Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NEW Sexis Video!!!

Ahhhhh, I really really love my Sexis. I love that they are chasing Krissy and Ethan thinking they are getting married. I like Sexis because Alexis won't sleep with Sonny ever again.
Or will she? hee hee!! FUN stuff! 


  1. This is so cute! They can be the Bickersons!

  2. Love it. After VM leaves I really hope they go with Sexis!

  3. This totally OT from the sexis vid,but I have not watched GH in a few weeks,mainly because my DVR was not taping it and I just really didn't care. I have found another soap and it is everything that GH is not! "Game Of Thrones" on HBO. It is so damn amazing. Not for the prude or easily offended,but it has it all. Sex,deceit,violence,fueding families. It is OMG drama!

  4. hubs watches it! It is good. WE LOVE Boardwalk Empire too. Can't wait for Sept.

  5. I love HBO! I watch game of thrones also and its fantastic! I love AMC and am hooked on the series The Killing. All of the epsisodes are on AMC website. You would get hooked quickly trying to figure out who the killer is.


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