Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hip Hip HOORAY!! IT's LOBSTER DAY!! Alberta is hiding out, she doesn't want to be in any pots! LOL--she's hoping we'll get her gifts!!

There is a GREAT interview up with one of my fave actors-- Scott Clifton (Dillon Q, Schyler Joplin) over on SUDS report!!

Tad's hair was BLUE on AMC today!! LOL.. he was dying it to look younger. heh.

OLTL: OMG!! REX! Rescues Gigi and the recorder is left behind. Tess/Ford "I Love You's"!! AND the whole NATALIE AND BRODY thing!! This show smokes. 
Did you hear Rex call  Roxy "Mom"!! :twirling: 
THIS IS A WED. PEOPLE...NOT EVEN Sweeps and it was SMOKIN'!! 
Destiny being PG is making me nuts. She's even going to "blog" about it online.  Good Laws.
Matt's eyes open, Gigi is dead and yet again OLTL is STUNNING. Thank you!! I so wish this show could be saved...but at least Ron C is coming to GH!

GH: Diane..Max.. Brenda.Nice. Was a fun scene.

Loved the Davis girls until Carly and NuMorgan showed up. "I should have thrown rocks at him in the parking lot'...shut up you little twit.

Sonny threatening the Mayor was stupid. First of all it would be the Superintendent... second, it's just STUPID. GH is just so rindky-donk sometimes. That WAS BAD DIALOG all around.THEN Michael's all A HERO for punching the kid out? UGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

He should be back in jail for that.
This show bites AND it's boring. 
See ya!! 



  1. I am devastated! GIGI!

  2. I'm still in shock. NuJack s.o.b. AND they're going to make my beloved Todd not Todd idk if I can handle all this OLTL heartbreak.

  3. I know that NuJack was not liked but I have a small problem with OLTL making all these teens killers. First Cole then Matthew now Jack....good Lord! Other then that I love the show and still don't understand why it's being cancelled. Only thing I can say about GH is WOW that was the worlds shortest probation period I've ever seen. Wasn't it suppose to last 5 years?


  4. OLTL: GIGI IS DEAD!!! NOOOOO! Why?!!?! :( Great show today!! Natalie and Brody HOTTTTTTTTTT! :) I am so glad Natalie didn't moan like the last time!!! Everytime they showed it, it affected me if you know what I mean. :)


    The credits: Hey!! Garren wolf is on the credits! Not headwriter just yet just part of the writing staff. Did you see that?!! If not check it out!! When did THAT happen? :)

    Sonny and the mayor: Oh come on Sonny really!! Your son has to face the consequences of his actions!!! You are not helping! And of course as soon as Michael hit that boy Guza stopped showing the rest of the graduation! Damn it Guza!

    Alexis's home: Alexis is the voice of reason!!! Carly and Sonny was annoying today! Michael should not have hit that boy! Now if the boy hit Michael, then yeah hitting the boy back would be self defense. But the boy didn't hit Michael!

    Ethan and Krissy: She closed her eyes so that Ethan could kiss her but he kissed her on the cheek!!! BAHAHAHAHA! Krissy get the book he is just not that into you. :)

    Carly and Dante: Dante tricked her!! :) That was funny. :)

    Brenda and Diane: 12 year old Brenda doesn't like her parents Diane and Max talking the way they were talking! And then Brenda was so rude to Diane!!!! Diane ground her!!!

    Max and Milo: ROFL ROFL!

  5. Oh forgot one thing. Destiny on OLTL is delusional!!! She doesn't think she will get pregnant. She says not us. DOH!

  6. YES Michael was on probation for FIVE damn years. ;/ ooooooo I hate it.

    I think Jack's "killer" is a bit more forgivable in that he didn't know the generator was in there.

  7. I thought OLTL was phenomenal today. Where else will you see so much hot, hot, hot stuff on a Wednesday? Not one, but two hot love scenes, a death, possible teen pregnancy, John finds the tape, and Matthew waking up! Holy mackeral!

    Gh wasn't bad either. I actually watched 75% of it which is the most in a long time. I appreciated the little bit to levity & so many cast members being on canvas today. Now if the writing could improve just a bit we might be on the road back to glory.

  8. @sonya, Garin's name has actually been in the writing credits for years. I do miss it from time to time but generally speaking it's always there.

    I can't say reading any of this has me too excited about today's GH, but it does have me wishing I was tuning in to OLTL! It's just hard to get invested knowing it's gone. =(

  9. I liked how a lot of (but not all, of course)the characters were on canvas today. Ethan and Kristina are made of win. Tired of everybody being all about Michael all the time, however.

  10. OLTL was fantastic!!!! I read the spoilers and it was still fantastic lmao!!! Love love love love!!!!!

  11. woot! I loved the Davis girls & Ethina!

    Seriously, when can they bring back the old Morgan? ::weeping:: I loved that kid.

  12. Adora yeah someone told me about Garren being in the credits for years. I guess I wasn't paying attention or I saw and just forgot. :)

  13. I almost fainted when I heard Sam being the voice of reason about letting the young but adult children make their own mistakes and pay the consequences if things don't turn out the way they want. I cannot see Carly or Sonny handing over their control over their kids anytime soon. Can't wait until Michael tells mama that he is moving in with Abby.

  14. I can't believe they killed Gigi. Poor Rex and Shane. so sad.

  15. More of the same nonsense on GH. Michael with bad behavior and Sonny and Carly not allowing him to pay the consequences. Sonny and Carly always right and everyone else wrong. Waste of a show.Terrible.

  16. Wow! MAJOR boobage on OLTL! Excellent.

    However, there was boobage on GH too! Only there it was in the form of the characters of Sonny and Carly (per usual). Michael's a "hero" for punching out some kid and got his parole terms shortened because he "turned his life around"? Really? Ugh.

  17. Bet Clint gets Gigi's heart.....I watched her when she was on Days of our Lives and she was great there and also on OLTL makes me sad shes died.....Shane will kill Jack

  18. What I have to say about OLTL: They do great stuff (and fast) and keep major secrets! I LOVE IT! I did hear that Gigi was dying about 2 wks ago, someone SPOILED it to me. OY. But I was hoping it was a trick!!

  19. Guza probably heard that OLTL was doing a bully story and getting kudos, so he wanted to do one, and of course, no time to really develop it--just throw it in, with the school bully being taken care of by fists. And then, gee whiz, why stop there? GH has the best bully of all, Sonny Corenthos--he can bully the mayor! TWO bully stories in less than an hour. Let OLTL top that!


  20. Anonymous yeah OLTL bully story was excellent! Sorry Guza but your bully story wasn't developed enough!!! Nice try but no cigar!!!

  21. I just cried today for Rex and poor Shane doesn't know yet.I hate to say it but I hope they try Todd's boy as a adult and he gets life.


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