drunk! Oh wait I guess she isn't! HUH?!!?! Then later after she visits Lucky she is so delusional!!!!

    Ethan and Maya: This is strange. Who the hell is this guy? And when the actor talks he seems so stiff. Maya explains how she met him! Oh great more meat we didn't get to see! I don't want to hear the meat I want to see it!!! BAH!

    Krissy and Ethan: He is heartbroken Krissy! Do you really want to be the rebound?

    About OLTL

    Karen Tom Degnan is out? He was just not the right fit for Joey! Are they going to recast?

  4. while "joey" is bad...brody is much worse and we've been subjected to him much longer. if i had to pick only one i'd rather see brody go!

  5. I've said it before- I would absolutely LOVE for Nathan Fillion to come back as Joey for the end...he has said that he would love to play Joey again and other people have managed to do both a soap and primetime, but I don't think any of these people have been the lead in the primetime show...oh well! Stranger things have happened. Josh Duhamel will be back to AMC-

  6. Isn't Castle filmed in LA while OLTL is filmed in NY?

  7. FYI yall this is what was wrote about Katy coming to ABC and if they were going to cancell GH

    Couric’s syndicated talk show won’t arrive until September 2012, and a spokesperson for ABC says that the statement above “absolutely could mean” that “General Hospital” will only get bumped to a different time slot.

    “We went out of our way to state that we continue to support the show,” the spokesperson said. “We have a long time between now and Fall of 2012, so fans should be encouraged to continue watching and supporting.”

  8. Mamaspat Ole yeah I don't believe this spokesperson! The person is just blowing smoke!

  9. I didn't see the Maya/Ethan chemistry before, and I still don't see it now.


    Yes Sam, encourage the future father of your child (lord help us) to continue killing for a living. Wow, what a mother you'll be.

  10. I don't get the Maya/Ethan thing. They were never on, there was no chem, and now he's supposedly "heartbroken"? Really, show? I have never seen anything between them, anyway. Today was a fan wank for the Mayan fans. Meh. Blessedly, it's over.

  11. I love all the statements about GH Sam and Jason and Ethan and Maya! I really enjoy knowing everyone feels the way I do!! Can ANYONE tell me when Ethan Fell in love with Maya that he's heart broken?
    CLEARLY it's time for the new writers! WOOOHOOO!!

  12. I think that ABC has seen the negative backlash from announcing early the cancellation of OLTL and AMC, especially with sponsors , so they have decided to hold the announcement of GH's cancellation until closer to when it goes off air. Too many things are similar to what they did to OLTL and AMC. Actor's are not allowed to spill information concerning cancellation or might have been told the same nonsense about how ABC supports GH.The same way ABC supported AMC? OLTL?
    I think they brought in a new writer to appease fans and give the appearance of positive change. In fact, this is not about the writing , but about getting out of the soapworld entirely. I think Disney has made the decision and it will end. This makes me so angry because I do believe this genre should be saved and that reality tv ( faux reality ) is already saturated andratings will decline there.
    I miss the GH I knew and find it painful to watch this small cast of characters most of whom I do not enjoy.

  13. Shoot- I didn't think about the fact that they shoot on separate coasts!

  14. I'm watching Genie on Y&R. Thanks for asking, Karen.

  15. What do you think about Tamara Braun getting fired from Days? Think there's a chance Laura Wright could be let go to bring back Sarah Joy Brown or Tamara?

  16. The way I understand it, ABC currently controls the 3pm hour, but will return control over that hour to its network affiliate stations in the fall of 2012. That means those stations do not have to run network programming, including Couric's new show - it's syndicated and they would have to pay for it. ABC and Ms. Couric seem to think there is a fan base for her type of show and that they can "write off" the GH fans as there is not enough of them to worry about. They don't seem to be concerned about a negative backlash in spite of the fact that 'The Talk' on CBS is in serious trouble.
    There are some writers on the web who think if she takes the time slot her show is doomed. There is also some indication that GH may be held as "as ace in the hole" while keeping the fan's hopes up. If the 1pm or 2pm show tanks early GH can be plugged in until a replacement is found. Anyway you slice it, WE ARE BEING PLAYED! In the mean time, there are a lot of shows out there in syndication - including Anderson Cooper's new show.

  17. The Katie Couric show is going to bomb. She has a superiority complex and thinks she can tell the world what to think or do because she knows what is best. She has already started. She says she is going to "fill the vacuum of intellingent conversation" in the afternoons. The only reason Today did not tank with her was because of the people around her...

  18. Why does GH seem to be promoting the idea that just because no child can ever be kept 100% safe it's OK to have them near dangerous situations or around dangerous people? Is it OK to let a kid go play with matches because they "could" get an illness and die that way? Do they miss the fact that you protect kids from the dangers you CAN prevent? How many times have Sonny's kids been targets because of who their dad was? Is Sam blind to that? Jason knows he did the right thing, because no enemy ever grabbed or hurt Jake since they had no clue he was a potential target. Of course Carly ignores the fact Joss becomes a target if she is seen as important to Jason and Sonny. Then again she has a mobster wanna be son, so she has been blind to the effects for awhile. Her comments about how Jax only now has a problem with Jason and Sonny are so absurd! Jax's hatred of all things mob has always been there. Carly expected him to give in, because Carly always expects things 100% her way.

    There is so much talk about how the kids are safe because of all the guards, yet everyone waltzes in and out of these houses and apts like it's a revolving door. Anthony and his guys not only managed to get in, but to spend the time to arrange the body! That should give a lot of confidence!

    Also wondered what caused this sudden turnaround in all of Luke's kids. So they go find him and apologize for the intervention. Then when he drinks himself into oblivion, they just laugh and say "That's just Dad's way"? Don't they want him around as long as possible? Wow you can tell Luke and Carly are related, because their responses to being confronted with the truth is the same. Ignore it.

    My hope is with the new writer, common sense is given to more of the characters. Of course some will do stupid things or there wouldn't be enough story, but don't try to sell us this load of garbage where the people trying to do the right things are the bad guys. It's old. It's gone on forever with the cops/mob on this show and they wrote themselves into a corner with that.

    Does anyone else find it interesting Vanessa is leaving just as the new writer is coming on? I have always been a huge Brenda fan, but typically of Guza he has totally ruined a character fans were anxious to have back. They use the hype of favorites coming back to draw fans in, then totally destroy the love we had for them. Vanessa is just the latest casualty.

  19. If the rumors are true, and ELQ is going to become a bigger part of the show, with Michael and Abby working there,and the return of Crimson, why is Jax leaving? He owns Crimson and could be heavily involved there, as well as going back to the days of corporate battles with ELQ. Instead of using characters with history, are we going to be force-fed more newbies? I could see if there wasn't already someone on the canvas to do these storylines, but this does not make sense.

  20. While I am 100% in favor of Jax, it was him that gave into Carly and let Jason be Josslyn's Godfather....

  21. To ANON 9:05, I loved everthing you said! You are so RIGHT!!! That is how I feel about this storyline and the direction they have taken this show.

  22. What made me mad is that ABC is looking to make Katy the next Oprah.......never happen chickie!!!!
    The info I isted on here earlier was from CNN Entertainment section.
    Trust me I can't stand her but thought I would share with yall what ABC was saying.

  23. love Love LOVE "Nigey".

    Rama was looking pretty hot..

    "I don't get it. If that guy's Todd Manning, then who the hell am I?" Love it.

    My TiVo just said "Jason And Sam talk about the mob". CAN'T wait. [sarcasm]

    OLTL just FLEW by. Watching GH is going to feel like forever..

    Wow. Watching Ethan and Maya "break up". Just imagine if they shared more than one crazy trip to Vegas onscreen. The audience might actually care..

  24. Really? No one saw Mayan's story? I know they stopped writing for them after Annie landed CA, but despite lack of airtime, their story was pretty good. I saw them falling for each other, and the last time they were on together they seemed pretty in love. (All the way back in MARCH, ugh)

  25. Could care less about Ethan and Maya. They were a flash in the pan and she was as stiff as her new doctor friend. It is disgraceful though that there are no black or ethnic characters, except for Shawn, who is hardly there. I have no problem with the age difference between Ethan and Krissie, but she looks like a 13 year old, which is distracting to say the least. I would never like to see Tamara B. come back in any capacity - almost as bad an actress as Natalia L. Sarah B. yes and would love to see Rick H. return. And as far as Sam encouraging Jason to stay in his killing line of work - a career to be proud of???

  26. I have loved watching Nathan grow as an actor on GH. His performance was wonderful. It would have been more powerful if we had actually seen the story unfold. Kudos to the actors who had to go to a place they didn't actaully get to "live" either.

  27. I don't think TPTB care how old or young Nathan or Lexi look. lol


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