Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wed--Hump Day for the Soapies!!

Hey! New guy Dajuan Johnson's Vblog is up thanking GH and Twitter fans. He's playing Asher Caldwell, business man and making his GH debut today.  He's really a great guy and tweets a lot to followers!! @dajuanjohnson 

I went to RIT today with my son to check out the whole campus and such. Wow..anxiety!! ON MY PART! LOL... crazy. And more crazy is the Anthony trail. Her poor father. Casey sitting there like the evil toad she is. 

Oh the things I can google. :) 

OLTL:  Watched with the sound down but I could tell Jess was some mad with her sister!! That stupid tape recorder is making me NUTS!! How many people have touched it but not listened! LOL Shane made me cry and I didn't even have the sound up!! (listening to the trial hee hee) OLTL is so good it really REALLY could be on primetime and I'd watch. JPL did such an awesome job with the whole "marriage" thing. So wonderful. All the stories are so integrated!!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: ABNER in a SUIT!! Ahahhaa. She's all corporate now!! OMG, Edward gave Michael Tracy's office!! heh... love it. 
Olivia and Steve..they still don't show them enough to make me care. I still miss Jolivia.

Wonder if Nikolas will remember to pack up Spencer when he leaves. Wonder if ANYONE remembers that Spencer is also a Corinthos. HA HA I wonder how many people even KNOW that Courtney is his mom and she was Sonny's sister. She's never mentioned. EVER. Would have been nice to have had Mike want to see his grandson now and again. Nikolas is getting his Cassadine on!! Let that feta fly!! He goes and talk to Emily-- and I think the whole 'taking Aiden' is just weird.

WAS THAT A MEATHOOK MENTION?? WOW. Carly and Sonny Squabble. Jax and Brenda blah blah.

LOVED the new Asher guy--not just because he's been tweeting to me, but his character might be good! Martha's Vineyard! Harvard! YOU KNOW ABNER is gonna want him! LOL

AMC: The chick that plays Madison tweeted this: 
Thorsten Kaye is in the building!!! Hanging with TK and Danny Cosgrove :D


  1. GREAT SHOW TODAY!!!!!!!!!! A lot more revisit of history!!!! YAY!

    ELQ: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ELQ!!! *JUMPS UP AND DOWN* :) They showed it they showed it!!!!! Some humor in that scene. Michael playing around in his office, and then he gets a knock on the door. He then runs to his desk! ROFL! Edward introduces Michael to this Asher guy who works there. Edward says he is Michael QuarCorinthoes. ROFL ROFL!

    Carly and Sonny: WOW! Sonny actually knows it was not a good thing to put AJ on a meat hook!!! *GASP*

    Nik: Poor Nik!!! He doesn't know what to do!!!! He visits Emily's grave asking what to do! :( Great scene!

    Nik, Liz, and Lucky: WOW! Nik is at Liz's house and has Aidan!!! He is going to do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *GASP*

  2. Yep... he's giving the kid up, but not sure what Helena's doing.

  3. Karen, RIT is my alma mater...haven't been back in a while. Is it stil all bricks and wind tunnels?

  4. Was it just me or did Michael playing around in the office remind anyone of Dillon's first day at ELQ back when he was still in high school.

    And yay for the meat hook mention!!

  5. @dudeitsstar: I KNOW!!!!! I thought about Dillon too!!

  6. I loved seeing Edward, Liz, and Nik. Nik's scene was touching and I was reminded of how much I loved watching emily and Nik together. Emily and Nik always had romance, something which is really missing from the show. I love Jax but not in how he is being portrayed. They are determined to make Jax a pathetic loser and he was never those things when he first came on the show. Jax was the smart dashing heavy hitter who could outsmart most people including sonny. It's sad to watch his dialogue. I think this is GW's writing ( trying to neatly end Guza's storyline ) and I don't like it.
    I will like the return of the Quartermaines and the recast of the Q's. Filling the Q house will be a welcome change after they killed everyone off.
    Michael and Abby are still boring to me and Sonny and Carly make me sick. i will be happy if they leave the show but at least there was some effort to show a variety of characters today. i actually watched some of the show !!

  7. I think this is Garin's writing with the brothel and new characters entering. Hopefully it picks up quickly because this show is still boring. Needs romance with new couples we can root for.

  8. Lisa I totally agree with you on Jax. Even though he was always trying to steal someone's girlfriend/wife he was so charming you rooted for him. Sonny used to be charming, too. Jax/Brenda/Sonny is the only soap triangle I ever remember where I truly could not make up my mind who she should be with. Loved them both! Now Guza has ruined all three of them....

    Was shocked at the meat hook mention!

  9. 2nd day in a row that I did not fast forward thru anything....

  10. I've been having some dental work done, so I half naped through today's show (good meds!) What I did see seemed okay. They gotta give Michael more personality. I really wanna see him go corporate bad a** and show real interest in ELQ. From today's scene I don't think that's going to happen. He's all angsty as usual. I don't know if it's the acting of the way the character is written, but he is too whiney! Suck it up, man!

  11. I watched most of the show today, too - I was also shocked about that! lol

  12. I liked yesterday's show, but Jax and Carly's battles need to stop - they are repetitious and boring. Loved Nik - glad Tyler is being given a chance to shine before he leaves. I think today is the last day of Nik.

  13. Tyler was AMAZING.... so sad he's leaving...


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